[The Writer's Business Is To Find The Shape In Unruly Life And To Serve Her Story.]

Author: Dorothy Gallagher Quotes

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Nicki Minaj Quotes

"Strange how someone you once loved can become just another person you once knew."

Juliet C Obodo Quotes

"Dont stop til you get to the top. And then break out the sledge hammer and keep on going"

Jean Teule Quotes

"Che follia! Tu sei il padrone del tuo destino e credi di esserne la vittima!"

Jean Paul Belmondo Quotes

"Being afraid is the worst sin there is."

Abdullah Bashir Quotes

"If someone isnt in your definition of "gorgeous" or "beautiful", it doesnt give you the right to call them ugly."

Eric Millegan Quotes

"If you have a friend or a family member whos bipolar, or has panic attack disorder, or is depressed, read up on it a little bit so you can get to know where theyre coming from."

Blin Varfi Quotes

"Since we dont know the initial reason of life, we cant say everything happens for a reason (i.e. we are created and we dont know the reason) so its fair to say (for our human mind) that everything that happens leaves a consequence which happens to be the reason for another event."

Madeline Dyer Quotes

"Go On. Write. I dare you."

Abhijit Tripathi Quotes

"The knowledge of Evil brings you near to God."

Sophia Cajon Quotes

"How much you give is not counted by amount, but by fraction"

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"First of all, Im not a ‘military type. Second, I never proclaimed to be a gentleman of any kind. I just like the facts straight up. Theres no bullshit to wade through to get to the truth." Dylan" - Author: Sara Walter Ellwood

Quotes About Eugenics

"As we consider the fast pace of scientific and technological progress in our modern world, we must not lose our moral compass and give way to free market eugenics." - Author: Sam Brownback

Quotes About Immigrant Life

"Poor Father, I see his final exploration. He arrives at the new place, his hair risen in astonishment, his mouth and eyes dumb. His toe scuffs a soft storm of sand, he kneels and his arms spread in pantomimic celebration, the immigrant, as in every moment of his life, arriving eternally on the shore of his Self." - Author: E.L. Doctorow

Quotes About Hope Being Bad

"Currently, it was leading him through a neighborhood that was on the downside of whatever curve you hoped youd bought your property on the upside of. Graffiti and garbage were everywhere here. They were everywhere in the city, if it came to that, but elsewhere the garbage was better quality, and the graffiti was close to being correctly spelled. The whole area was waiting for something to happen, like a really bad fire." - Author: Terry Pratchett

Quotes About Pericles Athens

"Like Keats he may wander through the old-world forests of Latmos, or stand like Morris on the galleys deck with the Viking when king and galley have long since passed away. But the drama is the meeting-place of art and life; it deals, as Mazzini said, not merely with man, but with social man, with man in his relation to God and to Humanity. It is the product of a period of great national united energy; it is impossible without a noble public, and belongs to such ages as the age of Elizabeth in London and of Pericles at Athens; it is part of such lofty moral and spiritual ardour as came to Greek after the defeat of the Persian fleet, and to Englishman after the wreck of the Armada of Spain." - Author: Oscar Wilde

Quotes About God Comforting Us

"Stories hold power because they convey the illusion that life has purpose and direction. Where God is absent from the lives of all but the most blessed, the writer, of all people, replaces that ordering principle. Stories make sense when so much around us is senseless, and perhaps what makes them most comforting is that, while life goes on and pain goes on, stories do us the favor of ending." - Author: John Hodgman

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"Contextualization is about showing the relevance of the gospel, not making the gospel relevant. Thats the essence of contextualization." - Author: Mark Driscoll

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"But...youre not passing out, youre just sleeping? Theres a difference."I yawn again. "Just sleep. Maybe I just need a nap."He nods into my hair. "You did look tired today after school.""You can put me on the couch now."He doesnt move, just keeps rocking me. Staying alert is a slippery slope right now."Galen?""Hmm?""You can put me down now.""Im not ready yet." He tightens his hold."You dont have to hold-""Emma? Can you hear me?""Uh, yes. I can hear fine. I just cant see-""Thats a relief. Because for a minute there, I thought maybe you didnt hear me when I said Im not ready yet.""Jackass."He chuckles into my hair. "Go to sleep."Its the last thing I remember." - Author: Anna Banks

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"When we take your person into account, you who are a young maiden, to whom God gives the strength and power to be the champion who casts the rebels down and feeds France with the sweet, nourishing milk of peace, here indeed is something quite extraordinary! For if God performed such a great number of miracles through Joshua who conquered many a place and cast down many an enemy, he, Joshua, was a strong and powerful man. But, after all, a woman – a simple shepherdess – braver than any man ever was in Rome! As far as God is concerned, this was easily accomplished. But as for us, we never heard tell of such an extraordinary marvel, for the prowess of all the great men of the past cannot be compared to this womans whose concern it is to cast out our enemies. This is Gods doing: it is He who guides her and who has given her a heart greater than that of any man." - Author: Christine de Pizan

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"Im a staunch monogamist. In practice, if not in theory. I cant help it. Do I acknowledge the oppressive, regressive nature of sexual exclusivity? Yes. Do I want that exclusivity very badly for myself? Also yes. Theres probably some sort of way in which thats not a paradox. Maybe I believe in love." - Author: Chad Harbach