[There Are Lots Of Reasons Why A Woman Stays With A Man, Even When She's Given Up On Changing Him And Can Predict With Certainty The Shape That The Rest Of Her Life With Him Is Going To Take.]

Author: A.S.A. Harrison Quotes

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Sophie Marceau Quotes

"What I am interested in is the present time."

A R DD MG Quotes


Justin Sane Quotes

"We are simply human beings. So it is important for us to treat each other in that capacity."

Edward Hoagland Quotes

"Land of opportunity, land for the huddled masses where would the opportunity have been without the genocide of those Old Guard, bristling Indian tribes?"

Elizabeth Powers Quotes

"If an American worker saw you driving a Cadillac, he worked to. earn enough to buy one for himself; the English worker, on the other hand, sought to deprive you of yours."

Emily Tomko Quotes

"I was so tired of this ceaseless, day-to-day tug-of-war between my hormones and my head, my vanity and my virtue. I felt very much as though I were caught in the middle of some dreadful battle in which taking a side of my own would mean certain misery in either case."

Tom Berenger Quotes

"The Big Chill is one of those things that everybody can identify with. Between eight characters, they can pick somebody whos somewhat like them."

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"You never play age, you play character."

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"I am very bad at computers. I dont really know how to write email."

Moustapha Akkad Quotes

"I made the film to bring the story of Islam, the story of 700 million of people, to the West."

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"Marrying cousins was astoundingly common into the nineteenth century, and nowhere is this better illustrated than with the Darwins and their cousins the Wedgwoods (of pottery fame). Charles married his first cousin Emma Wedgwood, daughter of his beloved Uncle Josiah. Darwins sister Caroline, meanwhile, married Josiah Wedgwood III, Emmas brother and the Darwin siblings joint first cousin. Another of Emmas brothers, Henry, married not a Darwin but a first cousin from another branch of his own Wedgwood family, adding another strand to the familys wondrously convoluted genetics. Finally, Charles Langton, who was not related to either family, first married Charlotte Wedgwood, another daughter of Josiah and cousin of Charles, and then upon Charlottes death married Darwins sister Emily, thus becoming, it seems, his sister-in-laws sister-in-laws husband and raising the possibility that any children of the union would be their own first cousins." - Author: Bill Bryson

Quotes About Chaos And Order

"I was lost a long time, without knowing it. Without the Faith, one is free, and that is a pleasant feeling at first. There are no questions of conscience, no constraints, except the constraints of custom, convention and the law, and these are flexible enough for most purposes. It is only later that terror comes. One is free - but free in chaos, in an unexplained and unexplainable world. One is free in a desert, from which there is no retreat but inward, toward the hollow core of oneself. There is nothing to build on but the small rock of ones own pride, and this is a nothing, based on nothing... I think, therefore I am. But what am I? An accident of disorder, going no place." - Author: Morris L. West

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"Back then, I, most rockers loved Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis... you know in the 60s." - Author: Joe Cocker

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"In later life, people will be impressed that you can quote Shakespeare, and you will sound very intelligent. Its harder to quote trigonometry, or quadratic equations, and not half as romantic." - Author: John Connolly

Quotes About Obama Debt Ceiling

"Obama has been perhaps the most partisan President since Truman. He hasnt learned to be civil - note his insulting speech to Paul Ryan, who did us the courtesy of scoring a budget. The president has to talk to Republicans when it comes to the debt ceiling. He has reached the debt ceiling before anyone expected." - Author: Grover Norquist

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"My godfather sad that story was abut taking the chaotic jigsaw of life, making it into a picture and putting a frame around it so that we could look at it, have control over it. Story and art are the humanizing elements of us." - Author: Emma Thompson

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"You make me proud every day." Lucy and I start to groan, ready to tell him to stop being so sappy, when he laughs. "And Im most proud when youre home by curfew without any boys around." - Author: Suzanne Young

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"Simply raising the theme of animals in the Third Reich means that our narrative is no longer only an account of what human beings have done to one another, but also about our relations with the natural world. If,viewed against the magnitude and terror of historical events, our personal lives appear almost trivial, the lives of animals may seem more so, and evento raise the subject can at first seem either insensitive or pedantic. At thesame time, this new dimension places the events in an even vaster perspective still, one in which even the greatest battles and horrendouscrimes can begin to fade into insignificance. This is the standpoint of evolutionary time, in which humankind itself may be no more than arelatively brief episode. Perhaps the focus on animals may help us to finda more harmonious balance between the personal, historic, and cosmiclevels, on which, simultaneously we conduct our lives." - Author: Boria Sax

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"Deep in our hearts everyone walks free." - Author: Richard Paul Evans

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"Forgiveness: best for cleansing. Forgetfulness best for repetition." - Author: Soul Dancer