[There Are Lots Of Reasons Why A Woman Stays With A Man, Even When She's Given Up On Changing Him And Can Predict With Certainty The Shape That The Rest Of Her Life With Him Is Going To Take.]

Author: A.S.A. Harrison Quotes

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Thomas M Sterner Quotes

"The feeling "Ill be happy when X happens" will never bring you anything but discontentment."

Barbara Van Tuyl Quotes

"Sacrifice your fear on the altar of your dreams."

Harru Connick Quotes

"Dancin is just a conversation between two people. Talk to me."

Billy West Quotes

"As long as I can apply my craft, Im happy."

Wogu Donald Quotes

"Creativity will only cease when people stop thinking"

Leonard Peikoff Quotes

"An individual can be hurt in countless ways by other mens irrationality, dishonesty, injustice. Above all, he can be disappointed, perhaps grievously, by the vices of a person he had once trusted or loved. But as long as his property is not expropriated and he remains unmolested physically, the damage he sustains is essentially spiritual, not physical; in such a case, the victim alone has the power and the responsibility of healing his wounds. He remains free: free to think, to learn from his experiences, to look elsewhere for human relationships; he remains free to start afresh and to pursue his happiness."

Wynn Wagner Quotes

"Getting caught is what I do best. It is either a natural talent (which means we can blame my family genes) or a well-hewn craft (in which case we can still blame my parents)."

Descartes Quotes

"My third maxim was to try always to master myself rather than fortune and change my desires rather than changing how things stand in the world."

Frigyes Karinthy Quotes

"Humor is the whole truth."

Salvatore Scibona Quotes

"Reading messed with my brain in an unaccountable way. It made me happy; or something."

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Quotes About Ara

"She abandoned me. This was devastating. And the paradox was that the moment she abandoned me, she began to be with me at all times, constantly abandoning me wherever I would go, whatever I would do and with whomever I was. And the pain was unbearable. Hence, I decided to abandon everyone and everything, remaining with nothing, doing nothing and being absolutely alone. Well, the paradox is that she is still there!" - Author: Franco Santoro

Quotes About Freedom Famous

"Freedom isnt an illusion; its perfectly real in the context of sequential consciousness. Within the context of simultaneous consciousness, freedom is not meaningful, but neither is coercion; its simply a different context, no more or less valid than the other. Its like that famous optical illusion, the drawing of either an elegant young woman, face turned away from the viewer, or a wart-nosed crone, chin tucked down on her chest. Theres no "correct" interpretation; both are equally valid. But you cant see both at the same time."Similarly, knowledge of the future was incompatible with free will. What made it possible for me to exercise freedom of choice also made it impossible for me to know the future. Conversely, now that I know the future, I would never act contrary to that future, including telling others what I know: those who know the future dont talk about it. Those whove read the Book of Ages never admit to it." - Author: Ted Chiang

Quotes About Urbino

"La gelosia non conosceva la sua casa: in più di trentanni di pace coniugale, il dottor Urbino si era spesso vantato in pubblico, e fino ad allora ne era stato certo, di essere come i fiammiferi svedesi, che si accendono solo sulla loro scatola." - Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

Quotes About Garrow

"Sometimes.. Love just aint enough- Luke Garroway to Clary" - Author: Cassandra Clare

Quotes About Enlightment

"Im no buddhist, but this is fu**ing enlightmentment" - Author: Björk

Quotes About A Fathers Love For His Family

"A love story, at least a convincing one, requires three elements - the lover, the beloved, and the adventures they have together." - Author: Jane Smiley

Quotes About Pimps

"Pimps make the best librarians." - Author: Avi Steinberg

Quotes About Patricide

"Thieves are not so bad, and killing wears all possible costumes. There is no death, no murder that is better than any other. If you can kill me, the manner hardly bears consideration. You want to kill your own father, and you think it will make your sleep easier for the next seventy years if you can say you did it honorably. But your honor is blackened by patricide, and no amount of high-sounding formalities will make it white again." - Author: Catherynne M. Valente

Quotes About Time Theft

"Goodness is adorable, and it is immortal. When it is trodden down into the earth it springs up again, and human beings scrabble in the dust to find the first green seedling of its return. The stock cannot survive save by the mutual kindness of men and women, of old and young, of state and individual. Hatred comes before love, and gives the hater strange and delicious pleasures, but its works are short-lived; the head is cut from the body before the time of natural death, the lie is told to frustrate the other rogues plan before it comes to fruit. Sooner or later society tires of making a mosaic of these evil fragments; and even if the rule of hatred lasts some centuries it occupies no place in real time, it is a hiatus in reality, and not the vastest material thefts, not world wide raids on mines and granaries, can give it substance." - Author: Rebecca West

Quotes About Family Death

"Answers seemed to float through the space around him. It was about love. It was about getting handed at conception a gift that sets you apart from everyone and you spend your whole life drifting through the margins of time, not understanding hours like everyone else seems to: glancing at wristwatches, checking timetables - you hardly know what it is people are trying to accomplish when they go through their days: morning, noon, evening, night. Wake up and sleep and wake up. This was about family, how blood superseded death; it was about trying your hardest, it was about snow." - Author: Anthony Doerr