[There Are No Windows Within The Dark House Of Depression Through Which To See Others, Only Mirrors.]

Author: Miriam Toews Quotes

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Stevenson Alexa Quotes

"The ending shouldnt determine the meaning of anything, a story or a life. Logically, I dont think it can--didnt Heidegger say something to that effect? That the meaning of all our moments cannot be contingent upon an end-point over which we have no control? That if we are happy right now, that means something, even if we die tomorrow? Narrative integrity is overrated. I dont need to know that the story of my life has a happy ending to enjoy it. A good thing, too, because I hear all the characters die in the end."

Henri Pirenne Quotes

"The Germanic invasions destroyed neither the Mediterranean unity of the ancient world, nor what may be regarded as the truly essential features of the Roman culture as it still existed in the 5th century, at a time when there was no longer an Emperor in the West."

David Coverdale Quotes

"Not necessarily, a lot of my songs are firmly tongue in cheek."

Francis Picabia Quotes

"The family spirit has rendered man carnivorous."

Giles Andreae Quotes

"Trust me, you know when youve got depression."

Ruth Tessler Goldstein Quotes

"Its always like a miracle. No matter how bad everything was on ordinary days, no matter how poor they seemed, on Yontev -- like on Shabbos -- they suddenly seemed rich."

Nathan Parks Quotes

"Dreaming is what you do when your eyes are closed...living is what you do with that dream once you open your eyes!"

Kelly Olynyk Quotes

"Im trying to take all the media attention with a grain of salt. It is nice, but you are never as great as people say you are. And youre never as bad as others say you are."

Gena Showalter Quotes

"Sighing, she shut the book with a snap. "All right. You need to vent, so Ill listen to you vent. But do it quickly, because Rydstorm was about to plunder Sabine with his thick, hard—"

Graham Hancock Quotes

"It may be that DMT makes us able to perceive what the physicist call "dark matter" - the 95 per cent of the universes mass that is known to exist but that at present remains invisible to our senses and instruments."

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Quotes About Jace Herondale

"The Inquisitor stared at him as if he were a talking cockroach. "Do you know about the cuckoo bird, Jonathan Morgenstern?"Jace wondered if perhaps being the Inquisitor—it couldnt be a pleasant job—had left Imogen Herondale a little unhinged."The cuckoo bird," she said. "You see, cuckoos are parasites. They lay their eggs in other birds nests. When the egg hatches, the baby cuckoo pushes the other baby birds out of the nest. The poor parent birds work themselves to death trying to find enough food to feed the enormous cuckoo child who has murdered their babies and taken their places.""Enormous?" said Jace. "Did you just call me fat?""It was an analogy.""I am not fat." - Author: Cassandra Clare

Quotes About Useful Love

"Women have endeavored to guide men to love because patriarchal thinking has sanctioned this work even as it has undermined it by teaching men to refuse guidance…A useful gift all loves practitioners can give is the offering of forgiveness. It not only allows us to move away from blame, from seeing others as the cause of our sustained lovelessness, but it enables us to experience agency, to know we can be responsible for giving and finding love." - Author: Bell Hooks

Quotes About Personal Mastery

"People with high levels of personal mastery...cannot afford to choose between reason and intuition, or head and heart, any more than they would choose to walk on one leg or see with one eye." - Author: Peter M. Senge

Quotes About Burly

"He smiled affably at the burglar, a burly fellow whom he continued to hold with one hand, as easily as if he had been a child. The entire household had been aroused, and a good number of them had joined in, shouting questions and brandishing various deadly instruments. The burglar glared wildly at Emerson, bare to the waist and bulging with muscle - at Gargery and his cudgel - at Selim, fingering a knife even longer than Nefrets - at assorted footmen armed with pokers, spits, and cleavers - and at the giant form of Daoud advancing purposefully toward him. Its a bleedin army! he gurgled. The lyin barstard said you was some kind of professor!" - Author: Elizabeth Peters

Quotes About Redistribution Of Wealth

"What is crucial to your survival as a race is not the redistribution of power and wealth within the prison but rather the destruction of the prison itself." - Author: Daniel Quinn

Quotes About Primeira

"Quantas mulheres teve o professor?Uma. Já te disse.Mentira. Está a mentir-me outra vez. O professor é um mentiroso compulsivo.Sou. Tens toda a razão. A verdade, quanto a mim, está muito sobrevalorizada. Mas neste caso, princesa, podes acreditar. Todas as mulheres que tive, e tive muitas, foram apenas variações imperfeitas da primeira." - Author: José Eduardo Agualusa

Quotes About Not Being Able To Date

"Nanny Ogg was an attractive lady, which is not the same as being beautiful. She fascinated Casanunda. She was an incredibly comfortable person to be around, partly because she had a mind so broad it could accommodate three football fields and a bowling alley." - Author: Terry Pratchett

Quotes About Tsunami 2004

"Not only may you not enter the state without certification: you are, in the eyes of the state, not dead until you are certified dead; and you can be certified dead only by an officer who himself (herself) holds state certification. The state pursues the certification of death with extraordinary thoroughness—witness the dispatch of a host of forensic scientists and bureaucrats to scrutinize and photograph and prod and poke the mountain of human corpses left behind by the great tsunami of December 2004 in order to establish their individual identities. No expense is spared to ensure that the census of subjects shall be complete and accurate.Whether the citizen lives or dies is not a concern of the state. What matters to the state and its records is whether the citizen is alive or dead." - Author: J.M. Coetzee

Quotes About Carnegie Mellon

"Sve do svog posljednjeg predavanja nikada nikome na Carnegie Mellonu, a to se odnosi i na profesore i na studente, nisam rekao da sam bio odbijen. Čega sam se bojao? Da nisam bio dovoljno pametan za njihovo društvo? Da me neće ozbiljno doživljavati?Zanimljivo je da postoje tajne koje poželite otkriti tek na kraju života.Morao sam odavno ispričati ovu priču jer je njezina poruka sljedeća: ako nešto dovoljno jako želite, nikada nemojte odustati (i primite pomoć ako vam je nude)." - Author: Randy Pausch

Quotes About Misery And Suffering

"Oh, measure it all out! Acceptable levels of misery and suffering! The cane swung down, thumped hard on the ground. Acceptable? Who the fuck says any level is acceptable? What sort of mind thinks that?Karsa grinned, Why, a civilized one.Indeed! Shadowthrone turned to Cotillion. And you doubted this one!" - Author: Steven Erikson