[There Are Worse Forms Of Prostitution Than Whoring.-Inspector John Rebus]

Author: Ian Rankin Quotes

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Nora Roberts Quotes

"Youth thinks too damn much."

Sundeep Lal Quotes

"You Have To Be Mature Enough For A Kid Inside You!"

Jonathan Ames Quotes

"I wondered where the person was who had taken my place, who wanted to know what news people had been told. Im always looking for the person who replaces me, who thinks the things I do, who fills in for me when Im not there. I know there is someone younger than me doing what I did and someone older doing what I will do, and someone my age being just like me."

Bryan Clay Quotes

"How many times do you take yourself to the brink of complete collapse? Its not a real fun place to go."

Gene Kelly Quotes

"I got started dancing because I knew it was one way to meet girls."

Joseph McNamara Quotes

"One Persons Kink is anothers Dream Come True"

Cheyanne Young Quotes

"Hes tall with shaggy blond hair and muscular arms. Hes holding a twenty-dollar bill. Hes muscular. And hes holding a twenty--wait, I already said that."

Djuna Barnes Quotes

"I tell you, Madame, if one gave birth to a heart on a plate, it would say "Love" and twitch like the lopped leg of a frog."

Kirsten Hubbard Quotes

"I liked the idea—that we left pieces of ourselves everywhere we went, coloring all our important places."

Thomas Bailey Aldrich Quotes

"..Fell over the prostrate steersman, and there we all lay in a heep, two or three of us quite picturesque with the nosebleed."

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Quotes About Noriko

"It" was continuing. The game was undeniably in progress. A long funeral procession, a crowd of peoplewearing black. A man in a black suit with a somber know-it-all face addressed them, "Oh, ShuyaNanahara and Noriko Nakagawa? You two, thats right, youre a little early. But you did just pass byyour own graves right here. We carved in the number you two share, No. 15. Dont worry, wereoffering a special bonus." - Author: Koushun Takami

Quotes About Written Communication

"Yet the possibility of information storage, beyond what men and governments ever had before, can make available at the touch of a button a mans total history (including remarks put on his record by his kindergarten teacher about his ability and character). And with the computer must be placed the modern scientific technical capability which exists for wholesale monitoring of telephone, cable, Telex and microwave transmissions which carry much of todays spoken and written communications. The combined use of the technical capability of listening in on all these forms of communications with the high-speed computer literally leaves no place to hide and little room for privacy." - Author: Francis August Schaeffer

Quotes About Note Writing

"I think as the world changes, we have to keep up. We have to note what is happening, and I think writing has always had a powerful corrective influence and possibility. We have to write about whats good, and we also have to write about parts of our culture that are not good, that are not working out. I think it takes a new eye." - Author: Lee Smith

Quotes About Being Controlled By Someone Else

"Its no fun feeling your thoughts are being controlled by an electrode, and someone else is holding the clicker." - Author: Alice Weaver Flaherty

Quotes About Shooting For Your Dreams

"Do It Under the Influence Yourself! Thats what were shooting for! Get drunk and make your dreams come true." - Author: Aziz Ansari

Quotes About Burdens Of Love

"Though the trials of life are never easy, someone to stand with you and help you with your burdens is one of the true essences of living. It is well that two should join together to face life as friends as well as lovers." - Author: Micheal Rivers

Quotes About Styrofoam

"There were canvases in our backseat. We had tried to flog them at Maxs Kansas City the night before, but we had failed. Paintings that nobody wanted. Still, we had carefully arranged them so they wouldnt get scratched. We had even placed bits of styrofoam between them to keep them from rubbing one another. if only we had been so careful with ourselves." - Author: Colum McCann

Quotes About Depressingly

"See if you can spot the difference between these two statements:(a) «Those trousers make your backside look fat.»(b) «Youre a repellently obese old hag upon whom I am compelled to heap insults and derision — depressingly far removed from the, stupid, squeaky, pocket-sized English women, who make up my vast catalogue of former lovers and to whom I might as well return right now as I hate everything about you.»Maybe the acoustics were really bad in the dining room, or something." - Author: Mil Millington

Quotes About Moral Absolutism

"George Bush made a mistake when he referred to the Saddam Hussein regime as evil. Every liberal and leftist knows how to titter at such black-and-white moral absolutism. What the president should have done, in the unlikely event that he wanted the support of Americas peace-mongers, was to describe a confrontation with Saddam as the lesser evil. This is a term the Left can appreciate. Indeed, lesser evil is part of the essential tactical rhetoric of todays Left, and has been deployed to excuse or overlook the sins of liberal Democrats, from President Clintons bombing of Sudan to Madeleine Albrights veto of an international rescue for Rwanda when she was U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Among those longing for nuance, moral relativism—the willingness to use the term evil, when combined with a willingness to make accommodations with it—is the smart thing: so much more sophisticated than cowboy language." - Author: Christopher Hitchens

Quotes About Ruinous

"Our only real pleasure is to squander our resources to no purpose, just as if a wound were bleeding away inside us; we always want to be sure of the uselessness or the ruinousness of our extravagance." - Author: Georges Bataille