[There Could Have Been More Planning In New Orleans, But You Look At All The Devastation That Happened There - Have We Gotten To 3,000 Deaths Yet? For That Magnitude Of A Disaster, That's Not All That Bad.]

Author: John Hickenlooper Quotes

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Sally Andrew Quotes

"Life (like love) is forgiving and hopeful and, like a bold flower pushing out from the narrow crevice in a rock, will take any gap we allow. However small or large."

Leonie Swann Quotes

"Glaubst du, es gibt mehr Wölfe?"Mehrwölfe? Die Schafe guckten erschrocken. Ein Werwolf war schlimm genug. Keines von ihnen wollte je einem Mehrwolf begegnen."

Susan Meier Quotes

"How had she ever thought sleeping with him would be a stress reliever, when he was the biggest producer of her stress?"

Jaye Davidson Quotes

"I am an incredibly strong person and an incredibly fast person."

Gloria Votsis Quotes

"Im just really into going out to eat and restaurants in general."

John Broadbent Quotes

"He would have been half-hanged, taken down alive, castrated, his genitals stuffed in his mouth, his stomach slit open, and his intestines taken out and burnt, and his carcase chopped into four quarters."

Charles L Bailey Jr Quotes

"The Rochester group [of VOTF], however, was met with some concern as they found it hard to believe my account as it unfolded before them. I feel that some people have a hard time with the truths around us, not only the sexual abuse by priests, but all bad things. I call it chosen ignorance. This modified form of ignorance is found in people who, if confronted with certain truths realize that they have to accept them and thereby acknowledge evil, and that scares them. Opening up and letting the truth in might knock them off their perceived center. It is too hard, period."(VOTF - Voice of the Faithful - a Catholic group that wants to change the Church, keep the faith.)"

Collis Potter Huntington Quotes

"Mark Hopkins was one of the truest and best men that ever lived. He had a keen analytical mind; was thoroughly accurate, and took general supervision of the books, contracts, etc. He was strictly the office man, and never bought or sold anything. I always felt when I was in the East that our business in his hands was entirely safe."

Roger Vadim Quotes

"I wanted to show a normal young girl whose only difference was that she behaved in the way a boy might, without any sense of guilt on a moral or sexual level."

Leslie What Quotes

"It was like hiking into a Hemingway story; everything was sepia-toned and bristling with subtext."

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Quotes About Rushing Time

"My eyes shifted to the trickling river. Come spring, it would be ten times as wide and just as deep. On and on it went, rushing toward the distant horizon. Like time. Like life. Sometimes gently falling from one pool into the other, other times fast and cascading, and still other times narrowing into a funnel, a torrent of knots and waves." - Author: Lisa Tawn Bergren

Quotes About Domme

"...en ik koesterde en knuffelde het geheim tot ik van pure gelukzaligheid in een soort wakende slaap wegdommelde waarin ik allemaal beelden zag: "..." Die beelden hadden nergens iets mee te maken, behalve dan dat ze zo prachtig waren in al hun eenvoud en helderheid, zonder dat ze iets betekenden en zonder dat ze het een of andere verhaal te vertellen hadden, ze bestonden gewoon alsof ze altijd al hadden bestaan; de wereld zit al veel te vol met dingen die een begin en een eind hebben." - Author: Herman Koch

Quotes About Victorian Novels

"Because it is written by a nineteenth-century American, and because of its closeness to the twentieth century, The Portrait of a Lady foregoes Victorian affirmations. The price it pays, however (together with several twentieth-century novels) is that it eventually leaves the reader, along with its heroine, en Vair amid its self-reflections." - Author: Ian Gregor

Quotes About Democracy In America

"America truly is the best idea for a country that anyone has ever come up with so far. Not only because we value democracy and the rights of the individual, but because we are always our own most effective voice of descent....We must never mistake disagreement between Americans on political or moral issues to be an indication of their level of patriotism. If you dont like what I say or dont agree with where I stand on certain issues, then good. Im glad were in America, and dont have to oppress each other over it. Were not just a nation, were not an ethnicity. We are a dream of justice that people have had for a thousand years." - Author: Craig Ferguson

Quotes About Cute Giraffes

"I mean, I dont think Im alone when I look at the homeless person or the bum or the psychotic or the drunk or the drug addict or the criminal and see their baby pictures in my minds eye. You dont think they were cute like every other baby?" - Author: Dustin Hoffman

Quotes About Escaping Reality In Books

"...you are like me, you have more books than you have friends, no matter what Facebook tells you about your social network." - Author: Jason Merkoski

Quotes About Sensationalization Of Media

"Sooner rather than later, any other form other than digital media will be a thing of the past. It wont vanish, but lets face it, this is seemingly the way of the future." - Author: Billy Gibbons

Quotes About Same Mistakes

"The first time Mr. Darcy asked Lizzy to marry him in Pride and Prejudice, he went about it all wrong," I started, smiling at the connection Id just made in my mind. "He insulted her and herfamily. But after her refusal, he made a conscious effort to change for the better, and everything worked out for them the second time he proposed. Its the same with us. You learned from your past mistakes, and everythings different now. Just as Lizzy gave Mr. Darcy a second chance, Im going to do the same for you.""Im glad that Lizzy gave Mr. Darcy a second chance." He smiled at the comparison. "She was the only one for him. He would have been miserable without her.""And she would have been miserable without him." I laughed. "Even though she might not have admitted it." - Author: Michelle Madow

Quotes About Asexuality

"If Nostradamus and Tiresias used gay magic to have a baby, and that baby grew up to make a lot of predictions about the destiny of clones – if that happened, then I would have a reason to convert to asexuality. As it is, I just kind of felt like not doing it." - Author: Benson Bruno

Quotes About Selfish People

"Our lives were short, and we never would have wanted to have them be shorter. Sometimes perspective comes far too late. You cannot trust yourself. You think you can, but you cant. Not because you are selfish. You cannot live for anyone elses sake. As much as you may want to, you cant stay alive just because other people want you alive. You cannot stay alive for your parents. You cannot stay alive for your friends. And you have no responsibility to stay alive for them. You have no responsibility to anyone but yourself to live." - Author: David Levithan