[There Had Been A Time, Until 1422, When A Number Of Both Gaelic And Anglo-Irish Students Attended Oxford And Cambridge In England. But Fellow Students Had Complained That Irish Living Together In Large Numbers Sooner Or Later Got Noisy And Violent And There Was No Handling Them. Accordingly, The Universities Imposed A Quota System On Irishman, And Decreed That Those Admitted Must Be Scattered Around Among Non-compatriots: Exclusively Irish Halls Of Residence Were Banned.]

Author: Emily Hahn Quotes

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"How could men get fat by being bad and starve by being good? I thought and thought about my vision, and it made me very sad."

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"The text contains no literary criticism. I wanted to describe books, not to be clever at their expense."

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"First do no harm. -HippocratesSecond, do some good. -Anne M. Lipton, M.D., Ph.D."

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"Phryne was getting out of the car. Dot closed her eyes. Miss Fisher was about to happen to someone again."

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"I would have worked no matter what. I was born and raised that way. It occurred to me to be married second."

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"We are always told to take small steps in life in order to move ahead. But sometimes these small step try to burden rather than ease you. Just friendship doesnt work. The simple still complex relationship chokes you. You need to move on but you cant. It might be because of your ego or because of your attitude or any other reason. You cant do anything. And so there are these people who act as alum in your life. Try to settle down the dirt, your ego! Try to clear the water, change your attitude! So when water is clear, dirt has settled down, taking decisions become so easy."

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"Dreaming big is better than wasting time achieving perfection"

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"By that point, I had started taking singing lessons. And after the first session, I mean, I was surprised that the windows didnt shatter. And after the third session, I really didnt know where this voice had come from."

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"Einstein wrestled with a problem back before we even knew the universe was expanding, and he was looking for a way to keep the universe from collapsing. And so he discovered, in his theory of gravity, something like this dark energy - he called it a cosmological constant - could play this role, pushing things away."

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"bila kau tidak tahu maka jawab tidak tahu. Namun jika kau tahu, jawablah dengan sebaik-baiknya!."

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"So began their love, the boy happy and amazed, she happy and not surprised at all (nothing happens by chance to girls). It was the love so long awaited by Cosimo and which had now inexplicably arrived, and so lovely that he could not imagine how he had even thought it lovely before. And the thing newest to him was that it was so simple, and the boy at that moment thought it must be like that always." - Author: Italo Calvino

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