[There Had Been A Time, Until 1422, When A Number Of Both Gaelic And Anglo-Irish Students Attended Oxford And Cambridge In England. But Fellow Students Had Complained That Irish Living Together In Large Numbers Sooner Or Later Got Noisy And Violent And There Was No Handling Them. Accordingly, The Universities Imposed A Quota System On Irishman, And Decreed That Those Admitted Must Be Scattered Around Among Non-compatriots: Exclusively Irish Halls Of Residence Were Banned.]

Author: Emily Hahn Quotes

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"You can only harvest more lies from seeds of deceit"

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"The only thing a golfer needs is more daylight."

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"To the average mathematician who merely wants to know his work is securely based, the most appealing choice is to avoid difficulties by means of Hilberts program. Here one regards mathematics as a formal game and one is only concerned with the question of consistency ... . The Realist position is probably the one which most mathematicians would prefer to take. It is not until he becomes aware of some of the difficulties in set theory that he would even begin to question it. If these difficulties particularly upset him, he will rush to the shelter of Formalism, while his normal position will be somewhere between the two, trying to enjoy the best of two worlds."

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"The skys gray and theres mizzle. Its so soft on my skin--its nothing like rain. Its even softer than the lightest drizzle! Lift my face up, so it can kiss my skin." The Panopticon"

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"A tea set is good for a newborn girl. It is a gift that instantly makes the room a girls room."

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"Her eyes carrieda certain kindof silence thatbegged to beunderstood and ifelt as if i wasa scientist,staring with eager,feverant eyes intogalaxies that have notyet had the chanceto be named."

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"When Celaena returned to her rooms that afternoon, lugging hat boxes, colorful bags full of perfume and sweets, and brown paper parcels with the books she absolutely had to read immediately, she nearly dropped it all at the sight of Dorian Havilliard sitting in her foyer."Gods above," he said, taking in all of her purchases.He didnt know the half of it. This was just what she could carry. More had been ordered, and more would be delivered soon."

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"When did most of us stop being poets?"

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"Efficiency is a ratio, not an absolute."

Brian A Leslie Quotes

"True success cannot be achieved until you have experienced failure"

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"Beside us lies a fair-headed recruit in utter terror. He has buried his face in his hands, his helmet has fallen off. I fish hold of it and try to put it back on his head. He looks up, pushes the helmet off and like a child creeps under my arm, his head close to my breast. The little shoulders heave. Shoulders just like Kemmerichs. I let him be." - Author: Erich Maria Remarque

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"Ive seen composers work on 30 films at one go. So, eight or even 10 albums in a year is no big deal." - Author: Pritam Chakraborty

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"If faith never encounters doubt, if truth never struggles with error, if good never battles evil, how can faith know its own power? In my own pilgrimage, if I had to choose between a faith that has stared doubt in the eye and made it blink, or a naive faith that has never known the firing line of doubt, I will choose the former every time." - Author: Gary Parker

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"What then are we afraid of? Can we have too much of God? Is it a misfortune to be freed from the heavy yoke of the world, and to bear the light burden of Jesus Christ? Do we fear to be too happy, too much deliver from ourselves, from the caprices of pride, the violence of our passions, and the tyranny of this deceitful world?" - Author: François Fénelon

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"Women, like men, ought to have their youth so glutted with freedom they hate the very idea of freedom." - Author: Vita Sackville West

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"Put that on a postcard: "San Francisco; more butt-fucking per square inch...miss you"." - Author: Daniel Tosh

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"Lie beside me. Let me see the division of your pores. Let me see the web of scars made by your familys claws and you their furniture. Let me see the wounds that they denied. The battle ground of family life that has been your body. Let me see the bruised red lines that signal their encampment. Let me see the routed place where they are gone. Lie beside me and let the seeing be healing. No need to hide. No need for either darkness or light. Let me see you as you are." - Author: Jeanette Winterson

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"Typical woman - youll let me stick my nose in your twat, but you wont chance picking up a booger holding my hand." - Author: Robin L. Rotham

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"When glance turns To a sky-blue clear day,When the purplr-red sunSinks low at sirocco,Here nature bestows glory,Joy, sound to eye and heart,And we find in color lore,The universal truth. - - - GER:Wenn der Blick an heitern TagenSich zur Himmelsbläue lenkt,Beim Sirok der SonnenwagenPurpurrot sich niedersenkt,Da gebt der Natur die Ehre,Froh, an Aug und Herz gesund,Und erkennt der FarbenlehreAllgemeinen, ewigen Grund.Zahme Xenien VI." - Author: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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"America is a dream.The poet says it was promises.The people say it is promises—that will come true.The people do not always say things out loud,Nor write them down on paper.The people often holdGreat thoughts in their deepest heartsAnd sometimes only blunderingly express them,Haltingly and stumbling say them,And faultily put them into practice.The people do not always understand each other.But there is, somewhere there,Always the trying to understand,And the trying to say,"You are a man. Together we are building our land." - Author: Langston Hughes