[There I Am Then Back In The Saddle, In My Numbed Heart A Prick Of Misgiving, Like One Dying Of Cancer Obliged To Consult His Dentist.]

Author: Samuel Beckett Quotes

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Ashton Shepherd Quotes

"Maybe you could call me a little controlling or I like things to be my way, but since I was a little girl, Ive known what I wanted. Im very rootsy, but it really hadnt ever caused me too much strife. I really know when to say when. Im not too outward but Im very honest."

Artie Shaw Quotes

"Shoot for the moon - if you miss youll end up in the stars."

Native American Saying Quotes

"When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money."

Flavia Quotes

"Cut not the wings of your dreams, for they are the heartbeat and the freedom of your soul."

Ned Beauman Quotes

"...a portrait of a muscular grey-haired man with a grim, almost demented gaze and the sort of moustache that could beat you in an arm-wrestling contest."

MD Arnold Quotes

"If you keep your emotions locked in a box, then when you want to open it one day youll find that theyre gone."

Robert McNamara Quotes

"It would be our policy to use nuclear weapons wherever we felt it necessary to protect our forces and achieve our objectives."

Karl Abraham Quotes

"A person who suffers from severe locomotor anxiety finds himself in an almost permanent state of mental tension. He wakes in the morning with the anxious expectation of having to go out somewhere in the course of the day."

Michael Ealy Quotes

"I used to love the Star Trek movies, Wrath of Khan and stuff like that. Loved those movies when I was a kid. And Star Wars obviously was hands-down probably - I mean I had the sheets. I was a big fan of that."

Amine Zidouh Quotes

"Creating consent (hegemony) is never a simple act. It is rather the result of the social structures and the cultural patterns that dictates for each group its behavior and for each institutions its practices."

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Quotes About Ocular

"... el nivel de decibelios estaba ya en las regiones donde el ruido es una fuerza sólida que hace vibrar los globos oculares. (...) Víctor aprovechó la ocasión para mirar a su alrededor ahora que (...) los tímpanos se le habían entumecido por pura piedad." - Author: Terry Pratchett

Quotes About Desert

"Sadly, its much easier to create a desert than a forest." - Author: James Lovelock

Quotes About Crooks

"Were living in a funny world kid, a peculiar civilization. The police are playing crooks in it, and the crooks are doing police duty. The politicians are preachers, and the preachers are politicians. The tax collectors collect for themselves. The Bad People want us to have more dough, and the good people are fighting to keep it from us. Its not good for us, know what I mean? If we had all we wanted to eat, wed eat too much. Wed have inflation in the toilet paper industry. Thats the way I understand it. Thats about the size of some of the arguments Ive heard." - Author: Jim Thompson

Quotes About Practice And Hard Work

"Therapy when practiced well is a fine but delicately balanced intervention in another persons life. It requires a devotion to truth and a merciless pursuit of right living. Expertise in bringing people out of the darkness of a disappointed or bitter life into the light of a new vitality is hard earned. It is a privilege and a pleasure when it works well. But that level of engagement with clients is also extremely demanding and it can never be achieved by trotting out stereotyped tricks from approved textbooks." - Author: Emmy Van Deurzen

Quotes About Alcohol And Friends

"I wasnt an alcoholic. I didnt drink every day, didnt often drink to excess or binge. And could leave it alone completely for large swaths of time. But I did drink to be social. To have fun with friends. Sometimes, to sleep. Sometimes, to forget." - Author: Ellen Hopkins

Quotes About Desfazer

"Fofocas se propagam como a peste negra, não importa a época ou local. Sempre acompanhada de uma boa dose de veneno — e não muita preocupação com a verdade —, espalhar um boato mentiroso é tão fácil quanto respirar. Mas desfazer essa má impressão é difícil." - Author: Iris Figueiredo

Quotes About Ravens

"Ravens and crows. Rats Mists and clouds. Insects and corruption. Strange events and odd occurrences. The ordinary twisted and strange. Wonders!The dead are beginning to walk and some see them. Others do not, but more and more, we all fear the night.These have been our days. They rain upon us beneath a dead sky, crushing us with their fury, until as one we beg: "Let it begin!" -Journal of the Unknown Scholar, entry for The Feast of Freia, 1000 NE" - Author: Brandon Sanderson

Quotes About Motive And Trust

"There is a twilight zone in our hearts that we ourselves cannot see. Even when we know quite a lot about ourselves-our gifts and weaknesses, our ambitions and aspirations, our motives and our drives-large parts of ourselves remain in the shadow of consciousness. This is a very good thing. We will always remain partially hidden to ourselves. Other people, especially those who love us, can often see our twilight zones better than we ourselves can. The way we are seen and understood by others is different from the way we see and understand ourselves. We will never fully know the significance of our presence in the lives of our friends. Thats a grace, a grace that calls us not only to humility, but to a deep trust in those who love us. It is the twilight zones of our hearts where true friendships are born." - Author: Henri J.M. Nouwen

Quotes About Stepping Into The Unknown

"I dont think God puts us on this earth so we can be afraid of stepping into the unknown. Isnt tomorrow an unknown even if we all stay right here where tradition is kept and every piece of ground is familiar?" - Author: Cindy Woodsmall

Quotes About Productive Work

"And then, if I die anytime soon, at least theyll be able to say that I led a productive life and did all my work on time. I may be dead, but Ill be up to date in Space, Time, and Motion." - Author: Elizabeth Wurtzel