[There Is Kind Of A Typical Experience As A Premier. You Go In, You Win A Couple, You Get Out. Go Serve On Boards, Take Your Head Out Of The Political Ringer And Take On A Much More Private Life.]

Author: Dalton McGuinty Quotes

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Greg Davidson Quotes

"eBooks make lousy door stoppers"

Eve Merriam Quotes

"I dream of giving birth to a child who will ask, Mother, what was war?"

Tony Stewart Quotes

"Get in the race car do what I do then go home. We dont have freedom to do anything anymore."

Ted Kerasote Quotes

"The Snow Leopards Tale is a mystical pilgrimage into that wild country where animal passion and the human heart begin to walk the very same trail. Whether one has been in the business of adventuring, as Thomas McIntyre has, or has enjoyed such adventures from the safety of ones armchair, The Snow Leopards Tale is a haunting, beautifully written, and thought-provoking tale, as all great parables are."

Robert C Frost Quotes

"In attitude, faith is "restful", but in action, it is "powerful". Praying in tongues has both a restful and powerful effect upon our lives because it is an active expression of our faith."

Mari Carr Quotes

"I look at my future and all I see is you."

Orla Brady Quotes

"Mum asks why I am so often cast in adulterous roles. I think it must be because I am fairly flirty."

John Stilgoe Quotes

"The whole concatenation of wild and artificial things, the natural ecosystem as modified by people over the centuries, the build environment layered over layers, the eerie mix of sounds and smells and glimpses neither natural nor crafted- all of it is free for the taking, for the taking in. Take it, take it in, take in more every weekend, every day, and quickly it becomes the theater that intrigues, relaxes, fascinates, seduces, and above all expands any mind focused on it. Outside lies utterly ordinary space open to any casual explorer willing to find the extraordinary. Outside lies unprogrammed awareness that at times becomes directed serendipity. Outside lies magic."

Lorna Seilstad Quotes

"Remember, nobility knows no race or station. Always judge a man by his heart and actions."

Alan Sugar Quotes

"Money is all right but once you have it you learn its not the be all and end all."

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"Tão rente a ti eu mal enxergo... apenas sinto o fremir das nossas freqüências, se sobrepondo." - Author: Filipe Russo

Quotes About The Best Place To Be

"He would have to trust God for that, for he was helpless to do anything about it himself. His grandfather had said that was always the best place to be. At the end of oneself was the best place to discover the Lord at work." - Author: Robin Lee Hatcher

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"God abhors a naked singularity." - Author: Stephen Hawking

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"It could be worse," he said finally. "Efrenia married an arsonist. Jakes wife is a kleptomaniac. I suppose, a psychopathic spree killer isnt that odd of a choice, considering." - Author: Ilona Andrews

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"I crumple on my bed. For a second, i believed that what i wanted more than anything in the world had come true. For a second, i believed that my dad was back. but he isnt. Hes gone again. hes really truly gone and i know it. i know ill never see him again no matter how much i want to. The candle in me has blown out and im afraid, really, really afraid, because my biggest fear is true. i have to live my life without my dad, my running partner, the guy who taught me amnesty and sang john lennon songs really off key." - Author: Carrie Jones

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"The first stage had been all over before the doctors even knew they were dealing with a new sickness; it was the direct reaction to the bombardment of the body, at the moment when the bomb went off, by neutrons, beta particles, and gamma rays." - Author: John Hersey

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"In the Catholic tradition, the idea of giving something up on a Friday - the act of self denial - has always been tied with being generous to those in need." - Author: Vincent Nichols

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"The enemy" - Author: Eric Hoffer

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"To speak of ‘limits to growth under a capitalistic market economy is as meaningless as to speak of limits of warfare under a warrior society. The moral pieties, that are voiced today by many well-meaning environmentalists, are as naive as the moral pieties of multinationals are manipulative. Capitalism can no more be ‘persuaded to limit growth than a human being can be ‘persuaded to stop breathing. Attempts to ‘green capitalism, to make it ‘ecological, are doomed by the very nature of the system as a system of endless growth." - Author: Murray Bookchin

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"Not altogether a fool," said G., "but then hes a poet, which I take to be only one remove from a fool.""True," said Dupin, after a long and thoughtful whiff from his meerschaum, "although I have been guilty of certain doggerel myself." - Author: Edgar Allan Poe