[There Is Mercy For Everyone, Except Those Who Are Bored With Life.]

Author: Cesare Pavese Quotes

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Amber Rose Quotes

"I love to eat and I dont believe in denying myself, so I have to work out. Im not obsessed with it, I dont have a trainer or do any of the fancy classes, but I usually put on my iPod and run on the treadmill for an hour a few days a week."

Rob Grant Quotes

"Rome was buzzing. Quite literally. Absolutely everyone had a mobile phone, and absolutely everybody was calling absolutely everybody else absolutely all the time. I wondered if there were some law making them compulsory. Frighteningly, its possible, these days. I swear I saw a street beggar stop and take a call on his cellular. I even heard a trill from a baby carriage, but it turned out to be a toy mobile phone. They start dickhead training early in Italy."

Aysha Taryam Quotes

"Every woman, hell, every man should be a feminist, that is the only way to render this word obsolete."

Doris Ulmann Quotes

"A face that has the marks of having lived intensely, that expresses some phase of life, some dominant quality or intellectual power, constitutes for me an interesting face. For this reason the face of an older person, perhaps not beautiful in the strictest sense, is usually more appealing than the face of a younger person who has scarcely been touched by life."

Roberto Hogue Quotes

"Real sex is as much about reciprocity as it is exploration and if you need a reason to resent a man later on, just consider the guy who doesnt believe in cunnilingus..."

Martha Cecilia Quotes

"I wont be affected by your charm nor I will trap you into marriage. Ive been there once, never again.- Kristine"

John Green Looking For Alaska Quotes

"If people were rain, Id be a drizzle and shed be a hurricane."

Arthur Conan Doyle Quotes

"Holmes laughed. "Watson insists that I am the dramatist in real life," said he. "Some touch of the artist wells up within me, and calls insistently for a well-staged performance. Surely our profession, Mr. Mac, would be a drab and sordid one if we did not sometimes set the scene so as to glorify our results. The blunt accusation, the brutal tap upon the shoulder - what can one make of such a denouement? But the quick inference, the subtle trap, the clever forecast of coming events, the triumphant vindication of bold theories - are these not the pride and the justification of our lifes work? At the present moment you thrill with the glamour of the situation and the anticipation of the hunt. Where would be that thrill if I had been as definite as a timetable?"

Jim Tully Quotes

"Plundering and stealing, cheating and lying, laboring, fighting and loving; taking all we could and returning little, we went our careless and irresponsible ways, with laughter in our hearts and sneers on our lips - as anti-social as hyenas who howled at the changes in the weather."

Gaston Caperton Quotes

"Thats the value of a college education... I dont know anywhere in the world where you can make an investment and make that kind of return."

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Quotes About Change And Love And Life

"H--‐how did we get in the water?""You were burning. I needed to do something to cool you. As soon as I carried you in, though, you started flailing around. Scared me," he added on a whisper.That explained the dream. But it didnt change what she knew was coming. She pressed her face against his neck and drew in the sweet scent of his skin. Loved the rasp of his stubbly cheek against her flesh."Why do I get the feeling youre holding something back?" he asked softly.Because he was smart. And because even in the short amount of time theyd been together, hed learned more about her than anyone else in her entire life. "I believe in signs. I never did before but…I dreamed about you.""You did?"She nodded. "I think I have for a while, I just…I didnt know it was you. But now…"She swallowed hard. "I should have waited for you. Its the biggest regret I have. Im sorry I didnt wait." - Author: Elisabeth Naughton

Quotes About Persian Gulf

"As I have said for many years throughout this land, were borrowing money from China to buy oil from the Persian Gulf to burn it in ways that destroy the future of human civilization. Every bit of that has to change." - Author: Al Gore

Quotes About Regression

"Limiting the power of government, in order to liberate the individual, was the great American revolutionary insight. Too much cooperation, avoiding conflict from ordinary people, these things arent acceptable in America although they may suit China, Indonesia, Britain, or Germany just fine. In America the absence of conflict is a sign of regression toward a global mean, hardly progress by our lights if youve seen much of the governance of the rest of the world where common people are crushed like annoying insects if they argue." - Author: John Taylor Gatto

Quotes About All That Glitters Is Not Gold

"Banal or not, looks are deceiving,And all that glitters is not gold –And yet, we cannot help believingWhat meets the eye – its uncontrolled." - Author: Tatyana K. Varenko

Quotes About Socratic Method

"At heart, Sussman was a theoretician. In another age, he might have been a Talmudic scholar. He had cultivated a Socratic method, zinging question after question at the reporters: Who moved over from Commerce to CRP with Stans? What about Mitchells secretary? Why wont anybody say when Liddy went to the White House or who worked with him there? Mitchell and Stans both ran the budget committee, right? What does that tell you? Then Sussman would puff on his pipe, a satisfied grin on his face." - Author: Carl Bernstein

Quotes About Genies

"Think about this: in all the stories Ive ever heard, genies always want to get out of the bottle. And they do get out, sooner or later." - Author: K. Ford K.

Quotes About Gentle Souls

"I let my head fall back, and I gazed into the Eternal Blue Sky. It was morning. Some of the sky was yellow, some the softest blue. One small cloud scuttled along. Strange how everything below can be such death and chaos and pain while above the sky is peace, sweet blue gentleness. I heard a shaman say once, the Ancestors want our souls to be like the blue sky." - Author: Shannon Hale

Quotes About Verita

"Drunk am I with very love and awe;Twas ever thus with veritable seers--Too drunk with joy to tell us what they saw." - Author: Omar Khayyam

Quotes About Dreyfuss

"Well need you to unlock your desk, sir.""Sorry," Dreyfuss said. "Not until Ive read this form.""You havent…looked at it.""And Im a very slow reader. Sometimes I wonder if Im dyslexic." - Author: Jordan Castillo Price

Quotes About Someone Who Has Influenced You

"Cocteau is someone who has made such a profound impression on me that theres no doubt hes influenced every one of my films." - Author: Jacques Rivette