[There Is Much Pleasure To Be Gained From Useless Knowledge.]

Author: Bertrand Russell Quotes

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Isabel Paterson Quotes

"Right now it is a terrible thing to be a rugged individualist; but we dont know what else to be except a feeble nonentity."

EH Majaw Quotes

"If you have the courage to love, then you should have the courage to suffer, too."

Randall Parker Quotes

"While love shuts down areas of the brain associated with judgment and reasoning by contrast those consumed with hate have very active reasoning facilities. It takes logic to figure out how to attack your enemy."

Carl Sandberg Quotes

"Have I, have you, been too silent? Is there an easy crime of silence?"

Crackedcom Quotes

"In 1800s Paris, women were prohibited from studying the nude human form, because this wouldve ruined the wedding-night surprise. (Surprise! Its a penis.)"

Robert Ardrey Quotes

"Classic is our daring, classic our cowardice. Classic is our cruelty, classic our charity."

Jonathan Groff Quotes

"We didnt have a glee club at my school. It depends on what area of the States youre from. Its more in the Midwest."

Pamela Glass Kelly Quotes

"You need to establish a degree of privacy and solitude in order to write"

Aarti Sequeira Quotes

"I think there is a real misconception about Indian food being super spicy. And I know thats because when you go into an Indian restaurant, it is pretty spicy. But it doesnt have to be. In fact, my husband cant handle a lot of heat. Ive had to temper my cooking so that he can eat with me."

Andrew Trinh Quotes

"The first key to happiness, is to forgive."

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Quotes About Thinking And Art

"Our brain is a circuit board with neurons and terminals ready to be wired. We are born free, then programmed to obey our parents, to tell the truth, pass exams, pursue and achieve, love and propagate, age and fade unfulfilled and uncertain what it has all been for. We swallow the operating system with our mothers milk and sleepwalk into the forest of consumer illusion craving shoes, houses, cars, magazines, experiences that endorse our preconceived dreams and opinions. We grow into our parents. We becomes clones, robots, matchstick men thinking and saying the same, feeling the same, behaving the same, appreciating in books and films and art shows those things we already recognize and understand." - Author: Chloe Thurlow

Quotes About Shave

"I get a glimpse of my assailants face. Hard, with deep lines, a cruel mouth. Gray hair shaved almost to nonexistence, eyes so black they seem all pupils, a long, straight nose reddened by the freezing air. The powerful arm lifts again, his sights set on me. My hand flies to my shoulder, hungry for an arrow, but, of course, my weapons are stashed in the woods. I grit my teeth in anticipation of the next lash." - Author: Suzanne Collins

Quotes About Mma Fighting

"In the old days, when Muhammad Ali was fighting Ken Norton, Joe Frazier and George Foreman, there was a lot of excitement in the heavyweight division, I have to admit it." - Author: Wladimir Klitschko

Quotes About Demos

"E é, em suma, uma forma como outra qualquer de resolver o problema da existência, esta de nos aproximarmos das coisas e das pessoas que de longe nos pareceram belas e misteriosas o suficiente para verificarmos que não têm mistério nem beleza; é uma das higienes entre as quais podemos optar, uma higiene que talvez não seja muito recomendável, mas que nos dá uma certa calma para passarmos a vida, e também para nos resignarmos à morte - pois que permite que não lamentemos nada ao persuadir-nos de que atingimos o melhor, e de que o melhor não era grande coisa." - Author: Marcel Proust

Quotes About Wooden Horse

"Sex was like the wooden horse of Troy, he decided. How uncomplicated a gift it seemed at first, but once you had let it through the gate how many unexpected dangers might be found to have stowed themselves away inside." - Author: Anthony McDonald

Quotes About Sjena

"Ali nije samo to: u dnevnoj svjetlosti u tom difuznom blijedom sjaju bez sjena nalazim tamu još gušću od noćne." - Author: Italo Calvino

Quotes About Last Minute Plans

"I love my last-minute lifestyle because I just sort of dont have plans, and things kind of happen. Plans make me annoyed a little bit, personally. Im not the most prompt, on-time person." - Author: Maxwell

Quotes About Proud Boyfriend

"Some nasty bitch of a woman from the coven of moral and ethical standards tried to fry Rache" the pixy said apparently proud of it. "I pixed the Tink-blasted dildo, and Raches black-arts boyfriend blew her right out the front door. "Bam!" - Author: Kim Harrison

Quotes About Solo Travel

"Oh, you know me." Jean reached behind his neck, down behind the loose leather vest he wore over his simple cotton tunic. He withdrew a pair of matching hatchets, each a foot and a half in length, with leather-wrapped handles and straight black blades that narrowed like scalpels. These were balanced with balls of blackened steel, each as wide around as a silver solon. The Wicked Sisters—Jeans weapons of choice. "I never travel alone. Its always the three of us." - Author: Scott Lynch

Quotes About Realizing Who Your Real Friends Are

"Do you know, I think that of all your idiosyncrasies that choke you give, when you are determined not to laugh, is the one that most enchants me." - Author: Georgette Heyer