[There Is Never But One Pleasant Side To This Human Life. Like The Globe On Which We Turn, Our Own Rapid Rotation Is But One Day, And A Part Of This Day Cannot Receive Light, So That The Other Part Will Not Be Delivered Into Darkness.]

Author: Bernardin De Saint Pierre Quotes

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Troian Bellisario Quotes

"Hollywood is a challenging place; its very easy for people to lose their heads. Fortunately, I grew up on it and I think I have a little bit of a head start."

Mitch Pileggi Quotes

"My dad had an eighth grade education, and everything that he did in his life was just stuff that he went out and did - figured out what he needed to know and read. Very successful, a union contractor."

Nelson Algren Quotes

"And when I read one of those scapegoat pieces about the "viciousness" of drug pushers, and extolling the basic humanitarianism of the nark-squad hero, Im saddened. Because it isnt Margo and it isnt Max who keeps the traffic moving: its that same nark-squad hero with a small, brown paper bag that hustlers and pushers alike have to keep filled if they want to stay on the street."

Bronson Pelletier Quotes

"Im getting offered roles that arent designed for aboriginal people; theyre designed for anybody. Its pretty surreal and mind-blowing."

Michelle K Quotes

"Do not makehomesout of people.This will leave youhomesickand sad,missing arms thatcannot holdroofs,hearts withshaky foundations."

Kenny Johnson Quotes

"I love people! I am a people person. I am a very curious human being. I am very interested in what people have to say. I love cultures, too, so I am always traveling."

Curt Schilling Quotes

"It is all about rehab. Most doctors can make you 100 percent well physically. I would tell you that it is 25 percent about the surgery and 75 percent about the rehab."

William Thomas Quotes

"If we dont start playing better on defense, its going to be hard. We cant just sit there and win shootouts."

Earl Hamner Jr Quotes

"Ive led a charmed life. Ive known people who have been depressed, and Ive never had that."

Mark Jarman Quotes

"No moment is ever isolatedWith history elsewhere, drilling its stitches."

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Quotes About Blood And Love

"Most of us love a non-self, or something extrinsic and apart from our inner life; but a mothers love during the time she is a flesh-and-blood ciborium is not for a non-self but for one that is her very self, a perfect example of charity and love which hardly perceives a separation. Motherhood then becomes a kind of priesthood. She brings God to man by preparing the flesh in which the soul will be implanted; she brings man to God in offering the child back again to the Creator." - Author: Fulton J. Sheen

Quotes About Going Everywhere

"Well, look at it another way: why shouldnt there be cats in a zoo?" I said."Theyre animals, too, right?""Cats and dogs are your run-of-the-mill-type animals. Nobodys going to pay money to see them," he said. "Just look around you-theyre everywhere. Same thing with people." - Author: Haruki Murakami

Quotes About Appropriation

"Im the ranking Republican on the foreign aid appropriations subcommittee, so I know Tunisia well." - Author: Lindsey Graham

Quotes About Chatting With Love

"Our phones are so intimately connected to us, to our lives. Putting advertising on a device like that is a bad idea. You dont want to be interrupted by ads when youre chatting with your loved ones." - Author: Jan Koum

Quotes About Retiring From Work

"Master Stanley used to tell me that what I was doing was nowhere near as important as the place within myself from where I was doing it. For example, a person could be teaching others out of a selfless motive, or out of a desire for power or glory: the former had a positive impact on the world, whereas the latter had a negative impact, even though the same identical teaching may have been imparted. "Its the spirit thats important," he would say. "Its even more important than the act. Going to work in a gas station and providing for your family out of love is more important than creating a mighty religious work out of a desire for glory or power." - Author: Thom Hartmann

Quotes About Got To Believe In Magic

"Rita folded her arms around herself and peered up at me. "If youd asked methree months ago Id have said you were hitting the bottle too hard. But then Igot stabbed and should have died, but instead a bunch of cops and ambulancepeople showed up because somebody who wasnt even there sent them on ahead to save my life. If something like that happens to someone like me, you start tohave a little faith in something bigger. I dont know if I believe in magic or miracles all the time. But I believe in you, Detective Walker. I believe in you." - Author: C.E. Murphy

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"I will listen to a beautiful person much more quickly than a plain person, and I have to learn to be nice to people who are not attractive looking." - Author: Beatrice Wood

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"I think theyre having trouble adjusting to the emotions they have outside of their dreams. At any rate, they keep acting like demented teenagers from a porno version of a John Hughes film. (Asmodeus)" - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

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"For us old-age pensioners, autumn is on the whole a dangerous season. He who knows how difficult it is for us to achieve any stability at all, how difficult it is to avoid distraction or destruction by ones own hand, will understant tha autumn, its winds, disturbances, and atmospheric confusions, does not favour our existence, which is precarious anyway." - Author: Bruno Schulz

Quotes About Brett Sun Also Rises

"I feel strangely free at such times. To behave properly is to be always courteous, always clever, and subtle and elegant. But now, when I am so alone, I do not have to be any of these things. For this moment, I am wholly myself, unshaped by the needs of others, by their dreams or expectations or sensibilities. But I am also lonely. With no one to shape me, who stands here, watching the moon, or the stars, or the clouds?" - Author: Kij Johnson