[There Is No Limitations Except Those We Create For Ourselves]

Author: Lolly Daskal Quotes

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Cristina Nehring Quotes

"Those whom even love cannot shake from their habitual aversion to risk and inertia are those who are truly unredeemable."

Michael J Collins Quotes

"Why do we always think our pain will be less if we can make others suffer more?"

Karen Abbott Quotes

"A Republican is a man who wants you to go tchurch every Sunday. A Democrat says if a man wants to have a glass of beer, he can have it."

Renee Carlino Quotes

"Well, Mia, the guy told you he wanted you to be his wife and the mother of his children and you basically said he was a loser. I believe his exact words were She ripped my soul out, poured gasoline on it, and watched it burn."

Sherry A Rogers Quotes

"The road to health is paved with good intestines!"

Kim Shaw Quotes

"I like the intimacy of independent films and I like the idea that people arent being paid necessarily as much money as some one on a studio film."

Arlene Stein Quotes

"What all of this suggests is that we need a more complex understandingof identities. If we identify on the basis of race, class, sexuality, orgender alone we cannot make sense of the ways these identificationscombine and change over time. The used-to-be-working class nowprofessional woman, the woman of mixed racial parentage who appearswhite, the divorced mother who is now a lesbian, the former lesbian whois now straight, or the former lesbian who is now a man. Identities arealways in motion; they are mobile (Ferguson, 1993). This is particularlythe case for those who have been placed in identity categories that do notquite seem to fit; it is also true of many more of us, in varied ways. Justask our current President, whose own origin story, of which he has spokenand written eloquently, is exceedingly complex. We need, I believe, aconception of identities that embraces this complexity, that takes intoaccount temporality and also specificity."

Alicia K Leppert Quotes

"I felt like a mouse running through one of those cardboard mazes. I didnt have to think about anything I did. My body just...went. The difference was that, unlike the mouse, there was no hunk of cheese waiting for me at the end. No reward of any kind for making it through. In fact, there was no end at all."

Alan Sitomer Quotes

"Q and Beanpole and I giggled at the way our math teacher, Mr. Sung-Li, wore four pencils in his shirt pocket in case he was suddenly attacked by a multiplication problem or something."

Daniel Berrigan Quotes

"I think of my brother just out of prison again. He will have spent ten years of the last 30 in prison."

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Quotes About Christening

"Family," she announced. "Theyre the people in your life you dont get to pick. The ones that are given to you,as opposed to those you get to choose.""Youre bound to them by blood," she continued, her voice flat. "Which, you know, gives you that much more in common. Diseases, genetics, hair, and eye color. Its like theyre part of your blueprint. If somethings wrong with you, you can usually trace it back to them."I nodded and kept writing."But," she said, "even though youre stuck with them, at the same time, theyre also stuck with you. So thats why they always get the front rows at christenings and funerals. Because theyre the ones that are there, you know, from the beginning to the end. Like it or not." - Author: Sarah Dessen

Quotes About Fashion Icons

"I like individuality in fashion - it annoys me when celebrities put on a bodycon dress and a pair of high heels and suddenly they are style icons." - Author: Georgie Henley

Quotes About Zapatista

"Yes, Marcos is gay. Marcos is gay in San Francisco, black in South Africa, an Asian in Europe, a Chicano in San Ysidro, an anarchist in Spain, a Palestinian in Israel, a Mayan Indian in the streets of San Cristobal, a Jew in Germany, a Gypsy in Poland, a Mohawk in Quebec, a pacifist in Bosnia, a single woman on the Metro at 10pm, a peasant without land, a gang member in the slums, an unemployed worker, an unhappy student and, of course, a Zapatista in the mountains. Marcos is all the exploited, marginalised, oppressed minorities resisting and saying `Enough. He is every minority who is now beginning to speak and every majority that must shut up and listen. He is every untolerated group searching for a way to speak. Everything that makes power and the good consciences of those in power uncomfortable -- this is Marcos." - Author: Subcomandante Marcos

Quotes About Impression

"Instead he thinks up the worst ending imaginable: Hemingway has Catherine die fromhemorrhaging after their child is stillborn. It is the most torturous ending I have everexperienced and probably will ever experience in literature, movies, or even television.I am crying so hard at the end, partly for the characters, yes, but also because Nikkiactually teaches this book to children. I cannot imagine why anyone would want toexpose impressionable teenagers to such a horrible ending. Why not just tell high schoolstudents that their struggle to improve themselves is all for nothing?" - Author: Matthew Quick

Quotes About Seven Years Of Marriage

"Tillie studied her mothers face. The face which had seen thirty-seven years of life. Twenty-one years of marriage. The birth of ten babies. The death of one." - Author: Deeanne Gist

Quotes About Cesspool

"I know the activists I deal with, we sort of try and check each other to make sure that we havent gone native, that you come to Washington thinking its a cesspool, you dont want to end up thinking its really a hot tub and getting used to it. So thats something one has to keep an eye on all the time." - Author: Grover Norquist

Quotes About Confraternity

"This was not completely true. I had run so fast that I still had a stitch in my side, but I did not want to be left out of their confraternity of guilt." - Author: Theresa Breslin

Quotes About Femininity

"This humanity of woman, brought forth in pains and degradations, will come to light when she has shed the conventions of mere femininity in the alterations of her outward station, and the men who today do not feel it coming will be surprised and struck by it." - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke

Quotes About Tarantino

"Because Ive made a film with such an amazing director as Tarantino, Im much more conscious of working with good directors from now on, so thats whats important to me. I dont really care about making a big movie - I just want to make good ones." - Author: Melanie Laurent

Quotes About Mexicans

"Everyone has seen photographs of Mexicans wearing those big sombreros. When you come to Mexico, the astonishing thing is, nobody wears these hats at all." - Author: Bruce Beresford