[There Is Not A Moment In Which God Does Not Present Himself Under The Cover Of Some Pain To Be Endured, Of Some Consolation To Be Enjoyed, Or Of Some Duty To Be Performed. All That Takes Place Within Us, Around Us, Or Through Us, Contains And Conceals His Divine Action.]

Author: Jean Pierre De Caussade Quotes

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"[If] you are ready enough to pull my knitting to pieces, but provide none of your own, the only sock is a sock in the jaw!"

Octavia Randolph Quotes

"He lowered his voice. "You are a true shield-maiden; you do not turn from a scar on a mans face."I looked at him and did not lower my eyes. "My father was an ealdorman, and his brother ealdorman after him. He taught me that a scar is the badge of honour of the warrior, and this I believe."He regarded me for a long moment. "I think I am glad we did not face your father and his brother in battle," he said, "for they were of better stuff than what we have found here."In saying this, he gave my dead kinsmen much praise. I felt that praise came rarely from the Danes, and took a strange pleasure in hearing him say this. I did not speak, but he lifted his cup to me, and I again took up mine. - Sidroc the Dane to Ceridwen"

Leo Rosten Quotes

"An angel is a spiritual creature created by God without a body for the service of Christendom and the church."

Nabil N Jamal Quotes

"When you control their water, you control the people."

Michelle Cooper Quotes

"And Ill gaze across the chasm to the other side of the island, where I can still sometimes catch sight of a curly-haired urchin running joyously through the tall purple grass, her faithful dog at her heels."

Nick Stahl Quotes

"I dont do stunts and I dont think many actors do. For an actor to say they do their own stunts I dont think is very respectful of the profession of stunt men and women."

Luis Gutierrez Quotes

"Uncertainty and fear and ignorance about immigrants, about people who are different, has a history as old as our Nation."

Lorii Myers Quotes

"To desire to change ones past means there is a desire to change oneself. To desire to change oneself, one must learn to change."

Shungiku Nakamura Quotes

"Ámame más. Entonces destruye mi orgullo hasta que quede en pedazos, y déjame disfrutar el sabor de ese placer."

Jennifer Dion Quotes

"When A Man Is Trying To Win The Heart Of A Woman,He Studies Her.He Learns Her Likes,Dislikes,Habits And Hobbies.But After He Wins Her Heart And Marries Her,He Often Stops Learning About Her.If The Amount He Studied Her Before Marriage Was Equal To A High School Degree,He Should Continue To Learn About Her Until He Gains A College Degree,A Masters Degree And Ultimately A Doctorate Degree.It Is A Lifelong Journey That Draws His Heart Ever Closer To Hers."

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"Its not a good feeling--knowing that you profoundly deserve the title of monster. Its better to be kind than to feel guilty." - Author: Stephenie Meyer

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"Any more bitching from the geriatric crew? What a bunch of old women. Should I hire another crewmate to change your bed diapers while Im at it? Next time Ill let The League have you. Vik, Im relinquishing control back to you. (Devyn)Its what I live for. By the way, ye organic life forms arent the only ones whove soiled themselves. Can I have a minute to attend my needs, Captain Asshole? (Vik)" - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

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"If you just do a Google search and type in smoking or lung cancer, you will be barraged with never ending facts and numbers, like how one in every three Americans is affected by lung disease and how COPD is the third leading cause of death and if you get lung cancer the odds are 95% that you will die." - Author: Matthew Gray Gubler

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"Mans responsibility is correspondingly operative with his free agency. Actions in harmony with divine law and the laws of nature will bring happiness, and those in opposition to divine truth, misery. Man is responsible not only for every deed, but also for every idle word and thought." - Author: David O. McKay

Quotes About Penderitaan

"My formula is Amor fati: ... not only to bear up under every necessity, but to love it.Semboyanku ialah Amor fati: ... tidak saja tabah menanggung segala keharusan (penderitaan), melainkan juga mencintainya." - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche

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"I hear from afar the shouts of that false wisdom which is ever dragging us onwards, counting the present as nothing, and pursuing without pause a future which flies as we pursue, that false wisdom which removes us from our place and never brings us to any other." - Author: Jean Jacques Rousseau

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"We are so not breaking out the violins and pity partying." - Author: Gena Showalter

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"Wait a second, Carlie. Youre not telling me youre letting Aunt Charlotte help you find a man for Clara? Are you serious? You think My Aunt Charlotte, who has a raccoon in the house and washes out Dixie bathroom cups, knows where the right guy is for Clara Johnson?" - Author: Lisa Smartt

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"In any age, there is no shortage of people willing to embark on a hazardous adventure. Columbus and Magellan filled eight ships between them for voyages into the void. One hundred and fifty years ago, the possibilities offered by missionary service were limitless and first-rate. Later, Scott and Shackleton turned away droves after filling their crews for their desperate Antarctic voyages. In 1959 ... sailor H.W. Tilman, looking for a crew for a voyage in an old wooden yacht to the Southern Ocean, ran this ad in the London Times: "Hand [man] wanted for long voyage in small boat. No pay, no prospects, not much pleasure." Tilman received more replies than he could investigate, one from as far away as Saigon." - Author: Peter Nichols

Quotes About Firmament

"Yo soy tan pobre como la naturaleza,y tan simple como el firmamento." - Author: Osip Mandelstam