[There Is Something Powerful In Metallica, A Will, A Drive.]

Author: James Hetfield Quotes

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Jhene Aiko Quotes

"You know how a lot of people say, I lose myself in music, or I like to escape, but I want my music to be more of an awakening. I want it to make people to be aware of life; I dont want my music to be a distraction. I want to light a path."

Carl Hagelin Quotes

"There are guys out there faster than me."

John Tuley Quotes

"An approximate answer to the right question is worth far more than a precise answer to the wrong one."

John Dykstra Quotes

"I like engineering, but I love the creative input."

William Morris Hunt Quotes

"The artist is an interpreter of Nature. People learn to love Nature through pictures. To the artist, nothing is in vain; nothing beneath his notice. If he is great enough, he will exalt every subject which he treats."

Adam Lindsay Gordon Quotes

"Life is mostly froth and bubble,Two things stand like stone.Kindness in anothers trouble,Courage in your own."

Syrus Publilius Quotes

"What greater evil could you wish a miser than long life?"

Osric Chau Quotes

"Im a huge gamer. I play a lot of games, and I play one game until Im really, really good at it."

Raymond Berry Quotes

"I appreciate the people there thinking about me, and I look forward to coming back to Paris for that occasion."

Charles Edwards Quotes

"Be comfortable with who you are, reads the headline on the Hush Puppies poster. Are they mad? If people were comfortable with who they were, theyd never buy any products except the ones they needed, and then where would the advertising industry be?"

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Quotes About Truth In Life Of Pi

"To seek Truth is automatically a calling for the innate dissident and the subversive; howmany are willing to give up safety and security for the perilous life of the spiritual revolutionary? Howmany are willing to truly learn that their own cherished concepts are wrong? Striking provocative ormysterious poses in the safety of Internet [social media] is far easier than taking the risks involved inthe hard work of genuine initiation." - Author: Zeena Schreck

Quotes About Lucien

"Lucien: And Flowers--but only Anya can call me that.William: Fine. Ill call you Roses.Lucien: You wont. William: I will. Zodiac sign, Roses?Lucien: First, how does my woman stand you? Second, I dont think I have a sign. I was created rather than born, and I am unsure of the day, much less the month. William: Ill just mark your sign as "Roses". Choice of weapon, Roses?Lucien: You are a bastard. But I like knives. I like to get up close and personal with my kills. Care for a demonstration?William: Later. What are you looking for in a woman, Roses?Lucien: Why dont I just call you Moron? Anya does....." - Author: Gena Showalter

Quotes About Amatis

"A Shakespeare could have arisen only on English soil. In the same way, your great dramatists and poets express the nature and essence of the Norwegian people, but they also express that which is universally valid for all mankind." - Author: Gustav Stresemann

Quotes About Emotionally Damaged

"Elizabeth is smart, ruthless, and emotionally damaged ... [i]f Elizabeths brain was a person, it would have scars, tattoos, and be missing one eye." - Author: Max Barry

Quotes About Compulsive Gambling

"Who do you think I am, Pete Rose? I dont bet. I come from a long line of compulsive gamblers. Gambling scares me." - Author: Mario Cantone

Quotes About Getting Smashed

"When two people break up, its all about them; they cant see anyone else. And the people getting smashed to bits are the kids. Then youre getting torn - your mum wants you, your dad wants you. You just get shredded. It has a long-lasting effect as well." - Author: Vinnie Jones

Quotes About Nurturing

"Love is the will to extend ones self for the purpose of nurturing ones own or anothers spiritual growth... Love is as love does. Love is an act of will -- namely, both an intention and an action. Will also implies choice. We do not have to love. We choose to love." - Author: M. Scott Peck

Quotes About Skittles

"Death and burial were a public spectacle. Shakespeare may have seen for himself the gravediggers at St Anns, Soho, playing skittles with skulls and bones." - Author: Catharine Arnold

Quotes About Magic Of Life

"StagesAs every flower fades and as all youthDeparts, so life at every stage,So every virtue, so our grasp of truth,Blooms in its day and may not last forever.Since life may summon us at every ageBe ready, heart, for parting, new endeavor,Be ready bravely and without remorseTo find new light that old ties cannot give.In all beginnings dwells a magic forceFor guarding us and helping us to live.Serenely let us move to distant placesAnd let no sentiments of home detain us.The Cosmic Spirit seeks not to restrain usBut lifts us stage by stage to wider spaces.If we accept a home of our own making,Familiar habit makes for indolence.We must prepare for parting and leave-takingOr else remain the slaves of permanence.Even the hour of our death may sendUs speeding on to fresh and newer spaces,And life may summon us to newer races.So be it, heart: bid farewell without end." - Author: Hermann Hesse

Quotes About Growth In Business

"I call crony capitalism, where you take money from successful small businesses, spend it in Washington on favored industries, on favored individuals, picking winners and losers in the economy, thats not pro-growth economics. Thats not entrepreneurial economics. Thats not helping small businesses. Thats cronyism, thats corporate welfare." - Author: Paul Ryan