[There Isn't Another Way Of Letting The People We Love That We Love Them Except Telling Them That We Love Them.]

Author: Cornelius Mashilane Quotes

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Jon Corzine Quotes

"This has been on the schedule for a long time. You dont get President Clinton on a 24-hour notice."

Eric Hirzel Quotes

"The strength of ones opinion should not exceed their knowledge on the matter."

Stephen B Pearl Quotes

"Life is a sewer and we are all but swimmers within it. Smart people do the backstroke. (In other words you gotta have a giggle.)"

Nancy Wait Quotes

"Betrayal is sacred when the heart can encompass the whole."

J Budziszewski Quotes

"Depraved conscience turns out to be as different from genuine ignorance as it is from honest recognition."

Constance Zimmer Quotes

"I think any time someones dreams are crushed, theres the people who can fight to still try and fulfill those dreams and then theres the people who just give up."

Kale Burton Quotes

"Confidence is a pencil best sharpened with paper."

John Freeman Quotes

"The minimum wage was enacted in 1937 during the Great Depression and it has been increased 16 times. Its a well-established economic policy to help families."

Thomas Kyd Quotes

"My soule, poore soule thou talkes of things/ Thou knowest not what, my soule hath sliver wings,/ That mounts me up unto the highest heavens."

Donovan Quotes

"Potential is an excuse to procrastinate;Ambition is a means to thrive."

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Quotes About Dikt

"Karıkoca arasında geçenleri, nasıl seviştiklerini kimse bilmemeli, hiç kimse. Kavgalarını öz analarından bile saklamalı, birbirlerinden şikâyet ederek kimseden hakemliğini istememelidirler. Her müşkülü kendi aralarında halletmeleri lazımdır. Aşk kutsal bir sırdır, sevişenler arasında ne geçerse, yabancı gözlerden saklanmalıdır. Bu onun kutsallığını bir kat daha artırır. Böyle çiftler birbirlerini daha çok sayarlar ki, saygı pek çok şeyin temelidir. Ortada aşk olduktan, sevişerek evlendikten sonra bu sevgi niçin sönsün?" - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Quotes About Escrever

"Na minha opinião, ser escritor não é apenas escrever livros, é muito mais uma atitude perante a vida, uma exigência e uma intervenção." - Author: José Saramago

Quotes About Ill Mannered

"At college, I was told there were four great women novelists in the 19th century – Jane Austen, George Eliot, Charlotte and Emily Brontë. Not one of them led an enviable life – all of them had to sacrifice ludicrously in order to be writers. I wasnt prepared to do that.You could become ill so that you could retreat to the bedroom, avoid your domestic responsibilities and write like Emily Dickinson and Christina Rossetti. You had to forget about writing if you werent prepared to sacrifice any other things you might want from life, like kids or lovers. Its not like that now." - Author: Jeanette Winterson

Quotes About Funny Swearing

"What was that? Wallander said.[Linda] Nothing.Thats funny. I could have sworn you were swearing.I didnt say anything.I have a strange daughter, Wallander said to Lindman. She curses without even knowing it." - Author: Henning Mankell

Quotes About Unearthly

"The faint hints of color in her complexion, her tawny blond hair, her extraordinary thinness, all spoke of that unearthly grace modern poets find in the medieval statues. Had she been happy, shed have been ravishing: happiness constitutes pure poetry, for women." - Author: Honoré de Balzac

Quotes About Voth

"This really isnt fair," Mena said. "What is ‘fair?" asked one of the watchers called Devoth. "I dont know this word." - Author: David Anthony Durham

Quotes About Decor

"Thinking like ethical people, dressing like ethical people, decorating our homes like ethical people makes not a damn of difference unless we also behave like ethical people." - Author: George Monbiot

Quotes About Crafty

"The necessity arising from a want of specie is represented as greater than it really is. I contend that it is by the substance, not the shadow of a thing, we are to be benefited. The wisdom of man, in my humble opinion, cannot at this time devise a plan by which the credit of paper money would be long supported; consequently, depreciation keeps pace with the quantity of the emission, and articles for which it is exchanged rise in a greater ratio than the sinking value of the money. Wherein, then, is the farmer, the planter, the artisan benefited? An evil equally great is the door it immediately opens for speculation, by which the least designing and perhaps most valuable part of the community are preyed upon by the more knowing and crafty speculators." - Author: G. Edward Griffin

Quotes About Chrysanthemum

"It was a day as different from other days as dogs are from cats and both of them from chrysanthemums or tidal waves or scarlet fever." - Author: John Steinbeck

Quotes About Writing Philosophy

"I published only in academic journals in philosophy until I was in my 40s, but I had been writing fiction and poetry my whole adult life - without ever once trying to publish it, and rarely letting anyone read it." - Author: Cheryl Mendelson