[There Was A Time I Stopped Talking, Just Like You. My Reasons Were A Little Bit Different, But... I Think The Feelings Of Being Ashamed Of Myself And Hating Myself... Are The Same. Here It Says "to Like Yourself." What Does That Mean? Good Things---how Are You Supposed To Find Them? I Only Know Things That I Hate About Myself. Because That's All I Know: I Hate Myself. Even If Your Force Yourself To Find Good Things... It Feels So Empty. It Doesn't Work That Way. People Like Your Teacher Just Don't Get It.I Think... When You Hear Someone Say They Like You For The First Time... Then You Can Begin To Like Yourself. I Think When Someone Accepts You For The First Time... You Feel Like You Can Forgive Yourself A Little. You Can Begin To Face Your Fears.~Yuki]

Author: Natsuki Takaya Quotes

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