[There Was Light And There Was Darkness, And Where Once, So Recently, He Had Sat At His Desk Bathed In That Light, Now He Was Clothed In The Black Cover Of Heartbreak.]

Author: Shamim Sarif Quotes

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"My dad is kind of a rascal, like in a Dickensian sense. He just goes from career to career."

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"people ask to much because they live in their own reality. not what reality really is."

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"Im a big sports fan. College football is my favorite."

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"I think that carrying on a life that is meant to be private in public is a breach of taste, common sense, and mental hygiene."

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"However, I dont by any means suggest that Im always playing myself."

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"I am one of the few men honest enough to say they do not understand women."

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"She would let a speeding automobile hit her to show them all how unloved she was."

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"Indeed, woman can be a machine run wild, or a machine can be a better, more subjugated, and efficient woman."

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"Wealth can only be accumulated by the earnings of industry and the savings of frugality."

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"Paintings are like a beer, only beer tastes good and its hard to stop drinking beer."

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"I dont like creating software anymore. Its too exact. Its like karate; theres no room for error." - Author: John Maeda

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"Two things are desired in order that intercourse may be had: First, that a minister or agent be allowed to reside at the capital. Second, that commerce between different countries be freely allowed." - Author: Townsend Harris

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"Beneath the gore and smoke and loam, this book is about the evanescence of life, and why some men choose to fill their brief allotment of time engaging the impossible, others in the manufacture of sorrow. In the end it is a story of the ineluctable conflict between good and evil, daylight and darkness, the White City and the Black." - Author: Erik Larson

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"we use to regret over our past... but sometimes i wonder why ???because everything we did in past was best from our side, well in case of both doing and thinking..." - Author: Lovely Goyal

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"¿Cómo escapar de esta espantosa esclavitud de noche, tinieblas y terrores?" - Author: Bram Stoker

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