[Therefore I Beg You, Reader, Not To Rejoice Too Greatly If You Have Read Much, But If You Have Understood Much. Nor That You Have Understood Much, But That You Have Been Able To Retain It. Otherwise It Is Of Little Profit Either To Read Or To Understand.]

Author: Hugh Of Saint Victor Quotes

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Robert Stikmanz Quotes

"If we fail, the planet will grow sterile and your people will die in hunger, thirst and waves of plagues. Our people and the thrms will die more slowly because the poisons here will render us unable to conceive. The skies will cease to be blue, the land will lose its verdure and the seas, well, the seas will be the first to go. Anything that does survive will be broken, mutant, discontinuous from us and mutually exclusive. It will be the new life of a shattered world, a world for chitinous, crawly things, not one for soft and tender emotion. I hope, child, I have answered your question."Meg said nothing. None of it made sense, but she still felt an urge to deny it, deny it, even though Ekaterinas strange, rolling words carried a ring of truth. Suddenly, the autumn chill cut through all her layers of bundling wraps. She could not stop shivering."

Eric Stoltz Quotes

"It seems that whatever we do is somehow beyond reproach - murder, rape, drunk driving - as long as we go on a TV show and apologize."

Malcolm Cowley Quotes

"...but you drank your black coffee by choice, believeng that Paris was sufficient alcohol."

Giselle V Steele Quotes

"To say they had waited for months or even years to find each other again would not be accurate. Love runs on another time track. It cant be counted down and wont allow itself to be defined as terminable. For Reid and Lena, it could have been months, years or a lifetime because at that moment, it was as if no time had passed at all."

Daniel Wetta Quotes

"Lets Not Just Be Heroes! Lets Be Heroes Who Lead!"

Cassie Steele Quotes

"You never have an indifferent feeling after an audition. Its either gone really well or really terribly."

Riley Murphy Quotes

"But angry like he was now? It did something to me. Made me ache harder for him. Want him just that much more.My heroine, Paige Bergeron speaking about her hero,in Watch Me."

Chuck Pagano Quotes

"My vision is that Im living to see two more daughters get married, dance at their weddings and then lift the Lombardi Trophy several times."

Penelope Leach Quotes

"Loving a baby is a circular business, a kind of feedback loop. The more you give the more you get and the more you get the more you feel like giving."

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Quotes About Barve

"Masochista má - i když nevědomé - přání nehody, nemoci, ponížení. U masochistické perverze - kdy je toto přání sexuálně zabarveno a pro osobu méně nebezpečné - je toto masochistické přání dokonce vědomé." - Author: Erich Fromm

Quotes About Things Being Temporary

"I loved the sensual pleasures of being outside, the smell of it, the feel of the earth under my fingers, the satisfaction of seeing things living, glowing, captivated by their own temporary beauty." - Author: Jojo Moyes

Quotes About A Girl Liking A Boy Who Doesnt Know

"Silent films were, I think, more different than we know to sound films. We think of it as simply that we added dialogue and in actual fact I think it was an entirely different art form." - Author: Peter Weir

Quotes About Chen

"A tree is alive, and thus it is always more than you can see. Roots to leaves, yes-those you can, in part, see. But it is more-it is the lichens and moss and ferns that grow on its bark, the life too small to see that lives among its roots, a community we know of, but do not think on. It is every fly and bee and beetle that uses it for shelter or food, every bird that nests in its branches. Every one an individual, and yet every one part of the tree, and the tree part of every one." - Author: Elizabeth Moon

Quotes About A Devoted Wife

"As when astronaut Mike Mulhane was asked by a NASA psychiatrist what epitaph hed like to have on his gravestone, Mulhane answered, "A loving husband and devoted father," though in reality, he jokes in "Riding Rockets," "I would have sold my wife and children into slavery for a ride into space." - Author: Mary Roach

Quotes About Monkeying Around

"The key is, if youre not monkeying around with the script, then everything usually goes pretty well." - Author: Steven Soderbergh

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"A small smirk found its way to my lips. Luke Skywalker could suck it. He had nothing on Shayna." - Author: Cecy Robson

Quotes About Tiny Waist

"In you the earth… Littlerose,roselet,at times,tiny and naked,it seemsas though you would fitin one of my hands,as though Ill clasp you like thisand carry you to my mouth,butsuddenlymy feet touch your feet and my mouth your lips:you have grown,your shoulders rise like two hills,your breasts wander over my breast,my arm scarcely manages to encircle the thinnew-moon line of your waist:in love you loosened yourself like sea water:I can scarcely measure the skys most spacious eyesand I lean down to your mouth to kiss the earth." - Author: Pablo Neruda

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"Rouz je bila na mojoj strani onako kako niko nikada nije bio na mojoj strani. Rouz je bila dobrovoljac. Bilo joj je stalo do mene. Voleci me, ona me je oslobodila. Bio sam slobodan da budem ono sto jesam. Nije u meni videla samo coveka kakav jesam, nego i coveka kakav bi mogao da budem. Voleci me, ucinila je da poverujem da bi moji snovi mogli da postanu stvarnost." - Author: Tony Parsons

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"Procrastinating is number one of my Stupid List. You still end up exactly where you didnt want to be, doing exactly what you didnt want to do, with the only difference being you lost all that time in between, during which you could have been doing something fun. Even worse, you probably stayed in a stressed-out, scrappy mood the whole time you were avoiding it." - Author: Karen Marie Moning