[There's A Book Called"A Dictionary Of Angels."No One Has Opened It In Fifty Years,I Know, Because When I Did,The Covers Creaked, The PagesCrumbled. There I DiscoveredThe Angels Were Once As PlentifulAs Species Of Flies.The Sky At DuskUsed To Be Thick With Them.You Had To Wave Both ArmsJust To Keep Them Away.Now The Sun Is ShiningThrough The Tall Windows.The Library Is A Quiet Place.Angels And Gods HuddledIn Dark Unopened Books.]

Author: Charles Simic Quotes

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Armando Iannucci Quotes

"There is still an element of the BBC that feels it is somehow wrong, or it will be open to criticism, if it makes more money."

Deanna Anderson Quotes

"The earth is over a million years old; respect your elders."

Matt Hammitt Quotes

"You are mine for a moment, but you are His, forever His."

Tom Heinsohn Quotes

"Chuck Daly was a man and a coach who everyone had great respect for, and to be recognized in his memory is very special."

Carl Cal Tuohey Quotes

"One day, we will live in a world without salads. It is a dream I have."

Ariana Grande Butera Quotes

"Theres always gonna be someone who doesnt like you."

Doug Jones Quotes

"My very favorite costumed character Ive played would be Abe Sapien from the Hell Boy movies. I love this guy."

Johnny Unitas Quotes

"Anything I do, I always have a reason for."

Cat Deeley Quotes

"I dont host a show and go, Have you got my best angle?"

Mary DeMuth Quotes

"Nothing significant in the kingdom of God happens unless death occurs."

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"You grabbed my tit a little, Mr. Old Timey Talker."Blake seemed to swallow a smile. "Manhandling a lady is inexcusable. I would only do so if said woman was too stubborn to remove herself from a dangerous situation." He took Kyles hand and kissed the top of it lightly."Aw, crap. Well, arent you too fucking charming for words?" Kyle smiled despite her best efforts to look tough. "All right, Mr. Old Timey, Ill let you get away with the boob palming this time.""Thats fortunate because I hate ingesting my own testicles." He gave her a devilish grin with naughty eyes to match.Kyle looked at Livia. "Hes adorable." - Author: Debra Anastasia

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"Prominent Christians in Constantines time waited to be baptized until their deathbeds lest they commit a "major"sin that couldnt be forgiven of those already baptized. Others felt anyone who did anything to avoid martyrdom were apostates had no valid subsequent ministry." - Author: Thomas F. Madden

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"And so I went through the looking glass, stepped into the netherworld, where up is down and food is greed, where convex mirrors cover the walls, where death is honor and flesh is weak. It is ever so easy to go. Harder to find your way back." - Author: Marya Hornbacher

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"That was enough dialogue for a few pages - he had to get into some fast, red-hot action.There werent any more hitches now. The story flowed like a torrent. The margin bell chimed almost staccato, the roller turned with almost piston-like continuity, the pages sprang up almost like blobs of batter from a pancake skillet. The beer kept rising in the glass and, contradictorily, steadily falling lower. The cigarettes gave up their ghosts, long thin gray ghosts, in a good cause; the mortality rate was terrible.His train of thought, the storys lifeline, beer-lubricated but no whit impeded, flashed and sputtered and coursed ahead like lightning in a topaz mist, and the loose fingers and hiccuping keys followed as fast as they could. ("The Penny-A-Worder")" - Author: Cornell Woolrich

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"Persons under the shock of genuine affliction are not only upset mentally but are all unbalanced physically. No matter how calm and controlled they seemingly may be, no one can under such circumstances be normal. Their disturbed circulation makes them cold, their distress makes them unstrung, sleepless. Persons they normally like, they often turn from. No one should ever be forced upon those in grief, and all over-emotional people, no matter how near or dear, should be barred absolutely. Although the knowledge that their friends love them and sorrow for them is a great solace, the nearest afflicted must be protected from any one or anything which is likely to overstrain nerves already at the threatening point, and none have the right to feel hurt if they are told they can neither be of use or be received. At such a time, to some people companionship is a comfort, others shrink from their dearest friends." - Author: Emily Post

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"He glares at me as if he already hates it. "What is it?" I consider lying but whats the point? I clear my throat. "Pooky Bear"Hes silent for so long Im beginning to think he didnt hear me when he finally says, "Pooky. Bear." "It was just a little joke. I didnt know." "Ive mentioned that names have power, right? Do you realize that when she fights battles, shes going to have to announce herself to the opposing sword? Shell be forced to say something ridiculous like, ‘I am Pooky Bear, from an ancient line of archangel swords. Or, ‘Bow down to me, Pooky Bear, who has only two other equals in all the worlds. " He shakes his head. "How is she going to get any respect?" - Author: Susan Ee

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"Höderer: You dont love men, Hugo. You love only principles. Hugo: Men? Why should I love them? Do they love me?Höderer: Then why did you come to us? If you dont love men, you cant fight for them.Hugo: I joined the party because its cause is just, and I shall leave it when that cause ceases to be just. As for men, its not what they are that interests me, but what they can become.Höderer: And I, I love them for what they are. With all their filth and and all their vices. I love their voices and their warm grasping hands, and their skin, the nudest skin of all, and their uneasy glances, and the desperate struggle each has to pursue against anguish and against death. For me, one man more or less in the world is something that counts. Its something precious. You, I know you now, you are a destroyer. You detest men because you detest yourself. Your purity resembles death. The revolution you dream of is not ours. You dont want to change the world, you want to blow it up." - Author: Jean Paul Sartre

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"If this continues, if this goes on, then when I die, your memories of me will be my greatest accomplishment. You memories will be my most lasting impressions." - Author: David Levithan

Quotes About Releases

"Laughter is important, not only because it makes us happy, it also has actual health benefits. And thats because laughter completely engages the body and releases the mind. It connects us to others, and that in itself has a healing effect." - Author: Marlo Thomas