[There's A Natural Instinct Embedded In Friendship, A Sympathy That Makes Us Willing To Fight For Someone We Like When They Are Treated Unjustly.]

Author: Charles Duhigg Quotes

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James Carroll Quotes

"The very act of story-telling, of arranging memory and invention according to the structure of the narrative, is by definition holy. We tell stories because we cant help it. We tell stories because we love to entertain and hope to edify. We tell stories because they fill the silence death imposes. We tell stories because they save us."

Henryk Stanczyk Quotes

"[Christians] are people such as the world has not seen hitherto, and their teaching is of a kind that the world has not heard up to this time..."

Dr Sherwin Nuland Quotes

"There is no way to deter old age from its grim duty, but a life of accomplishments makes up in quality for what it cannot add in quantity."

Ghassan Kanafani Quotes

"My political position springs from my being a novelist. In so far as I am concerned, politics and the novel are an indivisible case and I can categorically state that I became politically committed because I am a novelist, not the opposite."

Tim Keel Quotes

"We imagine that our theological/conceptual systems are the means by which we know God as God is. I truly believe that such postures and perspectives put us in danger of conceptual idolatry, worshiping our ideas of and frameworks for God."

Moriah Densley Quotes

"Dickens must have first heard his famous The law is an ass quote from a woman. And she was damned right, for all the good it did her."

Paul Sorvino Quotes

"I dont know what would have been worse: If Mira had come home one day to say she was gay or an actress."

Norman Sunshine Quotes

"After 50 years together as a couple:"Look how fast the leaves are falling now," Alan says. "The trees will be bare in a couple of days. Do you realize that we have watched the leaves fall together for more than fifty autumns?"I stand quietly, looking at Alan, letting his words sink in. I am suddenly so moved."

Choire Sicha Quotes

"Sometimes work was just what you clocked into while you were falling in love. Sometimes sex was just something you did while you werent at work. Drugs were something you did sometimes when you couldnt deal with one of those things, or with yourself. The City was so expensive and so grueling sometimes that it was easy to be unsure why you were there. Many were there to make money, money that could largely only be made there, in the long spiny arms of industries that could never grow anywhere else or anywhere smaller. Some people just liked it, its loudness and crowdedness and surprises. Some started there for a reason and then couldnt imagine being anywhere else, but maybe lost track of that reason along the way. Some people had a plan. Some were just chancing it. Either way the months flew by, and over the years you came up with something or you came up with not much."

Chandra Quotes

"segala yang ada di muka bumi sudah merupakan pembagian yang berlainan namun merupakan pasangan"

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Quotes About Medal Of Honor

"[General-in-Chief of the army, Lieutenant General Winfield] Scott not only believed that the idea [for a battlefield decoration, to wit, a Medal of Honor, or valor] smacked of Old World vanity, elitism, and snobbery, he also thought that such an award was entirely unnecessary." - Author: Russell S. Bonds

Quotes About Finesse

"I told her how I thought you could always revise your life, how you could work and work on it, finesse the details, see if what youre saying is what you wanted to be saying." - Author: John Dufresne

Quotes About Fio

"Dicen que soy un mafioso, porque mi sentido de la amistad es tal que resulta un poco el de los gánsteres: por un lado mis amigos y por el otro el resto del mundo, con el cual tengo muy poco contacto" - Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

Quotes About Wake Up Love

"I like walking into a room and seeing your face light up when you see me," he said earnestly, the sun from the open window making his hair glow. "I like arguing with Quen over the wisdom of employing a demon to be my security."My throat caught. This wasnt going to happen, but something in me was withering. I wanted more—­and I knew I couldnt have it.He touched my hair, and I twitched as he tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. "I want to wake up beside you, see your curls on my pillow. I want a chance at falling in love." - Author: Kim Harrison

Quotes About Seductive Lips

"Im staring at him with my mouth open—again—as he tucks his shirt back in. When hes finished, he takes a step closer to me. I stand perfectly still. His grin dies into a seductive curve of his lips that makes my knees feel funny. Im completely spellbound and embarrassingly turned on when he bends to whisper in my ear. "Youd better close those lips before Im tempted to kiss them and really give you something to be all hot and bothered about." -Cash" - Author: M. Leighton

Quotes About Independent Love

"Many strong girls have similar stories: They were socially isolated and lonely in adolescence. Smart girls are often the girls most rejected by peers. Their strength is a threat and they are punished for being different. Girls who are unattractive or who dont worry about their appearance are scorned. This isolation is often a blessing because it allows girls to develop a strong sense of self. Girls who are isolated emerge from adolescence more independent and self-sufficient than girls who have been accepted by others. Strong girls may protect themselves by being quiet and guarded so that their rebellion is known by only a few trusted others. They may be cranky and irascible and keep critics at a distance so that only people who love them know what they are up to. They may have the knack of shrugging off the opinions of others or they may use humor to deflect the hostility that comes their way." - Author: Mary Pipher

Quotes About Charles Dickens

"Jednog Božića Sempere mi je darovao najljepši dar koji sam ikada dobio. Bila je to stara knjiga, temeljito pročitana i proživljena. Velika očekivanja Charlesa Dickensa... pročitao sam na naslovnici.Znao sam da Sempere poznaje neke pisce koji su često posjećivali njegov dućan i, sudeći po ljubavi kojom je rukovao tom knjigom, pomislio sam da je možda i taj don Charles jedan od njih.Vaš prijatelj? Još od djetinjstva. Od danas i tvoj." - Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Quotes About Wanting Somebody To Love

"Ive gotten to a place where I still love to play and sing, but I dont have any ego agenda left, outside of just wanting to stay in a creative place and play music. I much prefer to sing for somebody else, and to somebody else." - Author: Ryan Adams

Quotes About Prominent

"We fought about it endlessly. He even went as far as to set up meetings with prominent girls in our social circle, attempting to make me a one woman man with a purposeful relationship. When I would bed these girls and leave them, Grandfather finally gave up." - Author: Sadie Grubor

Quotes About Fiercely

"Im so ashamed." Livia felt blood filling her mouth again.Chris pointed a shaky finger at her. "You should be ashamed. Its about time.""Im ashamed of you, Chris," Livia said fiercely. "Im ashamed I ever let you touch me. I should have saved myself for Blake." She topped off her statement by heaving bloody spit into Chriss face." - Author: Debra Anastasia