[These Names: Gay, Queer, Homosexual Are Limiting. I Would Love To Finish With Them. We're Going To Have To Decide Which Terms To Use And Where We Use Them. For Me To Use The Word 'queer' Is A Liberation; It Was A Word That Frightened Me, But No Longer.]

Author: Derek Jarman Quotes

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Holly Estil Cunningham Quotes

"A doctrine of expression rather than one of suppression makes a stronger appeal to man."

Emmanuel Jal Quotes

"In Africa, music is for everything, Music was originally used for community. That was what music was for."

Dai Wangshu Quotes

"Holding up an oil-paper umbrella,I loiter aimlessly in the long, longAnd lonely rainy alley,I hope to encounterA lilac-like girlNursing her resentmentA lilac-like color she hasA lilac-like fragrance,A lilac-like sadness,Melancholy in the rain,Sorrowful and uncertain;She loiters aimlessly in this lonely rainy alleyHolding up an oil-paper umbrellaJust like meAnd just like meWalks silently,Apathetic, sad and disconsolateSilently she moves closerMoves closer and castsA sigh-like glanceShe glides byLike a dreamHazy and confused like a dreamAs in a dream she glides pastLike a lilac spray,This girl glides past beside me;She silently moves away, moves awayUp to the broken-down bamboo fence,To the end of the rainy alley.In the rains sad song,Her color vanishesHer fragrance diffuses,Even herSigh-like glance,Lilac-like discontentVanish.Holding up an oil-paper umbrella, aloneAimlessly walking in the long, longAnd lonely rainy alley,I wish forA lilac-like girlNursing her resentment glide by."

Robert Townsend Quotes

"Getting there isnt half the fun, its all the fun."

Bentham Quotes

"Bentham was an atheist and in no sense of the word could he be described as a theologian."

Joshua Wisenbaker Quotes

"Failure is the sourness that makes success All the more sweeter."

Eric Roberts Quotes

"But the thing about bad guys is that they have the biggest bosomed blond, they have great clothes and cars, and get great death scenes."

Marya Hornbacher Quotes

"...Someone speaks in soft tones to me and says I am psychotic, but its going to be all right. I put on my hat, unperturbed, and ask for some crayons."

Brian May Quotes

"I despise the Lottery. Theres less chance of you becoming a millionaire than there is of getting hit on the head by a passing asteroid."

Linda Masemore Pirrung Quotes

"We need to forgive ourselves and everyone else for NOT being perfect."

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Quotes About My Papas Waltz

"Eli eased back enough to breathe words onto Quinns mouth. Well? Romantic enough?My hearts aflutter.Eli sank away. All the fluttering is in my balls." - Author: K.A. Mitchell

Quotes About Manter

"Quando a procura é maior do que a oferta, impera a selecção. Em todos os ramos da indústria, os menos competentes são rejeitados - e, como os recusam, já não estão em condições de se manterem à tona, pelo que descem até atingirem o nível em que os aceitam, um emprego numa fábrica em que não lhes seja exigida nenhuma aptidão. Consequência inevitável: os menos aptos deixam-se arrastar até ao fundo do abismo, essa espécie de matadouro onde ficam reduzidos à miséria." - Author: Jack London

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"If god meant for people to talk into cellphones, he wouldve put our mouths on the side of our heads." - Author: Devon Sampson

Quotes About Kintz

"Jarod Kintz Day—its not just my birthday, but it should be a holiday thats mandatory to celebrate, punishable by death if you dont. Itll be a holiday that honors freedom." - Author: Jarod Kintz

Quotes About Exams Funny

"Julie crossed her arms. "Im serious. Flat Finn cant possibly go to school with her, right?""He already went to Brandeis so, no, he doesnt need to repeat seventh grade. Although they did make him take a bunch of tests in order to qualify out. He barely passed the oral exams, though, because the instructors found him withholding and tight-lipped. Its a terribly biased system, but at least he passed and wont have to suffer through the schools annual reenactment of the first Thanksgiving. He has a pilgrim phobia.""Funny. Really, whats the deal with Flat Finn?""After an unfortunate incident involving Wile E. Coyote and an anvil, Three Dimensional Finn had to change his name." - Author: Jessica Park

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"She jumped. "You walk like a cat!""I am a cat, sweetheart." He wanted to tease her again, so he let a low growl rumble up from his chest. "See?"Streaks of vibrant color stained her cheeks once more. But she didnt back down. "Are you planning to move?""No." He drew in a deep breath, fighting the urge to nuzzle at her throat. "You smell good. Can I taste you?" It was a half-serious question. "Just a little?""Mr. Quinn!" She took a step around him and headed off. But hed already caught the tart bite of arousal in her scent. Satisfied, he followed, on his best behavior now. It wouldnt do to scare Annie away. Not when he planned to keep her. " - Author: Nalini Singh

Quotes About Dress And Appearance

"A woman who focuses on worshiping God will consider carefully how she is dressed, because her heart will dictate her wardrobe and appearance." - Author: Elizabeth George

Quotes About Christian Love

"The entire Jesus concept, that human sacrifice should be the substratum of a moral religion of love, strikes me as incongruous. God condemned us and Jesus saved us, and they are actually the same being? Christianity is the idea that you are so abhorrent that God had to kill himself. He had to embody the human form and send himself on a bizarre suicide mission just to revoke the disgustingness of the humans he created. I balk at suggestions that these ideas dictate to the concepts of morality and love." - Author: Trevor Treharne

Quotes About Lucio

"O desejo me revoluciona. Mesmo que eu não consiga, mesmo que eu desista." - Author: Filipe Russo

Quotes About Love Description

"And lets not leave out the whole Scout is a love whore issue."Talley tilted her face up. "What is a love whore exactly?""You know, some reckless person who goes around falling in love with every attractive guy she comes across. Charlie, Alex, Liam. Im all Oh! Pretty boy! and the next thing you know Im ruining everyones lives because I want to curl up inside them and liver forever.""That is quite possibly the most bizarre and creepy description of what it feels like to fall in love Ive ever heard.""Falling in love is bizarre and creepy." - Author: Tammy Blackwell