[These Songs Are Old Friends I Have Entertained Myself With When I'm Washing The Dishes, Driving To The Store And Walking Down The Aisles. The Ones That You Sing When You're Driving In The Car And As A Singer You Always Go Back To Them.]

Author: Al Jarreau Quotes

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"Angels are warriors of God. Im a soldier."

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"Im not ready to retire, and I think I have some of the best music of my life coming up."

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"Liver spots are mature freckles.."

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"Your words seduced me,captured and imprisoned me in a world of wonders. Enthralled, I lie at your feet,slayed and yearning for more of your magic."

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"Yeah they talk about herShe smiles like shes so toughShe says "hey can you talk a little louder, I dont think my heart is broken enough"

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"Beautiful, seamless upgrade from Twitter today, making functionality smoother and cooler. We didnt have to lobby, didnt have to beg, didnt have to elect a new leader, didnt have to push or protest. Progress is built in to the structure of the mechanism itself: this company exists to please you and me. This is a far better system than any political system on earth."

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"Id heard about Texas football and how much of a religion it is, but to go to Odessa and experience it first-hand is something different than just hearing about it."

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"Thats what games are, in the end. Teachers. Fun is just another word for learning."

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"Though we longed not to be lonely, we also feared the pain it would take us to be brought out of our lonely states. And after that fear, could we be guaranteed that we would never be returned to a state of loneliness again? We could not."

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"For us of course the shared activity and therefore the companionship on which Friendship supervenes will not often be a bodily one like hunting or fighting. It may be a common religion, common studies, a common profession, even a common recreation. All who share it will be our companions; but one or two or three who share something more will be our Friends. In this kind of love, as Emerson said, Do you love me? means Do you see the same truth? - Or at least, "Do you care about the same truth?" The man who agrees with us that some question, little regarded by others, is of great importance can be our Friend. He need not agree with us about the answer." - Author: C.S. Lewis

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"When thou are not pleased, beloved,Then my heart is sad and darkened,As the shining river darkensWhen the clouds drop shadows on it!When thou smilest, my beloved,Then my troubled heart is brightened,As in sunshine gleam the ripplesThat the cold wind makes in rivers." - Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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"But Roberto already knew what the Jesuits real objection would be. Like that of the abbe on that evening of the duel when Saint-Savin provoked him: If there are infinite worlds, the Redemption can no longer have any meaning, and we are obliged either to imagine infinite Calvaries or to look on our terrestrial flowerbed as a priveleged spot of the Cosmos, on which God permitted His Son to descend and free us from sin, while the other worlds were not granted this grace--to the discredit of His infinite goodness." - Author: Umberto Eco