[They Parked In A Pay-bay On George Square And Walked Through The Gardens, Emerging In Front Of The University Library. Most Of The Buildings Here Had Gone Up In The 1960s, And Rebus Hated Them: Blocks Of Sand-colored Concrete Replacing The Square's Original Eighteenth-century Town Houses. Rows Of Treacherous Steps, And A Notorious Wind-tunnel Effect Which Could Blow Over The Unwary On The Wrong Day. Students Walked Between The Buildings, Hugging Books And Folders In Front Of Them. Some Stood And Chatted In Groups."Bloody Students," Was Wylie's Concise Summing-up Of The Situation.]

Author: Ian Rankin Quotes

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"When you exclude anything that is improbable, whatever is left, is not as hilarious."

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"The chief role of the universities is to prolong adolescence into middle age, at which point early retirement ensures that we lack the means or the will to enforce significant change."

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"Is there some risk every day we walk out our front door? Every time we get in our car? Yeah. Are we materially less safe now than we were 10 years ago? Whatever delta there is, its very small."

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"As the barmans hand rose from beneath the bar, Cabal was filled with a presentiment and a strange foreboding that he hadnt felt since the last time hed watched the nightmare corpse city of Rlyeh rise, effulgent with the ineffable and fetid with fish, rise from the depths of the Pacific."

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"The person you love is 72.8% water, and it hasnt rained for weeks."

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"Quid quo pro - you cant get something from nothing ."

Randolph Randy Camp Quotes

"I dont care anymore! I tried so hard! Its like the more I keep tryin to be here the more people keep treating me like I dont belong here!"

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"I believe in roses. And I believe in putting roses into a vase and sitting the vase on the table. I believe in getting lost and being found, I believe in going barefoot, and in laughter! My religion is to laugh at myself, whenever I can! I believe in the sunlight and in grey skies with big, beautiful clouds!"

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"Every time you think television has hit its lowest ebb, a new program comes along to make you wonder where you thought the ebb was."

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"The end of the rope stops in the palm of God." - Author: Dillon Burroughs

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"The idea of building grit and building self-control is that you get that through failure," Randolph told me. "And in most highly academic environments in the United States, no one fails anything." - Author: Paul Tough