[They Say That It Were Great Reproof To The King To Take Again What He Has Given, So That They Will Not Suffer Him To Have His Own Good, Nor Land, Nor Forfeiture, Nor Any Other Good But They Ask It From Him, Or Else They Take Bribes Of Others To Get It For Him.]

Author: Jack Cade Quotes

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JD Salinger Quotes

"You know Sven? The man who takes care of the gym? he asked. He waited till he got a nod from Nicholson. Well, if Sven dreamed tonight that his dog died, hed have a very, very bad nights sleep, because hes very fond of that dog. But when he woke up in the morning, everything would be all right. Hed know it was only a dream.Nicholson nodded. Whats the point exactly?The point is if his dog really died, it would be exactly the same thing. Only he wouldnt know it. I mean he wouldnt wake up till he died himself."

Matt Smith Quotes

"I am a terrible sleeper."

HG Mewis Quotes

"Money doesnt bring you happiness, it brings you the freedom to find it."

Paul Taylor Quotes

"Most dancers I know, especially the talented and successful ones, seem to possess [my dogs] knack for living moment to moment. You see, their idea of time is related to those infinitely short moments when they are onstage being their superselves."

Adam Zagajewski Quotes

"I drink from a small spring, / my thirst excedes the ocean."

Mark Warkentin Quotes

"Theres a cardinal rule that you dont talk about sharks. If you dont see it, its not there."

Frank Murphy Quotes

"Freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion all have a double aspect - freedom of thought and freedom of action."

Denis Johnson Quotes

"Animals had returned to what was left of the forest...clusters of orange butterflies exploded off the blackish purple piles of bear sign and winked and fluttered magically like leaves without trees. More bears than people traveled the muddy road, leaving tracks straight up and down the middle of it..."

Milagros Arce Quotes

"Keep Holding on theres no other way to comes to the truth."

Edward Levi Quotes

"As an instrument for practical action, law is responsive to the wisdom of its time, which may be wrong, but it carries forward, sometimes in opposition to this wisdom or passion, a memory of received values."

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Quotes About Bandaids

"The city was dark except for the building lights that seemed to appear like sores - like bandaids had been ripped off to expose the citys skin." - Author: Markus Zusak

Quotes About Tis The Season

"Early June, Providence, Rhode Island, the sun up for almost two hours already, lighting up the pale bay and the smokestacks of the Narragansett Electric factory, rising like the sun on the Brown University seal emblazoned on all the pennants and banners draped up over campus, a sun with a sagacious face, representing knowledge. But this sun--the one over Providence--was doing the metaphorical sun one better, because the founders of the university, in their Baptist pessimism, had chosen to depict the light of knowledge enshrouded by clouds, indicating that ignorance had not yet been dispelled from the human realm, whereas the actual sun was just now fighting its way through cloud cover, sending down splintered beams of light and giving hope to the squadrons of parents, whod been soaked and frozen all weekend, that the unseasonable weather might not ruin the days activities." - Author: Jeffrey Eugenides

Quotes About Individual

"Bureaucracies tend to grow and to brag about their growth based on how many individuals they have and how much money they spend." - Author: Darrell Issa

Quotes About Slide

"Those who walk, run, or slide downhill eagerly would rather not think about the long, hard climb back up the hill again." - Author: Swami Kriyananda

Quotes About Being Touched By Love

"You, Travis Maddox, are kinda sexy when youre not being a whore," she said, a ridiculous, drunken grin twisting her mouth in different directions.Abby touched her palm to my cheek. "You know what, Mr. Maddox?""What, baby?"Her expression turned serious. "In another life, I could love you.""I might love you in this one." - Author: Jamie McGuire

Quotes About Pacino

"You know one scene I always think about is in The Godfather, when Marlon Brandos in the hospital. Al Pacino arrives there and enlists the help of the baker to protect his father. The two of them stand outside and the baker fiddles with a cigarette lighter, but Pacinos hands are rock steady. Thats when we sort of realize that he can do this." - Author: Garret Dillahunt

Quotes About Corn

"She was crouched in the corner of the room, eating something off the floor. It was the old woman dressed in endless black. When she looked up this time there was no question she was there for me. She had the face of my mother but much older, her ancient decayed mouth coming closer for her good-night kiss. I steeled myself against her putrid smell, the mouthful of bitter dust, but as her lips touched mine it was like biting into a purple black plum whose fruit was brilliant red, like an explosion of intense joy. Its childhood smell wrinkled my nose with pleasure, its sweet juices ran down my chin, turning into a beautiful black ocean where I floated safely, not lost as I had imagined, but securely tucked away deep in space." - Author: Mary Woronov

Quotes About Not Communicating

"But Ill add, that there is something at the bottom of every new human thought, every thought of genius, or even every earnest thought that springs up in any brain, which can never be communicated to others, even if one were to write volumes about it and were explaining ones idea for thirty-five years; theres something left which cannot be induced to emerge from your brain, and remains with you forever; and with it you will die, without communicating to anyone perhaps the most important of your ideas" - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Quotes About Elevator To Success

"Failure is a steppingstone to poverty, Cosmic Ordering is an elevator to success." - Author: Stephen Richards

Quotes About Your Prom Date

"When your mom noticed me watching a Buffy rerun on the little TV on the doorman desk one slow night on the job, she admitted that watching Buffy was her shared solace with you after your dad left. She told me how you cry and cry for Buffy. You cry when Angel shows up to be Buffys prom date even though theyd already recognized the futility of their true love and broken up. You cry when Buffys mom is taken away by natural instead of supernatural causes. You cry when seasons six and seven really dont reflect the quality of seasons one through five except for the musical episode." - Author: Rachel Cohn