[They Want To Be Stimulated. They Want To Read Something That Can Get Under Their Skin And Hang Out There For A While.]

Author: Alistair Cross Quotes

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Harlan Stone Quotes

"Democracy cannot survive without the guidance of a creative minority."

John Keegan Quotes

"Some people are more terrorist than others."

Ernest Bramah Quotes

"A reputation for a thousand years may depend upon the conduct of a single moment."

Christopher Abbott Quotes

"Doing a play, you have a little bit more time, obviously. You rehearse for a month before you get up in front of people. Its a totally different energy. With film, TV, you want to try to capture lightning-in-a-bottle moments. I dont try to rehearse as much with that stuff, because you want those sparks of something to come out, if they do."

Octavia E Butler Quotes

"Fantasy is totally wide open; all you really have to do is follow the rules youve set. But if youre writing about science, you have to first learn what youre writing about."

Francis Marion Crawford Quotes

"No one person can possibly combine all the elements supposed to make up what everyone means by friendship."

Ben Parr Quotes

"More and more, the things we do in real life will end up as Facebook posts. And while we may be consoled by the fact that most of this stuff is being posted just to our friends, it only takes one friend to share that information with his or her friends to start a viral chain."

Paul Sarbanes Quotes

"Americas Older Americans add great value to our Nation."

Mike Alsford Quotes

"To be heroic does not have to mean possessing the ability to stand against the evils of the world, either well or successfully, but just that one is willing to stand."

Mandy Wiener Quotes

"I realise Im behind on this but Rebekah Brooks was married to Ross Kemp of Gangs fame?! And she assaulted him? That explains so much."

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Quotes About Outdoor

"Maybe I had more wrinkles than I would if I hadnt spent so much of my life outdoors, but I didnt care. It was a privilege to grow old, and not everyone got to enjoy it. I was grateful for every minute I was given." - Author: Diane Chamberlain

Quotes About Settling For Less

"Some people are settling down, some people are settling and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies." - Author: Candace Bushnell

Quotes About Impugning

"What changes when a woman marries? What does a woman lose and what does she gain? For Abishag, marrying king David gave her instant status. As a wife, impugning Abishags character meant a swift death. As a wife, she inspired fear.What changes when a woman is widowed? For Abishag, it meant foreign women came to Jerusalem to marry Solomon--and she was relegated to that of a spectator. In Abishags widowhood, none feared her.pg 17" - Author: Michael Ben Zehabe

Quotes About William The Conqueror

"The approach to Earth of Halleys Comet in the year 66 is the probable explanation of the account by Josephus of a sword that hung over Jerusalem for a whole year. In 1066 the Normans witnessed another return of Halleys Comet. Since it must, they thought, presage the fall of some kingdom, the comet encouraged, in some sense precipitated, the invasion of England by William the Conqueror. The comet was duly noted in a newspaper of the time, the Bayeux Tapestry." - Author: Carl Sagan

Quotes About Positive Living

"Some dissociative parts of the personality, living in trauma time, may experience the same emotion no matter the situation, such as fear, rage, shame, sadness, yearning and even some positive ones just as joy.* Other parts have a broader range of feeling. Because emotions are often held in certain parts of the personality, different parts can have highly contradictory perceptions, emotions, and reactions to the same situation."*This explains many feelings, emotions, and doubts about the unknown haunting us at times.*Awareness and discovering the inner world may help, tremendously." - Author: Suzette Boon

Quotes About Jim Morrison

"The Doors were successful. It was Jim Morrison as the centre and the figure and the spokesman, the figurehead, but we were all into the same thing. Thats why we were a band." - Author: Ray Manzarek

Quotes About Life Just Beginning

"The grand scheme of a life, maybe (just maybe), is not about knowing or not knowing, choosing or not choosing. Perhaps what is truly known cant be described or articulated by creativity or logic, science or art — but perhaps it can be described by the most authentic and meaningful combination of the two: poetry: As Robert Frost wrote, a poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It is never a thought to begin with.I recommend the following course of action for those who are just beginning their careers or for those like me, who may be reconfiguring midway through: heed the words of Robert Frost. Start with a big, fat lump in your throat, start with a profound sense of wrong, a deep homesickness, or a crazy lovesickness, and run with it." - Author: Debbie Millman

Quotes About Dunya

"If you allow dunya to own your heart, like the ocean that owns the boat, it will take over. You will sink down to the depths of the sea. You will touch the ocean floor." - Author: Yasmin Mogahed

Quotes About Cheeky

"Hey, arent you that girl from the web?" the new one asked, bending to suck my earing between his teeth. I pulled my head away. "You got the wrong girl."Mr. Hawaii pulled back to take a better look at me. "No, I think you might be." To my total bewilderment, he spun me around. "Hey! What are you—?""Hey, it is you!" he yelled excitedly, drawing the attention of the crowd. "Hey, everyone, its Cheeky Galore!" - Author: Brandi Salazar

Quotes About Tonga

"Cobalah engkau beranjak dari kursi, pergilah ke cermin. Sejenak saja. Tataplah wajahmu, badanmu, pakaianmu, dan seluruh penampilanmu. Setidaknya engkau bisa menyadari satu hal saja: Bahwa potongan rambutmu yang seperti itu , jenis dan warna baju dan celanamu, juga seluruh benda yang menempel di badanmu-semuanya-adalah sesuatu yang engkau pilih sesuai dengan kesenanganmu." - Author: Emha Ainun Nadjib