[Things Have Changed A Great Deal Since The Days Of Mr. Mayer. The Studios No Longer Control, As They Did In Those Days, Artists Or Directors Or Producers, As The Case May Be.]

Author: Lew Wasserman Quotes

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Jennifer Lanthier Quotes

"He reads every book in his home but it is not enough. The country boy craves stories. He devours every poem and fable in his school and library. Still he hungers. For stories."

Dolores Del Rio Quotes

"Take care of your inner, spiritual beauty. That will reflect in your face."

Margaret Truman Quotes

"Its only when you grow up, and step back from him, or leave him for your own career and your own home - its only then that you can measure his greatness and fully appreciate it. Pride reinforces love."

Nadia Bjorlin Quotes

"Most actors dont grow up with sweet, vanilla parents."

Josh McDowell Quotes

"Why dont the names of Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius offend people? The reason is that these others didnt claim to be God, but Jesus did."

Mary Kinzie Quotes

"Everywhere the poems open."

Diana Pharaoh Francis Quotes

"Pain and guilt tore through him. His soul was bleeding to death. He stood there, waiting to die. How could he not? But such wounds were not fatal."

Robert M Parker Jr Quotes

"Ive always followed the rule that anything worth doing is worth doing excessively."

Po Bronson Quotes

"But Id rather help than watch. Id rather have a heart than a mind. Id rather expose too much than too little. Id rather say hello to strangers than be afraid of them. I would rather know all this about myself than have more money than I need. Id rather have something to love than a way to impress you."

Marilena Mexi Quotes

"In your life, right here and now, things like mermaids, fairies, witches and monsters are nothing but fairytales told to your grandchildren and stories you heard from your own grandparents as children. They exist only in your imagination. Did you ever think that there is a chance all this was once real, that it all existed? Perhaps yes, but you would then consider such thoughts irrational, that even if you were to believe it and try telling someone they would think you for mad. In my world those creatures are real – Im real, and I am here to tell you of a story that happened in eons past in the majestic island of Aster." - Queen of Merfolk Asteria - Ninemia"

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"Getting to play superheros is a pretty good job." - Author: Shawn Ashmore

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"Theres this fancy restaurant nearby with a nice view of the water. The Alchemist and Barrister, they call it. Ive always thought the place looked nice. Since I dont eat regular food or go on dates, Iv never been there. Id like to make an exception and take you there on Saturday night. That is, if youd like." - Author: Christopher Rankin

Quotes About Cardiac Arrest

"At a cardiac arrest, the first procedure is to take your own pulse" - Author: Samuel Shem

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"I told her tea bags were just a convenience for people with busy lives and she said no one is so busy they cant take time to make a decent cup of tea and if you are that busy you dont deserve a decent cup of tea for what is it all about anyway? Are we put into this world to be busy or to chat over a nice cup of tea?" - Author: Frank McCourt

Quotes About Petunia Flowers

"She opened her sketchbook, carefully tore out several pages and handed them to Nasser--three detailed color sketches of three flowers. Leafing through the pages, he translated the message. A petunia: Your presence soothes me. A peppermint flower: warmth of feeling. And heartsease, the flower hed given her so many times before.You occupy my thoughts."Ive been doing a lot of reading," Lee said quietly, setting her sketchbook aside. "Youre not the only one who knows what flowers mean." - Author: Kaye Thornbrugh

Quotes About Life Canvas

"Of Dragon born, a conqueror prevails. The chosen one fated to protect the dying race. Third of three deemed protector to the progeny. The other marked for revenge. The book of life pages turn yet unwritten. The canvas to your mortal soul. The connection to your immortal enemy. A death will come to He that breaks the barrier." Mr. Creepy/Sooth" - Author: Candace Knoebel

Quotes About Crying Child

"They died crying in their minds like little babies. They forgot the thing they were fighting for the thing they were dying for. They thought about things a man can understand. They died yearning for the face of a friend. They died whimpering for the voice of a mother a father a wife a child. They died with their hearts sick for one more look at the place where they were born please god just one more look. They died moaning and sighing for life. They knew what was important. They knew that life was everything and they died with screams and sobs. They died with only one thought in their minds and that was I want to live I want to live I want to live." - Author: Dalton Trumbo

Quotes About Thames

"I know you adore Father, but he isnt the white knight you imagine him to be. He never was. True, hes charming and loving in his way. But hes selfish. Hes a limited man determined to bring about his own end-""But-"Tom grabs both my hands in his and gives them a small squeeze. "Gemma, you cant save him. Why cant you accept that?"I see my reflection on the surface of the Thames. My face is a watery outline, all blurred edges with nothing settled. "Because if I let go of that" - I swallow hard, once, twice - "then I have to accept that I am alone."The ships horn howls again as it slips out toward sea. Toms reflection appears beside mine, just as uncertain."Were every one of us alone in this world, Gemma." He doesnt say it bitterly. "But you have company, if you want." - Author: Libba Bray

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"Without yoga, my breast cancer experience would have been much more difficult. The trust, courage and strength one develops through the practice of yoga will set anyone up to face lifes most challenging experiences. Ive heard folks say «Oh, I dont do yoga.» Give yoga a chance, and you will find that its so much more than pretzel poses. Yoga is about finding your own balance in our crazy, tempestuous times. Its about standing tall with confidence even when the winds of your world are swirling around you." - Author: Kathryn E. Livingston

Quotes About Berlin Wall

"ME LIKE THE MAGNETMen I like, I repelLike a magnet doSo if Im nastyThen you knowI probably fancy you."Its defence," the shrinks would say."Its protects against a fall."Its impenetrable this fence of mineIts like the Berlin Wall." - Author: Rae Earl