[Thinking Must Never Submit Itself, Neither To A Dogma, Nor To A Party, Nor To A Passion, Nor To An Interest, Nor To A Preconceived Idea, Nor To Whatever It May Be, If Not To Facts Themselves, Because, For It, To Submit Would Be To Cease To Be.]

Author: Jules Henri Poincaré Quotes

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Spalding Gray Quotes

"I say that I cant make anything up. I think of myself as a collage artist. Im cutting and pasting memories of my life. And I say, I have to live a life in order to tell a life. I would prefer to tell it because telling youre always in control, youre like God."

Donna Edwards Quotes

"No day is alike, nor should it be."

Sherry Turkle Quotes

"As infants, we see the world in parts. There is the good—the things that feed and nourish us. There is the bad—the things that frustrate or deny us. As children mature, they come to see the world in more complex ways, realizing, for example, that beyond black and white, there are shades of gray. The same mother who feeds us may sometimes have no milk. Over time, we transform a collection of parts into a comprehension of wholes.4 With this integration, we learn to tolerate disappointment and ambiguity. And we learn that to sustain realistic relationships, one must accept others in their complexity. When we imagine a robot as a true companion, there is no need to do any of this work."

Katherine Kitty Howard Quotes

"I die a Queen, but I would rather die the wife of Culpepper"

Bert Williams Quotes

"I named all my children after flowers. Theres Lillie and Rose and my son, Artificial."

Billy Sheehan Quotes

"Very often I suspend my musical sensibilities to enjoy music as a fan."

Mirza Tahir Ahmad Quotes

"No religion with a universal message . . . under one flag can even momentarily entertain the idea of employing force to spread its message. Swords can win territories, but not hearts. Force can bend heads, but not minds."

Shay Olivarria Quotes

"Every decision you make takes you one step closer to being wealthy ... or one step further away."

James Geary Quotes

"I believe aphorisms are best when first read in the wild, free from the confines of any categories."

Sapardi Djoko Damono Quotes

"Waktu berjalan ke Barat di waktu pagi hari matahari mengikutiku di belakang.Aku berjalan mengikuti bayang-bayangku sendiri yang memanjang di depan.Aku dan matahari tidak bertengkar tentang siapa di antara kami yang telah menciptakan bayang-bayang,aku dan bayang-bayang tidak bertengkar tentang siapa di antara kami yang harus berjalan di depan."

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Quotes About Self Validation

"Whats crucial is whether your writing attains the standards youve set for yourself. (...) Basically a writer has a quiet, inner motivation, and doesnt seek validation in the outwardly visible." - Author: Haruki Murakami

Quotes About Paste

"The flower inside the fruit that is both its parent and its child. Decadent as ancestors. The portal and that which passes. Nuclear devices activated, and the machine keeps pushing time through the cogs, like paste into strings into paste again, and only the machine keeps using time to make time to make time. And when the machine stops, time was an illusion that we created free will." - Author: Ronald D. Moore

Quotes About Histoire

"Lorientaliste regarde lOrient de haut, avec lintention de saisir dans sa totalité le panorama qui sétale sous ses yeux : culture, religion, esprit, histoire, société. Pour cela, il doit voir chaque détail à travers le dispositif dun ensemble de catégories réductrices (les Sémites, lesprit musulman, lOrient, etc.). Puisque ces catégories sont avant tout schématiques et visent lefficacité, et puisque quaucun Oriental ne peut se connaître lui-même comme le connaît un orientaliste, toute vision de lOrient en vient à reposer, en fin de compte, pour sa cohérence, et sa force, sur la personne, linstitution ou le discours dont elle est la propriété. Toute vision globale est fondamentalement conservatrice, et nous avons noté de quelle manière, dans lhistoire des idées de lOccident sur le Proche-Orient, ces idées se sont maintenues sans tenir compte des témoignages qui les contredisaient." - Author: Edward W. Said

Quotes About Funny Drums

"Are they supposed to cry so much and giggle every second when theyre not crying? They never quit finding something so funny that I thought itd break my eardrums a few times." - Author: Mary Connealy

Quotes About Breaking Down Barriers

"For lack of a better word, acting is therapeutic. You really are breaking down barriers, exorcising demons and finding more out about yourself." - Author: Charlie Bewley

Quotes About Rudi

"And indeed it was, the arrow still protruding from its wet, grayish skin, humping its body along with incredible speed. A flick of its tail caught the edge of a statue, sending it flying into the dry ornamental pool, where it shattered into dust."By the Angel, it just crushed Sophocles," noted Will. "Has no one respect for the classics these days?" - Author: Cassandra Clare

Quotes About Bisu

"Animalul nu cunoaste moartea decit in momentul ultimei expiratii, pe cind omul se apropie de momentul fatal constient fiind de pasii care-l apropie neincetat de abisul insondabil." - Author: Arthur Schopenhauer

Quotes About Maternity Leave

"Sure, equal pay, maternity leaves, and pro sports are important. But a girl cant make a free throw from the foul line if her heads not in the game." - Author: Emma McLaughlin

Quotes About Judging Others Religion

"Helping others without any expectation and without gain is just as much a gift to yourself as it is to the person you give to." - Author: Kat Von D

Quotes About Perk

"Leadership, Alpha, comes at a cost. You see, we expect that when danger threatens us from the outside, that the person who is actually stronger, the person who is better fed, and the person who is teaming with serotonin and actually has higher confidence than the rest of us; we expect them to run towards the danger to protect us. This is what it means to be a leader. The cost of leadership is self interest. If youre not willing to give up your perks when it matters, then you probably shouldnt get promoted. You might be an authority but you will not be a leader. Leadership comes at a cost. You dont get to do less work when you get more senior, you have to do more work. And the more work you have to do is put yourself at risk to look after others. That is the anthropological definition of what a leader IS.Why Leaders Eat Last: http://vimeo.com/79899786" - Author: Simon Sinek