[Thinking Must Never Submit Itself, Neither To A Dogma, Nor To A Party, Nor To A Passion, Nor To An Interest, Nor To A Preconceived Idea, Nor To Whatever It May Be, If Not To Facts Themselves, Because, For It, To Submit Would Be To Cease To Be.]

Author: Jules Henri Poincaré Quotes

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"Once a champion, always a champion."

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"Blood! Blast! And Fire"

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"Life is unjust and this is what makes it so beautiful. Every day is a gift. Be brave and take hold of it."

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"aku hanyalah kamus,bahagia desayang tiada putus."

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"Ive always avoided expressing an opinion about where I think the republican movement should go - if it should go anywhere at all."

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"You know, I think Chris Nolan is an incredibly intelligent filmmaker, and I think Leonardo DiCaprio is an incredibly talented actor."

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"If you are the type who truly longs to be a Southern Belle at all times, regardless of taking twice the space available in bus, subway or elsewhere, you had best remove yourself to a large estate replete with servants."

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"I think its a lot easier to put together a reality show than to actually create a scripted show."

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"Because the perfect moment can never be improved, and should be remembered, cherished, just the way it was. Like every moment I spend in your arms."

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"Like I said before, Rudy says, its all about differences. Something about humans really doesnt like them, when they are the very thing we should embrace. If someones different from you and it scares you or makes you mad, thats God telling you to take a closer look. If youre scared or mad, thats about you, not about the person who scares or angers you."

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"One of the ugly secrets of the renewable-energy industry is that its products make no economic sense unless they are highly subsidized." - Author: Nathan Myhrvold

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"...space flight still had a long way to go to catch up with the safety record of the milkshake industry." - Author: Kevin Fong

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"When leaders acquire the skills that enable them to release the productive potential and tap the collective capabilities of the group, who knows what positive results will be achieved? Some of them may move mountains." - Author: Dr. Thomas Gordon

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"Mrs Kerslake:" but if there is no chance of being offered a place at Oxford, surely-?"Simon Kerslake: "Thats not what i said Mother, I shall be an undergraduate at Oxford by the first day of term" - Author: Mark Twain

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"Waiting to be discovered, hoping to be seen, wishing someone else would do the work, wanting to make it big while dreaming of being rich and famous just like your heroes is submissive, passive, foolish, weak, and ineffective. Take your desire for your dreams, your goals, and your ambition, then make them fuel for the fire to light your ass up, to get to work and on the path to make it happen.���������������������������������������������������������������������� ��� ����� ���� ���� ���� ��� ������ ����� ���� ���� ���� ��� ����� ��� ���� ����� ��� ����� ��� �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������" - Author: Loren Weisman

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"And always, everywhere, there would be the yelling or quietly authoritative hypnotists; and in the train of the ruling suggestion givers, always everywhere, the tribes of buffoons and hucksters, the professional liars, the purveyors of entertaining irrelevances. Conditioned from the cradle, unceasingly distracted, mesmerized systematically, their uniformed victims would go on obediently marching and countermarching, go on, always and everywhere, killing and dying with the perfect docility of trained poodles. And yet in spite of the entirely justified refusal to take yes for an answer, the fact remained and would remain always, remain everywhere — the fact that there was this capacity even in a paranoiac for intelligence, even in a devil worshipper for love; the fact that the ground of all being could be totally manifest in a flowering shrub, a human face; the fact that there was a light and that this light was also compassion" - Author: Aldous Huxley

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"The best servants of the people, like the best valets, must whisper unpleasant truths in the masters ear. It is the court fool, not the foolish courtier, whom the king can least afford to lose." - Author: Walter Lippmann

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"The righteous will possess the earth, and they will live forever on it." PSALM 37:29. ~Stop being envious no one can make it without the true help of a honest individual or someone who believes in your future. Stop hating people for success this will make your bones rotten. DONT burn the only bride you left standing. Your image does not pay bills stop being concerned about how your social media page looks. & build a foundation on the heels of your strength. Stop feeling sorry for yourselves the world is to cold for anyone to be in weakness. #God1st #FAMILYCLOSE #Author #Writer #MusicArtist" - Author: Ray Rage Patino

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"I dont get involved with people because quite frankly most people arent worth getting involved with. I dont need somebody to complete me, be the other half of me or any of that freaky shit." - Author: L.P. Lovell