[This Couldn't Be Just A Lake. No Real Water Was Ever Blue Like That. A Light Breeze Stirred The Pin-cherry Tree Beside The Window, Ruffled The Feathers Of A Fat Sea Gull Promenading On The Pink Rocks Below. The Breeze Was Full Of Evergreen Spice.]

Author: Dorothy Maywood Bird Quotes

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"The oldest pitcher acquires confidence in his ballclub - he doesnt try to do it all himself."

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"What I do not accept is the fact that so many peoples talents were ripped off."

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"Ive known what it is to be hungry, but I always went right to a restaurant."

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"My dad is shagging your aunt, probably right now. That makes us almost family."

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"Consumerism and environmentalism are mutually exlusive."

Dale Breckenridge Carnegie Quotes

"It never hurts a fool to appear before anaudience, for his capacity is not a capacity for feeling."

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"Whether we "spiritualize" our life or "secularize" our religion, whether we invite men to a spiritual banquet or simply join them at the secular one, the real life of the world, for which we are told God gave his only begotten Son, remains hopelessly beyond our religious grasp."

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"Emmy has embarked on her journey to enrich the world with smiles. They are free, healthy, and often, very contagious."

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"A brother with small earnings may ask,Should I also give? My earning are already so small that my family can barely make ends meet. My reply is, Have you ever considered that the very reason your earnings remain so small may be because you spend everything on yourself? If God gave you more, you would only use it to increase your own comfort instead of looking to see who is sick or who has no work at all that you might help them."

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"My advice for young Latinas interested in pursuing a career in Hollywood is to make sure you love to perform and make sure you get the training you need."

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"His gaze ran over her body again, resting on the deepest of the fracture lines in her shields. Come here.Purple feathers fanned around Rianas sides. Sudden tears moistened her eyes at the unexpectedness of what Sier was offering. She sank against him, and his arms folded around her back. Her weight supported, Riana let herself float on the night and tucked her face into his neck. Siers power closed around her in a violet wave, running into her halo, slipping though her opened shields." - Author: Joanna Fay

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"Success is blocked by concentrating on it and planning for it... Success is shy - it wont come out while youre watching." - Author: Tennessee Williams

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"I can forgive, but I cannot forget, is only another way of saying, I will not forgive. Forgiveness ought to be like a cancelled note - torn in two, and burned up, so that it never can be shown against one." - Author: Henry Ward Beecher

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"Ad they entered Berlin, while still killing off the last of its German defenders, The Russians indulged in an orgy of rape and rage beyond the bounds of human Imagination. Over the course of ten days, about 130,000 women were raped---" - Author: Andrei Cherny

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"All I want for my birthday is a date with my muse Christina Aguilera Is that too much for a guy to ask for?" - Author: Ocean Crisstopher Poet

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"Saudi Arabia operates according to the belief that God made young men and women so utterly and completely without self-control that they must be physically segregated every moment of the day and night." - Author: James Buchan

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"But Pavlov purely for a good purpose. Pavlov for friendliness and trust and compassion. Whereas you prefer to use Pavlov for brainwashing, Pavlov for selling cigarettes and vodka and patriotism. Pavlov for the benefit of dictators, generals and tycoons." - Author: Aldous Huxley

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"As far as acting in films, there is not much out there that is very interesting to do. The ones that are interesting to me are independent films and they have trouble raising money. With people putting their money into blockbusters, there is not much left for the independents." - Author: Karen Allen

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"If God on the Cross is God shamming a human tragedy, it turns the Passion of Christ into the Farce of Christ. The death of the Son must be real. Father Martin assured me it was. But once a dead God, always a dead God, even resurrected. The Son must have the taste for death forever in His mouth. The Trinity must be tainted by it; there must be a certain stench at the right hand of God the Father. The horror must be real. Why would God wish that upon Himself? Why not leave death to the mortals? Why make dirty what is beautiful, spoil what is perfect? Love. That was Father Martins answer." - Author: Yann Martel

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"We must acknowledge that all we have are, at times very differing, interpretations of what Jesus was all about-and these interpretations, as they are collected in the New Testament, have been written in particular situations by men, none of whom questioned the existing patriarchal structure of their societies or of their communities. While some Christ-believing women did challenge certain male-dominated aspects of their church gatherings (see 1 Cor 14:33b-36) it is quite unlikely that they questioned the patriarchal structure of their society, community, and church on a fundamental level. ~ Werner Kahl in Reading Other-Wise, p. 151" - Author: Gerald O. West