[This Couldn't Be Just A Lake. No Real Water Was Ever Blue Like That. A Light Breeze Stirred The Pin-cherry Tree Beside The Window, Ruffled The Feathers Of A Fat Sea Gull Promenading On The Pink Rocks Below. The Breeze Was Full Of Evergreen Spice.]

Author: Dorothy Maywood Bird Quotes

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"Bil ki Cafer, ben geleceği görüyorum diyen, her zulmü kendisine hak görecektir.!"

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"I love what I do. When a month goes by and Im not working, Im miserable."

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"I dont feel drawn to lightness, I need something more. I feel that - oh, I hate saying this, it sounds so wanky - but I feel a real urge to give voices to people we dont usually hear from in real life."

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"There is no time to plan, there is no space to think. No respite. No forgiveness. There is only war."

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"Everyone knows of great projects that were too dependent on a charismatic individual, or simply too expensive to be replicated."

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"Im not paranoid, just prepared. There is a distinct difference and a higher survival rate for the latter." Rainey Bell, from "Molly: House on Fire"

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"The fields...are white already to harvest" (John 4:35 KJV), or as other versions put it, "ripe for harvest."...One part of the harvest metaphor we may have missed was the importance of timing-there is a season for both sowing and reaping, and sometimes there is a season of simply waiting and watering."

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"Where have Ibeen while this person is leading my lifewith her patience, will and order? In the garden;on the bee and under the bee; in thecrown gathering cumulus andflensing it from the boughs"

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"The dimples spread across his face again and Megan couldnt help but melt a little"

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