[This Has Ever Been The Fate Of Energy In Security; It Takes To Art And To Eroticism, And Then Comes Languor And Decay.]

Author: H.G. Wells Quotes

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Edith Rogers Quotes

"But do not understand me as saying, or for one moment suggesting, that women legislators should confine themselves to doing only social service work. Not at all."

Rider Strong Quotes

"I spent four days and four nights just covered in blood, falling in the water."

Martin Yan Quotes

"I enjoy the quiet life."

John Steakley Quotes

"Can no one imagine an incompetent Legend?"

Mutanat EnemyJoss Whedon Quotes

"Dont give me songs, give me something to sing about!"

Joanna Brooks Quotes

"You see that? That big messy spiral of people, moving, trying to find God? I ask them, as the exodus unfolds once again on screen.That right there is Zion. Get there however you can."

Gokhan ILHAN Quotes

"True love is a feeling which conquers your soul by your soul-mate who is under the cover of a human body which might has beauty or ugliness which might also controlled by a unbalanced brain, no matter how that brain, beauty, or heart hurt you, you will never stop your brain thinking about that soul which is your soul-mate who also conquered your soul!"

Sonya Lano Quotes

"He still kept smiling. And his moustache was definitely plotting something."

Jessy Schram Quotes

"When youre on a submarine youre usually underwater for months at a time, and you dont get to Skype or make phone calls. When you get messages, theyre maybe two sentences. Theyre very short."

Rip Torn Quotes

"Let the other guys do the crybaby stuff. Go for the laughs."

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Quotes About Kurdish

"A whole new life at fifty, all because I had become entranced with both the Turkish culture and with Kazim—who one friend called a careening festival of a human being and another called an alcoholic Kurdish carpet salesman. I called him a catalyst." - Author: Irfan Orga

Quotes About Vagina

"I loved Jerry, and I wanted to have his baby." She laughed. "This was before women started looking at their vaginas in hand mirrors and Gloria Steinem told us we could be more than just mothers." - Author: Michael Thomas Ford

Quotes About Armas

"as jolaha ka maram na jana, jinh jag ani pasarinhh tana;dharti akas dou gad khandaya, chand surya dou nari banaya;sahastra tar le purani puri, ajahu bine kathin hai duri;kahai kabir karm se jori, sut kusut bine bhal kori;No one could understand the secret of this weaver who, coming into existence, spread the warp as the world; He fixed the earth and the sky as the pillars, and he used the sun and the moon as two shuttles; He took thousands of stars and perfected the cloth; but even today he weaves, and the end is difficult to fathom.Kabir says that the weaver, getting good or bad yarn and connecting karmas with it, weaves beautifully." - Author: Kabir

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"Penryn: "Oh, I wonder if I can find a pink sheath for Pooky Bear. Maybe with little rhinestones?" - Author: Susan Ee

Quotes About Fishing Nets

"On breezy days when the wind was not too light and not too strong, Will and Pamela and the children flew their homemade kites in Peaceful Park until they were specks in the blue sky. When the wind was just right, the kites felt so strong and safe up there that Honor imagined nothing could budge them.Ho bum," boasted Will, I could stand here all day and this kite would hold. Its like fishing.Fishing in reverse, said Pamela. Sky fishing.What do you fish for in the air? asked Honor.Pamela and Will started laughing. Oh, planets, said Will. The occasional comet. An asteroid or two.Honor held one kite string, and Will held the other. Pamela held Quintilian. On those afternoons, four did not seem like the wrong number for a family. Four seemed just right." - Author: Allegra Goodman

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"Ten bucks says the virgin dies before the slut," I said, taking a sip of my soda."Youre on. Oh, hey, dont go in the shower, for Gods sake," Nick advised the scantily dressed college student on the screen as she tiptoed into the bathroom. He stuffed a fistful of popcorn into his mouth. "Well, okay, there you go," he added as she was slashed to death by Freddys fingernails. "Cant say I didnt warn you. Your poor parents." - Author: Kristan Higgins

Quotes About Your Role Model

"We wish we could have been there for you. We didnt have many role models of our own--we latched on to the foolish love of Oscar Wilde and the well-versed longing of Walt Whitman because nobody else was there to show us an untortured path. We were going to be your role models. We were going to give you art and music and confidence and shelter and a much better world. Those who survived lived to do this. But we havent been there for you. Weve been here. Watching as you become the role models." - Author: David Levithan

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"When you cant draw chameleons and you cant draw blenders, its a bad idea to write strips where chameleons become blenders." - Author: Stephan Pastis

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"Mom!" Becca stared at her. "You think—you think Im dating Michael?"Her mom stared back at her, obviously thrown. "Youre not?"This would be hilarious if her mom didnt look so serious."Oh my god," cried Becca. "Are you kidding? Michael is the last person I would ever—oh my god. I wouldnt go out with him if someone paid me. Ugh, thats just—""You know I can hear you, right?" called Michael." - Author: Brigid Kemmerer

Quotes About Oppression Of The Poor

"I SIT and look out upon all the sorrows of the world, and upon all oppression and shame; I hear secret convulsive sobs from young men, at anguish with themselves, remorseful after deeds done; I see, in low life, the mother misused by her children, dying, neglected, gaunt, desperate; I see the wife misused by her husband—I see the treacherous seducer of young women; I mark the ranklings of jealousy and unrequited love, attempted to be hid—I see these sights on the earth; 5I see the workings of battle, pestilence, tyranny—I see martyrs and prisoners; I observe a famine at sea—I observe the sailors casting lots who shall be killd, to preserve the lives of the rest; I observe the slights and degradations cast by arrogant persons upon laborers, the poor, and upon negroes, and the like; All these—All the meanness and agony without end, I sitting, look out upon, See, hear, and am silent." - Author: Walt Whitman