[This Is My Present, You Know. My Present From Mother.]

Author: Gypsy Rose Lee Quotes

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Rodney Richards Quotes

"Episodes is about discovery of ones psyche and true personality while being completely absorbed in ones one Mind and thoughts. A story of coping and finding an unsure contentment. Finding the Rational Soul in all of us."

Lamar Hunt Quotes

"I have no doubts that it will be a major sport-in the United States. Im probably not going to live to see that day because Americans are a little afraid of getting interested in something at which theyre not very good."

William Throsby Bridges Quotes

"Disenchantment, whether it is a minor disappointment or a major shock, is the signal that things are moving into transition in our lives."

Max McKeown Quotes

"Give serious thought to why your company should care about your strategy. Specifically, find problems that the board wants to be solved. What are senior managers scared of? Part of becoming a credible strategic thinker is learning effective approaches to selling ideas for your situation. Youll know that youre getting better at selling (or pitching) strategy when managers start coming to you when there is strategic thinking to be done."

Les Aspin Quotes

"Long-term, we must figure out a way that the Kurdish territory within Iraq operates with a certain amount of autonomy so that they feel comfortable and safe going back."

Absolutely Kate Quotes

""The cure for boredom is curiosity.There is no cure for curiosity." ~ Dorothy Parker"

Alyson Raynes Quotes

"Mm…hmm. I bet hes helping you. Right into his bed and youd be a fool not to test him out. Shit. From what youve told me, any woman would love to be in that mans bed. I bet hes got a nice cock and is a sweet lover too"

Susan King Quotes

"- Siempre pienso en la nieve como en uno de esos tiempos entre tiempos. En esas ocasiones hay algo mágico, según nos cuentan las leyendas. La niebla, el amanecer, el crepúsculo...Cuando el mundo no es ni una cosa ni la otra. Eso mismo me parecen a mi la nieve y el hielo, el mundo convertido en un espacio blanco, silencioso y muy bello, formado por cristales y nubes."

Jeane Westin Quotes

"Robert bowed to the inevitable. The queens motto, I see all and speak nothing." was as well chosen as any motto could be. He had almost made his old mistake of confusing what Elizabeth said with what she would do."

Wallace D Wattles Quotes

"You can serve God and man in no more effective way than by getting rich; that is, if you get rich by the creative method and not by the competitive one." – Wallace D. Wattles"

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Quotes About Fraud

"And they all lived happily ever after (barring death, divorce, arrest for tax fraud, that incident with the pool boy...)" - Author: Sarah Rees Brennan

Quotes About Passport

"My mother, stuck in Two Rivers with a head full of unfulfilled dreams, escaped every chance she got via the Two Rivers Free Library - her library card both a passport and necessary currency for her travels." - Author: T. Greenwood

Quotes About Dying To Self

"Grandmaster games are said to begin with novelty, which is the first move of the game that exits the book. It could be the fifth, it could be the thirty-fifth. We think about a chess game as beginning with move one and ending with checkmate. But this is not the case. The games begins when it gets out of book, and it end when it goes into book..And this is why Game 6 [between Garry Kasparov and Deep Blue] didnt count...Tripping and falling into a well on your way to the field of battle is not the same thing as dying in it...Deep Blue is only itself out of book; prior to that it is nothing. Just the ghosts of the game itself." - Author: Brian Christian

Quotes About Ozzie Smith

"You should have seen Willie Wells play shortstop: as good as Ozzie Smith and a better hitter. How I wish people could have seen Ray Dandridge play third base, as good as Brooks Robinson and Craig Nettles and all of those. He was bowlegged; a train might go through there, but not a baseball." - Author: Monte Irvin

Quotes About Kebodohan

"Dia, yang tidak pernah kamu mengerti. Dia, racun yang membunuhmu perlahan. Dia, yang kamu reka dan kamu cipta. Sebelah darimu menginginkan agar dia datang, membencimu hingga muak dia mendekati gila, menertawakan segala kebodohannya, kehilafan untuk sampai jatuh hati kepadamu, menyesalkan magis yang hadir naluriah setiap kalian berjumpa. Akan kamu kirimkan lagi tiket bioskop, bon restoran, semua tulisannya --dari mulai nota sebaris sampai doa berbait-bait. Dan beceklah pipi-nya karena geli, karena asap dan abu dari benda-benda yang dia hanguskan--bukti bahwa kalian pernah saling tergila-gila--beterbangan masuk ke matanya. Semoga dia pergi dan tak pernah menoleh lagi. Hidupmu, hidupnya, pasti akan lebih mudah." - Author: Dee

Quotes About Good Wines

"Like the Baron, Mathilde developed a formula for acting out life as a series of roles—that is, by saying to herself in the morning while brushing her blond hair, "Today I want to become this or that person," and then proceeding to be that person.One day she decided she would like to be an elegant representative of a well-known Parisian modiste and go to Peru. All she had to do was to act the role. So she dressed with care, presented herself with extraordinary assurance at the house of the modiste, was engaged to be her representative and given a boat ticket to Lima.Aboard ship, she behaved like a French missionary of elegance. Her innate talent for recognizing good wines, good perfumes, good dressmaking, marked her as a lady of refinement." - Author: Anaïs Nin

Quotes About Limited Government In The Constitution

"Where the republican or limited monarchial tradition is weak, the best of constitutions will not prevent ambitious politicians from succumbing with glee and gusto to the temptations cannot fail to arise. Overpopulation leads to economic insecurity and social unrest. Unrest and insecurity lead to more control by central governments and an increase of their power, In the absence of a constitutional tradition, the increased power will probably be exercised in a dictatorial fashion. Even if Communism had never been invented, this would be likely to happen.. But communism has been invented. Given this fact, the probability of overpopulation leading through unrest to dictatorship becomes a virtual certainity. It is a pretty safe bet that, twenty years from now, all the world´s overpopulated and underdeveloped countries will be under some form of totalitarian rule – probably by the Communist Party." - Author: Aldous Huxley

Quotes About Hilarious Friendship

"Your life does matter. It always matters whether you reach out in friendship or lash out in anger. It always matters whether you live with compassion and awareness or whether you succumb to distractions and trivia. It always matters how you treat other people, how you treat animals, and how you treat yourself. It always matters what you do. It always matters what you say. And it always matters what you eat." - Author: John Robbins

Quotes About Solzhenitsyn

"The Elm LogBy Alexander SolzhenitsynWe were sawing firewood when we picked up an elm log and gave a cry of amazement. It was a full year since we had chopped down the trunk, dragged it along behind a tractor and sawn it up into logs, which we had then thrown on to barges and wagons, rolled into stacks and piled up on the ground - and yet this elm log had still not given up! A fresh green shoot had sprouted from it with a promise of a thick, leafy branch, or even a whole new elm tree.We placed the log on the sawing-horse, as though on an executioners block, but we could not bring ourselves to bite into it with our saw. How could we? That log cherished life as dearly as we did; indeed, its urge to live was even stronger than ours." - Author: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Quotes About Retaliation

"Retaliation is not the answer. Youre going to have to deal with mean backstabbing girls your whole life, you need to learn to be smart enough to rise above, okay?Did you kick her ass? Good girl!" - Author: Richard Castle