[This Kiss Was Different From The First One Under The Olive Tree. That One Had Been Unplanned, She Was Pretty Sure. This Kiss Had Intention And Hunger Branded All Over It. It Was Like One Of Those Kisses You Read About In Fairy Tales—but Alana Had Never Imagined That Such A Kiss Could Cause Bone-trembling Shivers As Well As Bliss. She'd Never Considered The Downside Of The Awakening Kiss, Of How The Princess Felt When The Hero Tore Through The Thorns Or Scaled The Tower And Speared Heat And Sex And Life-changing Energy Into The Princess's World.]

Author: Pamela Aares Quotes

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"With the man the world is his heart, with the woman the heart is her world."

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"Not only during the ascent, but also during the descent my willpower is dulled. The longer I climb the less important the goalseems to me, the more indifferent I become to myself. My attentionhas diminished, my memory is weakened. My mental fatigue is nowgreater than the bodily. It is so pleasant to sit doing nothing - and therefore so dangerous. Death through exhaustion is like deaththrough freezing - a pleasant one."

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"Let the ravioli simmer for the time it takes to say two Lords Prayers."

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"The gaze of others is quite without indulgence for our defects and that of Mantegna is pitiless. I am grateful to him. Harshness, in the realm of the arts, is a virtue, and it is sometimes a good thing to see oneself as one is. My stupor, however, comes from the fact that people recognise me where I myself seem to see a stranger. This leads one to meditate more deeply on the matter. Are they dwelling on my superficial appearance rather than on what I really am? Who can say?"

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"Our works decay and disappear but God gentlest works stay looking down on the ruins we toil to rear."

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"God, I love a man who reads"

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"If I could, I would live forever in this moment. But no one can live in a moment, and time moves on."

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"youll learn more from falling than from being saved from falling"

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"I wish I was born in that era: dancing with Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, going to work at the studio dressed in beautiful pants, head scarves, and sunglasses."

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"Assume that every problem in your life is a lesson to make you stronger. Then you never feel like a victim."

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"God cloaks himself in invisibility and leaves the world to guess, hope, and kill over his identity and existence? This is love?" - Author: C.J. Anderson

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"The only part of evolution in which any considerable interest is felt is evolution applied to man. A hypothesis in regard to the rocks and plant life does not affect the philosophy upon which ones life is built. Evolution applied to fish, birds and beasts would not materially affect mans view of his own responsibilities except as the acceptance of an unsupported hypothesis as to these would be used to support a similar hypothesis as to man. The evolution that is harmful—distinctly so—is the evolution that destroys mans family tree as taught by the Bible and makes him a descendant of the lower forms of life. This ... is a very vital matter." - Author: William Jennings Bryan

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"LoveMy soul was a light-blue gown, sky-coloured;I left it on a cliff by the seaand naked I came to you, resembling a woman.And like a woman I sat at your tableand drank a toast with wine and breathed in the scent of several roses.You found me beautiful, resembling something youd seen dreaming,I forgot everything, I forgot my childhood and my homeland,I knew only that your caresses held me captive.And, smiling, you took up a mirror and bade me look.I saw that my shoulders were made of dust and crumbled away,I saw that my beauty was sick and had no desire other than to - disappear.Oh, hold me close in your arms, so tightly that I need nothing." - Author: Edith Södergran

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"He couldnt see her, sitting outside in the darkness, looking in at the light. A pair of actors trapped in a recondite play with no hint of plot or narrative. Stumbiling through their parts nursing someone elses sorrow. Grieving someone elses grief. Unable somehow to change plays. Or purchase, for a fee some cheap brand of exorcism from a conveyor with a fancy degree, who would sit them down and say in one of many ways: " Your not the sinners. Youre the sinned against. You were only children.You had no control. You are the victims, not the perpetrators." It would of helped if they could of made that crossing. If only they could have worn, even temporarily, the tragic hood of victim hood" - Author: Arundhati Roy