[This Was True Enough, Though It Did Not Throw Any Light Upon My Perplexity. If We Had Heard Of It To Start With, It Is Possible That All The Family Would Have Considered The Possession Of A Ghost A Distinct Advantage. It Is The Fashion Of The Times. We Never Think What A Risk It Is To Play With Young Imaginations, But Cry Out, In The Fashionable Jargon, 'A Ghost! - Nothing Else Was Wanted To Make It Perfect.' I Should Not Have Been Above This Myself. I Should Have Smiled, Of Course, At The Idea Of The Ghost At All, But Then To Feel That It Was Mine Would Have Pleased My Vanity. Oh, Yes, I Claim No Exemption. The Girls Would Have Been Delighted. I Could Fancy Their Eagerness, Their Interest, And Excitement. No; If We Had Been Told, It Would Have Done No Good - We Should Have Made The Bargain All The More Eagerly, The Fools That We Are. ("The Open Door")]

Author: Margaret Oliphant Quotes

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"Oh Pia, I feel GOOD! Fully recovered! he always says in a dazzling tone that tells everyone within a ten-kilometre radius that hes not."

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"…but because they felt the neighborhood was safer than the one around Columbia, the medical campus of which was so far north that it was practically an annex of the Bronx"

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"I guess every character has a little bit of the actor - I guess for every character you play, the actor has to allow a little bit of their own character to show through."

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"Un soir quils étaient couchés lun près de lautre, comme elle lui demandait dinventer un poème qui commencerait par je connais un beau pays, il sexécuta sur-le-champ. Je connais un beau pays Il est de lor et déglantine Tout le monde sy sourit Ah quelle aventure fine Les tigres y sont poltrons Les agneaux ont fière mine À tous les vieux vagabonds Ariane donne des tartines. Alors, elle lui baisa le la main, et il eut honte de cette admiration."

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"A way of using words to say things which could not possibly be said in any other way, things which in a sense do not exist till they are born … in poetry."

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"There is a very important connection between the Churchs worldview and the Churchs hymns. If your heart and mouth are filled with songs of victory, you will tend to have an eschatology of dominion; if, instead, your songs are fearful, expressing a longing for escape-or if they are weak, childish ditties-your worldview and expectations will be escapist and childish. Historically, the basic hymnbook for the Church has been the Book of Psalms. The largest book of the Bible is the Book of Psalms, and God providentially placed it right in the middle of the Bible, so that we couldnt miss it! Yet how many churches use the Psalms in musical worship? It is noteworthy that the Churchs abandonment of dominion eschatology coincided with the Churchs abandonment of the Psalms."

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"The Great War was a progressive revelation and disillusionment."

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"If I breathe, what will my heart think?If I vomit, what will my soul think?"

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"The producers probably wont like this, but I always describe her as Peppermint Patty on acid."

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"After all the damages that had been done, there would be a lot of things I want to be gone.Lifes not easy before, but I never thought it could get any harder or even more."

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"La distinction traditionnelle entre guerres "justes" et guerres "injustes" est désormais obsolète. La cruauté des moyens dépasse aujourdhui tout objectif imaginable. Aucune frontière nationale, aucune idéologie, aucun "mode de vie" ne peut justifier la disparition de millions de vies que la guerre moderne, nucléaire ou conventionnelle, entraîne inévitablement. Les prétextes classiques sont soit trop confus soit trop changeants pour que lon meure pour eux. Les systèmes changent, les politiques changent. Les distinctions entre le bien et le mal proclamées par les politiciens ne sont pas assez évidentes pour justifier que des générations dêtre humains meurent pour prouver leur caractère sacro-saint. Même une guerre de légitime défense, la plus moralement justifiable des guerres, perd tout caractère moral lorsquelle exige un sacrifice collectif si énorme quil frise le suicide." - Author: Howard Zinn