[This Was True Enough, Though It Did Not Throw Any Light Upon My Perplexity. If We Had Heard Of It To Start With, It Is Possible That All The Family Would Have Considered The Possession Of A Ghost A Distinct Advantage. It Is The Fashion Of The Times. We Never Think What A Risk It Is To Play With Young Imaginations, But Cry Out, In The Fashionable Jargon, 'A Ghost! - Nothing Else Was Wanted To Make It Perfect.' I Should Not Have Been Above This Myself. I Should Have Smiled, Of Course, At The Idea Of The Ghost At All, But Then To Feel That It Was Mine Would Have Pleased My Vanity. Oh, Yes, I Claim No Exemption. The Girls Would Have Been Delighted. I Could Fancy Their Eagerness, Their Interest, And Excitement. No; If We Had Been Told, It Would Have Done No Good - We Should Have Made The Bargain All The More Eagerly, The Fools That We Are. ("The Open Door")]

Author: Margaret Oliphant Quotes

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"friend is someone you can trust and admits you whatever you are"

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"Words are the only bread we can really share."

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"We are so dull that we rarely realize how much history lies hidden in marriage, and how the one word spoken by the bride makes all the difference between cattle-raising and a nations good breeding."

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"My grandmothers house was just a place of comfort. I mean, I remember going in there, and the kitchen always had pots cooking with the lids were always bump, bump, bump, bump, bubbling, you know?"

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"Normal....What the majority of people look, act, and talk and like.So what if the majority became what we see as wierd now?Would our normal, become our new wierd?"

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"One doesnt intentionally to alter the truth, just enhance it and make it more memorable."

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"Pull himself together? This was a man who looked permanently cemented together."

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"Youll never forget," Alden said, for the first time the pure evil of his soul showing in his eyes. His voice was bloodcurdingly gentle as he added, "And neither will I. Nothing feels as good as your own flesh and blood."

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"Never Let anyone tell you that you cant; show them that you can."

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"When slow songs do play, people joke that you should be able to fit "the standard works" between you and your partner. The standard works is a Mormon term referring to all of the religious books we study. So when youre slow dancing, the Old Testament, New Testament, The Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price should be able to fit in the space between you and your dance partner -- or youre dancing too close."

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