[This Year, As We Celebrate The 230th Anniversary Of America's Independence, Please Remember The Symbols That Are Sacred To This Country. Fly Old Glory High And Show Your Respect And Admiration For This Great Nation And The Values We Hold Dear.]

Author: Kenny Marchant Quotes

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Marco Calderon Quotes

"I have cancer. Cancer doesnt have me."

Mary Roberts Rinehart Quotes

"Women are like dogs really. They love like dogs, a little insistently. And they like to fetch and carry and come back wistfully after hard words, and learn rather easily to carry a basket."

Peter Burke Quotes

"Justice is restoring order, not furthering chaos."

Donald McCaig Quotes

"Hed sit and listen to Nanas Jesus stories all day, but when she turned to the Old Testament prophets, Louis Valentines little face would darken. He said, "I hate it when God is mean!"

Richard Simmons Quotes

"My nickname is Dickie Jukebox. I own thousands and thousands and thousands of songs."

Peg Kehret Quotes

"Fear that comes from personal experience is far more real than fear based on someone elses ordeal."

Morley Safer Quotes

"What does it say about us that people who are considered defective are instinctively caring and compassionate?"

Edward Readicker Henderson Quotes

"Whoever created the world went to a lot of trouble. It would be downright rude not to go out and see as much of it as possible."

Tom Jones Quotes

"I havent become an American! Having a house in LA is just where the house is. Its just a convenience thing living there. I carry Wales around inside me. Id consider moving back there one day. I never really left."

Dawn Wells Quotes

"Just because a woman is over 50 does not mean she no longer has anything to offer. If anything, we have so much more to offer! We have lived life, we get better with age. I do my best work now in my 60s. Sure, I could retire; but what would I do? Play Bingo? I think not!"

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Quotes About Confrontations

"Any Westerner can now buy a Koran for a dollar and burn it, while any Muslim with a platform can transform that act into a fighting offense. As passions rise on both sides of the divide, Western provocateurs and Islamist hotheads have found each other, as confrontations occur with increasing frequency." - Author: Daniel Pipes

Quotes About Local Government

"I am not about to let the people who so mismanaged the state budget now try to manage local government." - Author: Jim Doyle

Quotes About Apocalipse

"Os deuses e apocalipses vieram e foram, mas eu permaneci; crestado à terra, estatelado entre estalactites." - Author: Filipe Russo

Quotes About Muhammad Saw

"Nabi Muhammad SAW dipersetujui sebulat suara oleh semua umat Islam sebagai al-nabi al-ummi, nabi yang buta huruf. Namun demikian, sunnahnya lengkap dengan aphorisme dan tindakan-tindakan yang menguatkan konsep ilmu dalam al-Quran dan menjadi pencetus dan kuasa pendorong bagi pembangunan intelektual dan tamadun masa depan dalam Islam." - Author: Wan Mohd Nor Wan Daud

Quotes About Ripped Jeans

"Again, this week as I walked on Broadway, in front of giant photographs of voluptuous supermodels at a Victoria Secret mega-store, who was rebuilding the sidewalks? With sweaty headbands, ripped-up jeans, and dust on their brown faces? Their muscled hands quivered as they worked the jack-hammers and lugged the concrete chunks into dump trucks. Two men from Guanajuato. Undocumented workers. They both shook my hand vigorously, as if they were relieved I wasnt an INS officer.I imagined how much money Victoria Secret was making off these poor bastards. I wondered why passersby didnt see what was in front of their faces. We use these workers. We profit from them. In the shadows, they work to the bone, for pennies. And its so easy to blame them for everything andnothing simply because they are powerless, and dark-skinned,and speak with funny accents. Illegal is illegal. It is a phrase, shallow and cruel, that should prompt any decent American to burn with anger." - Author: Sergio Troncoso

Quotes About Holiday In Beach

"I was on holiday recently and I came home to find that one of the papers here had bikinid me on the beach. I was wearing a grossly unflattering costume and they had published photographs of me taken from behind. I looked dreadful. I went into our local newsagent and bought up every copy." - Author: Amanda Burton

Quotes About Belittling

"The master demon Screwtape identifies elitist humanitys tendency toward "an ingrained habit of belittling anything that concerns the great mass of their fellow men." - Author: C.S. Lewis

Quotes About Swim

"When I read the actual story-how Gatsby loves Daisy so much but cant ever be with her no matter how hard he tries-I feel like ripping the book in half and calling up Fitzgerald and telling him his book is all wrong, even though I know Fitzgerald is probably deceased. Especially when Gatsby is shot dead in his swimming pool the first time he goes for a swim all summer, Daisy doesnt even go to his funeral, Nick and Jordan part ways, and Daisy ends up sticking with racist Tom, whose need for sex basically murders an innocent woman, you can tell Fitzgerald never took the time to look up at clouds during sunset, because theres no silver lining at the end of that book, let me tell you." - Author: Matthew Quick

Quotes About Dramatic Arts

"If we want to DRAMATICALLY impact the world for the better than we need our hearts and minds to be DRAMATICALLY impacted by Gods Word." - Author: Jayce ONeal

Quotes About Attractive Qualities

"[Annabeth]I might have a plan. Itll be your turn to keep Serapis distracted.Sadie frowned. ‘Did I mention Im out of magic?‘Thats okay, Annabeth said. ‘How are you at bluffing, lying and trash-talking?Sadie raised an eyebrow. ‘Ive been told those are my most attractive qualities.‘Excellent, Annabeth said. ‘Then its time I taught you some Greek." - Author: Rick Riordan