[Those Desiring Speedily To BeA Refuge For Themselves And OthersShould Make The Interchange Of "I" And "other,"And Thus Embrace A Sacred Mystery.]

Author: Śāntideva Quotes

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Raul Grijalva Quotes

"How many times will this Congress waste time on an issue that a majority of Americans do not want?"

Thomas Wentworth Quotes

"Ambition devours gold and drinks blood and climbs so high by other mens heads, that at the length in the fall, it breaks its own neck; therefore, it is better to live in humble content than in high care and trouble."

William McKinley Quotes

"We need Hawaii just as much and a good deal more than we did California. It is Manifest Destiny."

Emily Dickinson Quotes

"My life closed twice before its close; It yet remains to seeIf Immortality unveil A third event to me,So huge, so hopeless to conceive, As these that twice befell.Parting is all we know of heaven, And all we need of hell."

Grace G Payge Quotes

"My tears stopped flowing, and a warmth spread through me. In my inner stillness, the answer found me " you are the same person you have always been but never dared to see."

Maryam Schonbeck Quotes

"His allure, as he stood there, his face, even with the red swollen eyes, everything about him was gorgeous."

Max Hastings Quotes

"Im a wet liberal really, and always have been. But Im sort of an aggressive wet liberal."

Robert Townsend Quotes

"Getting there isnt half the fun, its all the fun."

RJ Gonzales Quotes

"Eventually, Ill grow sick and perish. Die on the floor, a young girl—who even when in the presence of company, still feels the loneliness that looms over her heart."

KM Parr Quotes

"Shut up, you fool...Really. Im running out of things to throw at you."

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Quotes About Authentic Power

"An authentically powered person lives in love. Love is the energy of the soul. Love is what heals the personality. There is nothing that cannot be healed by love. There is nothing but love." - Author: Gary Zukav

Quotes About Being Contented Of What You Are

"I snuggle closer to him in my sleep and my whimpering subsides to a contented sigh. It almost hurts to see Raffe closing his eyes and holding me the way a kid might hold a stuffed animal for comfort. I reach out my phantom hand to stroke his face. But of course, I cant feel him. I can only feel what the sword remembers. I run my hand along the lines of his neck and the muscles of his shoulder, anyway. Imagining the smooth warmth of him. Remembering the feeling of being held in his arms." - Author: Susan Ee

Quotes About Dork

"I felt like a dork growing up so this is shocking." - Author: Christina Milian

Quotes About Allocation

"The RealisticVision acknowledges that people vary widely both physically andintellectually—in large part because of natural inherited differences—andtherefore will rise (or fall) to their natural levels. Therefore governmentalredistribution programs are not only unfair to those from whom the wealthis confiscated and redistributed, but the allocation of the wealth to thosewho did not earn it cannot and will not work to equalize these naturalinequalities." - Author: Michael Shermer

Quotes About Vanishing Love

"We are all treading the vanishing road of a song in the air, the vanishing road of the spring flowers and the winter snows, the vanishing roads of the winds and the streams, the vanishing road of beloved faces." - Author: Richard Le Gallienne

Quotes About Mere

"Jesus of Nazareth always comes asking disciples to follow him--not merely "accept him," not merely "believe in him," not merely "worship him," but to follow him: one either follows Christ, or one does not. There is no compartmentalization of the faith, no realm, no sphere, no business, no politic in which the lordship of Christ will be excluded. We either make him Lord of all lords, or we deny him as Lord of any." - Author: Lee Camp

Quotes About Sister And Brother

"I tried to take solace in Holiday, our dog. I missed him in a way I hadnt yet let myself miss my mother and father, my sister and brother. That way of missing would mean that I had accepted that I would never be with them again; it might sound silly but I didnt believe it, would not believe it." - Author: Alice Sebold

Quotes About Implementing Ideas

"You dont make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas." - Author: Shirley Chisholm

Quotes About Permutations

"Here was a fragment of Goddess myth that, through all its permutations, had somehow escaped being turned on its head. It was the perfect springboard for the sort of novel I wanted to write." - Author: Joan D. Vinge

Quotes About Disco Balls

"Wisps of arctic blue and green and purple buzzed and whirled within those sharp spikes, sending out a wild coruscation of coloured light. The aurora was mesmerizing and blinding at the same time, and little disco balls hoped that they could grow up to be half as brilliant one day." - Author: Jim Butcher