[Those Who Are In The Orbit, But Nonetheless On The Edges, Can Often Be The Real Discoverers. It Was Why At Times, The Journalist, The Historian And Even The Novelist Paints The Fullest Picture Of An Era]

Author: Bob Woodward Quotes

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Marsha Blackburn Quotes

"Republicans are not going to play I-told-you-so, but it is pretty obvious that the tax reductions passed in 2003 helped Americans dig out of a recession and get back to work."

Paul Epworth Quotes

"One of the funny things of being a producer, you have these fleeting, intense relationships with people, and they go off to global megastardom, and you dont see them."

Frederick L Coxen Quotes

"When facing a decision that stands a 50/50 chance of being correct, the choice made will be wrong 80% of the time. Rick Coxen"

Chad Coleman Quotes

"I got four sisters. Theyre all very fierce."

Michael Patrick Jann Quotes

"Basically, when I look at my life, I think Im lucky to be given the opportunities Ive had."

Henry Taube Quotes

"The benefits of science are not to be reckoned only in terms of the physical."

Michael E Krauss Quotes

"Each language is a unique repository of facts and knowledge about the world that we can ill afford to lose, or, at the least, facts and knowledge about some history and people that have their place in the understanding of mankind. Every language is a treasury of human experience. Eyak doesnt give a damn about tenses. But it sure does give a damn about other things, much more than I do. Therefore it broadens your thinking, enriches your ability to understand the world- to deal with reality and experience."

Pierre Marshesso Quotes

"I understand, gentlemen," John Kennedy said. "If you find that life its not easy, let me tell you, death is worse."

Rikky Bhartia Quotes

"Love is not always getting who you love; its also the ability to think about the happiness of the one you love…. Weather with you or without you, and your happiness should be in your loved ones happiness…" - RB..."

Meles Zenawi Quotes

"As a person, I have never been discourteous or nasty to anybody. I may have stood my ground a bit too directly, a bit too firmly, and I believe I have, over a number of years, learned to be a little less direct."

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Quotes About Grandmas Dying

"Grandmaster games are said to begin with novelty, which is the first move of the game that exits the book. It could be the fifth, it could be the thirty-fifth. We think about a chess game as beginning with move one and ending with checkmate. But this is not the case. The games begins when it gets out of book, and it end when it goes into book..And this is why Game 6 [between Garry Kasparov and Deep Blue] didnt count...Tripping and falling into a well on your way to the field of battle is not the same thing as dying in it...Deep Blue is only itself out of book; prior to that it is nothing. Just the ghosts of the game itself." - Author: Brian Christian

Quotes About Prints

"Even when we turn around, there are no footprints behind us...Nor the road we came along, nor the tune we hummed...When we die,No-one will know its happened" - Author: Kazuya Minekura

Quotes About Blood

"The most prolific and accomplished hunters were not the most bloodthirsty and indefatigable. They were the most cool and empathetic. They were the ones who were able to assimilate their quarrys mind-set--to see through the eyes of their prey and thus reliably predict its deft, innate trajectories of evasion." - Author: Kevin Dutton

Quotes About Happened

"All emotion disappeared from his face and he took a deep breath through his nose. "I know what youre trying to do." His eyes unfocused for a moment, lost in thought. "Ill just have to prove it to you, then." His eyes narrowed as he looked into my eyes, determined as he was before one of his fights. "If you think Im just going to go back to fucking around, youre wrong. I dont want anyone else. You wanna be friends? Fine, were friends. But you and I both know that what happened wasnt just sex." - Author: Jamie McGuire

Quotes About Sophocles Oedipus Rex

"Does it bother you when you see Daddy kissing Josh?" he asked.Ty shook his head and made a funny face. "No, not really. I guess you really like him a lot.""I do," Rex agreed. "I love Josh.""I love Josh too, and so I dont care if you kiss him. But I thought boys only kissed girls."Rex nodded. "Yeah, well, thats how it is most of the time, but you know some boys kiss other boys and some girls kiss other girls.""Well, I dont wanna kiss no girls!" Ty said emphatically.Rex and Josh both laughed. "Maybe someday you will, though. If you do, thats fine, and if you dont, thats fine too. For right now, you can just kiss Daddy." He leaned in and kissed Ty on the forehead." - Author: Jeff Erno

Quotes About Doubts And Faith

"Christians can have doubts and they can have questions, and the unhealthy way to deal with that is to keep them inside where they fester and grow and can undermine our faith. The healthy way to deal with it is to talk about it and be honest about it." - Author: Lee Strobel

Quotes About Acolhimento

"Em suma, é preciso confessar que existem dois tipos de leitura: a leitura em animus e a leitura em anima. Não sou o mesmo homem quando leio um livro de idéias, em que o animus deve ficar vigilante, pronto para a crítica, pronto para a réplica, ou um livro de poeta, em que as imagens devem ser recebidas numa espécie de acolhimento transcendental dos dons. Ah, para fazer eco a esse dom absoluto que é uma imagem de poeta seria necessário que nossa anima pudesse escrever um hino de agradecimento! O animus lê pouco; a anima, muito.Não é raro o meu animus repreender-me por ler demais.Ler, ler sempre, melíflua paixão da anima. Mas quando, depois de haver lido tudo, entregamo-nos à tarefa, com devaneios, de fazer um livro, o esforço cabe ao animus. E sempre um duro mister, esse de escrever um livro. Somos sempre tentados a limitar-nos a sonhar." - Author: Gaston Bachelard

Quotes About Proper Behavior

"Theyre both about the correct or proper way to do something. There is a correct and proper way to use words and there is a correct and proper way to behave with other people. And I behaved improperly with John and feel bad, so I compensate by obsessing with language, which is easier to control than behavior." - Author: Peter Cameron

Quotes About Worked

"Psycho? The womans senile. We had to stop at about thirty gas stations on the way over here. Finally I got tired of getting out of the car and showing her which was the Mens and which was the Womens, so I let her pick them herself. I worked out a system. The law of averages. I laid money on her and she came out about fifty-fifty." - Author: John Kennedy Toole

Quotes About Congratulations On Wedding

"....called to give you the good news. I asked our daughter to marry me and she accepted. Congratulations, I will officially your son-in-law. Now, do you want me to call you zmum straightaway, or wait until after the wedding?" I lew through the ir in a dive tht finally tackled him, wrenching the phone away. Bones was laughing so hard he had to breathe to get it all out. "Mom? Are you there? Mom.....?" "You might want to give her a moment, Kitten. I believe she fainted." - Author: Jeaniene Frost