[Those Without The Gate Frequently Question The Wisdom And Right Of The Occultist To Guard His Knowledge By The Imposition Of Oaths Of Secrecy. We Are So Accustomed To See The Scientist Give His Beneficent Discoveries Freely To All Mankind That We Feel That Humanity Is Wronged And Defrauded If Any Knowledge Be Kept Secret By Its Discoverers And Not At Once Made Available For All Who Desire To Share In It.The Knowledge Is Reserved In Order That Humanity May Be Protected From Its Abuse At The Hands Of The Unscrupulous.]

Author: Dion Fortune Quotes

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Richard P Feynman Quotes

"If you thought that science was certain - well, that is just an error on your part."

Veronica Lake Quotes

"I wasnt a sex symbol, I was a sex zombie."

Matt Barr Quotes

"The Notebook wrecks me! I cry like a 6-year-old girl at the end."

David Friedman Quotes

"Songwriting is the most terrifying thing to me, because you are really laying your heart out there."

Blair Underwood Quotes

"I wont go into detail but this animated one, the story line is very cool and the kids seem to love it."

Frank Dane Quotes

"It is not necessary to have enemies if you go out of your way to make friends hate you."

Rutherford Quotes

"The year that Rutherford died (1938) there disappeared forever the happy days of free scientific work which gave us such delight in our youth. Science has lost her freedom. Science has become a productive force. She has become rich but she has become enslaved and part of her is veiled in secrecy. I do not know whether Rutherford would continue to joke and laugh as he used to."

TA Miles Quotes

"Is that all youve got? A few tricks and quick feet? Thats no way to enforce your bold tongue!"

Lindsey Davis Quotes

"Never lend if you need repayment; never give where you want a return."

Allegra Goodman Quotes

"I have a dark sense of humor, Fanny explained.Whats that supposed to mean? asked Honor.It means Im funny once you get to know me, Fanny said."

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Quotes About Rebuke

"Buffetts methodology was straightforward, and in that sense simple. It was not simple in the sense of being easy to execute. Valuing companies such as Coca-Cola took a wisdom forged by years of experience; even then, there was a highly subjective element. A Berkshire stockholder once complained that there were no more franchises like Coca-Cola left. Munger tartly rebuked him. Why should it be easy to do something that, if done well two or three times, will make your family rich for life?" - Author: Roger Lowenstein

Quotes About Prize

"She set out for revenge, to run them through, to do what an elf, an elf must do." The next verse was Merills to improvise. "Climbed that roost, alighted right there. Made mush of his head for the onlooker bears." "A two-pronger her prize, a meat most rare. Do-gooders will pay. Do-gooders will fear." "Ballad of the loneliest ones," lamented Merill. "The loneliest ones," said Almi. She accepted that title; they were the loneliest. The elf gloomed." - Author: Darrell Drake

Quotes About Marlows Obsession With Kurtz

"I was growing stale in London. I was tired of doing much the same thing everyday. My friends pursued their course with uneventfulness; they had no longer any surprises for me, and when I met them I knew pretty well what they would say; even their love-affairs had a tedious banality. We were like tram-cars running on their lines from terminus to terminus, and it was possible to calculate within small limits the number of passengers they would carry. Life was ordered too pleasantly. I was seized with panic. I gave up my small apartment, sold my few belongings, and resolved to start afresh." - Author: W. Somerset Maugham

Quotes About Royalties

"The songs certainly have not made my fortune, but I am still grateful for the royalties when they come in." - Author: Sydney Carter

Quotes About Atom

"I take in great lungfuls of air. Atom by atom, the oxygen enters my blood and pumps in waves through my veins; it is tidal, this pumping blood. My heart beats mightily. If I ran any faster, gravity would loose its claims on my ankles, and my feet would pedal into the air." - Author: Ayana Mathis

Quotes About Youth And Age

"The old grief of the great mystery of human life gradually passes into a quiet, tender joy; in place of the boiling blood of youth there comes a meek serene old age: I bless the daily rising of the sun, and my heart sings to it as it did of old, but now I am more enamored of its setting, its long, oblique rays, and the quiet, gentle, tender memories that accompany them, the dear images from the whole of a long and blessed life--and above it all the truth of God, moving, reconciling, all-forgiving!" - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Quotes About Trials And Temptations

"The devil and temptations also do give occasion unto us somewhat to learn and understand the Scriptures, by experience and practice. Without trials and temptations we should never understand anything thereof; no, not although we diligently read and heard the same." - Author: Martin Luther

Quotes About Trolling

"The living cell is the most complex system of its size known to mankind. Its host of specialized molecules, many found nowhere else but within living material, are themselves already enormously complex. They execute a dance of exquisite fidelity, orchestrated with breathtaking precision. Vastly more elaborate than the most complicated ballet, the dance of life encompasses countless molecular performers in synergetic coordination. Yet this is a dance with no sign of a choreographer. No intelligent supervisor, no mystic force, no conscious controlling agency swings the molecules into place at the right time, chooses the appropriate players, closes the links, uncouples the partners, moves them on. The dance of life is spontaneous, self-sustaining, and self-creating." - Author: Paul Davies

Quotes About Beaches And Summer

"He thought of the Riviera, as it was then before it had all been built up, with the lovely stretches of blue sea and the sand beaches and the stretches of pine woods and the mountains of the Esterel going out into the sea. He remembered it as it was when he and Zelda had first found it before people went there for the summer." - Author: Ernest Hemingway

Quotes About Crush

"If you were advising your great-granddaughter about the man you have a crush on at this moment-what would you tell her? Would you be protective, and tell her to kick this man to the curb because hes treating her so badly, or would you tell her to hold on to this man for dear life? Now, why arent you taking your own advice?" - Author: Kim Gruenenfelder