[Though I Myself Am An Atheist, I Openly Profess Religion In The Sense Just Mentioned, That Is, A Nature Religion. I Hate The Idealism That Wrenches Man Out Of Nature; I Am Not Ashamed Of My Dependency On Nature; I Openly Confess That The Workings Of Nature Affect Not Only My Surface, My Skin, My Body, But Also My Core, My Innermost Being, That The Air I Breathe In Bright Weather Has A Salutary Effect Not Only On My Lungs But Also On My Mind, That The Light Of The Sun Illumines Not Only My Eyes But Also My Spirit And My Heart. And I Do Not, Like A Christian, Believe That Such Dependency Is Contrary To My True Being Or Hope To Be Delivered From It. I Know Further That I Am A Finite Moral Being, That I Shall One Day Cease To Be. But I Find This Very Natural And Am Therefore Perfectly Reconciled To The Thought.]

Author: Ludwig Feuerbach Quotes

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