[Three Passions, Simple But Overwhelmingly Strong, Have Governed My Life: The Longing For Love, The Search For Knowledge, And Unbearable Pity For The Suffering Of Mankind.]

Author: Bertrand Russell Quotes

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Katie Robinson Quotes

"Fear holds us back from living the lives we want. Use your 20s to make bold decisions, follow different paths, learn from heartbreak, and figure out who you are. When youre 30, do you want to look back at the same boring job, the stale relationship that isnt working, and no stamps in your passport? If you want something different, if you want a life that is filled with experiences, if you want to learn and grow, if you want to make a difference…conquer the fears, believe in yourself, and just do it. You may be questioning something right now. You may be battling thoughts in your mind about taking a leap. Ask yourself what you have to lose if you leap. Ask yourself what kind of stories you want to have. Ask yourself if youre worth it, if you deserve it."

Francis Beaumont Quotes

"There is a method in mans wickedness; it grows up by degrees."

Deondriea Cantrice Quotes

"Never let the story beat you home."

Matthew Kelly Quotes

"Consumption.And if the culture doesnt have a vision for the human person, it certainly doesnt have a vision for the family. In fact, the culture would prefer that every family be broken, because a broken family needs two dishwashers, two lawnmowers, ant two of almost everything else. And if culture could break families up two, three, four ways, it would prefer that."

Brenda Novak Quotes

"...some small part of her had reacted to the passion inside him. Despite his role as a titled gentleman, there seemed to be a facet inside him that society could not tame, something stimulating yet dangerous, like standing at the edge of a cliff and feeling the mysterious, subtle pull to jump."

Joanna Garcia Quotes

"I definitely am afraid of the dark. Somehow, in my mind I can always come up with some horrific stuff to worry about."

Daphne Rose Kingma Quotes

"Saying thank you creates love."

Sphencer Perales Quotes

"A true friend is not angry when you insult. Instead they think of more insulting words to you."

Tyler Edwards Quotes

"The truth is, the Devils job is easy."

Jack Coleman Quotes

"The whole voiceover world is new and different to me and quite challenging."

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Quotes About Wszystko

"Bywają wielkie zbrodnie na świecie, ale chyba największą jest zabić miłość. Tyle lat upłynęło, prawie pół wieku ; wszystko przeszło: majątek, tytuły, młodość, szczęście... Sam tylko żal nie przeszedł i pozostał, mówię ci, taki świeży, jakby to było wczoraj. Ach, gdyby nie wiara, że jest inny świat, w którym podobno wynagrodzą tutejsze krzywdy, kto wie, czy nie przeklęłoby się i życia, i jego konwenansów..." - Author: Bolesław Prus

Quotes About Dark Humor

"I quite like dark humor." - Author: Marina and the Diamonds

Quotes About Groundhog Day

"We cant heal what we dont feel. We cant have a future until we fully inhabit our present. Its like the proverbial Groundhog Day. Most people dont live 70-90 years; they live the same year 70-90 times because they keep regurgitating an incomplete present." - Author: Derek Rydall

Quotes About Spider Webs

"But how can you walk away from something and still comeback to it?""Easy," said the cat. "Think of somebody walking around theworld. You start out walking away from something and end upcoming back to it.""Small world," said Coraline."Its big enough for her," said the cat. "spiders webs only haveto be large enough to catch flies."Coraline shivered." - Author: Neil Gaiman

Quotes About Problems And Trials

"A joyful person is one who deals daily with their problems, faithfully and obediently counting their trials as joy." - Author: Elizabeth George

Quotes About Funny Yuppies

"Greenwich is a funny word, isnt it? All green and witchy. Like soup." - Author: Marissa Meyer

Quotes About The Zulu War

"And all those boys of Europe born in those times, and thereabouts those times, Russian, French, Belgian, Serbian, Irish, English, Scottish, Welsh, Italian, Prussian, German, Austrian, Turkish – and Canadian, Australian, American, Zulu, Gurkha, Cossack, and all the rest – their fate was written in a ferocious chapter in the book of life, certainly. Those millions of mothers and their million gallons of mothers milk, millions of instances of small talk and baby talk, beatings and kisses, ganseys and shoes, piled up in history in great ruined heaps, with a loud and broken music, human stories told for nothing, for ashes, for deaths amusement, flung on the mighty scrapheap of souls, all those million boys in all their humours to be milled by the millstones of a coming war." - Author: Sebastian Barry

Quotes About Not Being Loved By Parents

"I realize its commonplace for parents to say to their child sternly, I love you, but I dont always like you. But what kind of love is that? It seems to me that comes down to, Im not oblivious to you - that is, you can still hurt my feelings - but I cant stand having you around. Who wants to be loved like that? Given a choice, I might skip the deep blood tie and settle for being liked. I wonder if wouldnt have been more moved if my own mother had taken me in her arms and said, I like you. I wonder if just enjoying your kids company isnt more important." - Author: Lionel Shriver

Quotes About Property Ownership

"What is politics, after all, but the compulsion to preside over property and make others peoples decisions for them? Liberty, the very opposite of ownership and control, cannot, then, result from political action, either at the polls or at the barricades, but rather evolves out of attitude. If it results from anything, it must be levity." - Author: Tom Robbins

Quotes About Touch

"It was September, and there was a crackly feeling to the air. I was saying something that was making her laugh, and I couldnt stop looking at her. It was a little bit chilly, and her cheeks were pink, and her dark hair was flowing around her face. All I wanted for the rest of my life was to keep making her laugh like that. Sometimes our arms brushed against each other as we walked, and it was like I could feel the touch for minutes after it happened." - Author: Carolyn Parkhurst