[Three Things Cannot Be Long Hidden: The Sun, The Moon, And The Truth.]

Author: Buddha Quotes

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J P Morgan Quotes

"Go as far as you can see; when you get there, youll be able to see farther."

Robert Moore Quotes

"Soldiers, all men in fact, are natural hero worshipers. Officers with a flare for command realize this and emphasize in their conduct, dress and deportment the qualities they seek to produce in their men. When I was a second lieutenant I had a captain who was very sloppy and usually late yet he got after the men for just those faults; he was a failure. [the King]"

Jeannine Hall Gailey Quotes

"Alice in DarknessForget tears. Chasingwhite animals with timepiecesin this drug-trip landscapecan only lead to more of same.Hedgehogs, playing cards, paintbrushes:full of undisclosed danger.Didnt your mother tell you not to kiss strangers?That Cheshire smile shouldnt fool you.Pull your skirt down.Your nails are growing so fastyoure hardly human.Alice, fight your version of Bedlamas long as you can.Sleep the sweet dream awayfrom that gooey looking glass, or mushrooms,or the fear of your own body.Forget what the night tastes like.Stop wondering through the shadows,holding your neck out for the slice of the axe."

Brenda Hodnett Quotes

"I dont want you just in my thoughts always, I want you by my side always."

Richard Neal Quotes

"Let me say at the outset that I do not reflexively oppose international trade."

Rick Larsen Quotes

"As the first Member of Congress from western Washington to serve on the House Agriculture Committee in over 50 years, I am proud to represent the needs of our agriculture community."

Randy Harrison Quotes

"Its nice to see that people in Middle America are really affected."

Jeff Foxworthy Quotes

"Little girls love dolls. They just dont love doll clothes. Weve got four thousand dolls and aint one of them got a stitch of clothes on."

Ahmed Farrag Quotes

"Am not great, but being the story of every whisper is just the greatest."

Carson McCullers Quotes

"But no value has been put on human life; it is given to us free and taken without being paid for. What is it worth? If you look around, at times the value may seem to be little or nothing at all. Often after you have sweated and tried and things are not better for you, there comes a feeling deep down in the soul that you are not worth much."

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Quotes About Byzantine Empire

"By the time of the arrival of Islam in the early seventeenth century CE, what we now call the Middle East was divided between the Persian and Byzantine empires. But with the spread of this new religion from Arabia, a powerful empire emerged, and with it a flourishing civilization and a glorious golden age.Given how far back it stretches in time, the history of the region -- and even of Iraq itself -- is too big a canvas for me to paint. Instead, what I hope to do in this book is take on the nonetheless ambitious task of sharing with you a remarkable story; one of an age in which great geniuses pushed the frontiers of knowledge to such an extent that their work shaped civilizations to this day." - Author: Jim Al Khalili

Quotes About Shocking The World

"The way Lillian says it is hungry, like shes waiting for something to be revealed, and I wonder if maybe thats the real difference between us—that when she pulls back the curtain and stares into the blackness behind it, its just one more way of testing herself. Like some game you can never win, because even if you face all the shocking realities and the horrors of the world, once youve seen that kind of awfulness, you can never un-see it. You have to carry it around with you forever." - Author: Brenna Yovanoff

Quotes About The 12th Amendment

"I can only assume that your editorial writer tripped over the First Amendment and thought it was the office cat." - Author: E. B. White

Quotes About Deaf Pride

"Clinging to him desperately, Sara kept her mouth at his ear. "Listen to me." All she could do was play her last card. Her voice trembled with emotion. "You cant change the truth. You can act as though youre deaf and blind, you can walk away from me forever, but the truth will still be there, and you cant make it go away. I love you." She felt an involuntary tremor run through him. "I love you," she repeated. "Dont lie to either of us by pretending youre leaving for my good. All youll do is deny us both a chance at happiness. Ill long for you every day and night, but at least my conscience will be clear. I havent held anything back from you, out of fear or pride or stubbornness." She felt the incredible tautness of his muscles, as if he were carved from marble. "For once have the strength not to walk away,"she whispered. "Stay with me. Let me love you, Derek." - Author: Lisa Kleypas

Quotes About Sincere Friendship

"Oh, you will, some day, just as Ill hurt you too. That makes part of thiswhole thing called being human, but to excel it and sincerely forgive the otherfaults… that is what makes a real friendship, what strengthens it." - Author: Léia Kiuski

Quotes About Understanding

"I ache to hear her tell me she loves me, but forcing her to put words to how she feels pushes her further into the silence she seems comfortable calling home now. I tell myself to be patient and understanding, but inside theres a longing only those words will fill, and it hurts to ignore it." - Author: C.J. Redwine

Quotes About Priority

"Ive only just arrived, Kate. It may surprise you to learn that you were my top priority." - Author: Trenton Lee Stewart

Quotes About Abhorsen

"Our parts now -- which perforce we must play -- are not father and daughter, but one old Abhorsen, making way for the new. But behind this, there is always my love." - Author: Garth Nix

Quotes About Chinese New Year

"Then he asked my age and I asked his. Thats the tradition in China. If we know each others ages we can understand each others past. We Chinese have been collective for so long, personal histories are not worth mentioning. Therefore as soon as Xiaolin and I knew how old the other was, we knew exactly what big shit had happened in our lives. The introduction of the One Child Policy shortly before out births, for instance and the fact that, in 1985, two pandas were sent to the USA as a national gift and we had to sing a tearful panda song at school. 1989 was the Tiananmen Square student demonstration. Anyway, Xiaolin was one year younger than me, so I assumed we were from the same generation." - Author: Xiaolu Guo

Quotes About Cricket Victory

"First gain the victory and then make the best use of it you can." - Author: Horatio Nelson