[Three Times A Day Petrovich Showed Up At The Nurse's Office For His Injections, Always Using The Hypodermic Needle Himself Like The Most Craven Of Junkies, Though After Shooting Up He Would Play The Concert Piano In The Auditorium With Astounding Artistry, As Though Insulin Were The Elixir Of Genius.]

Author: Jeffrey Eugenides Quotes

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Ian Wilson Quotes

"Quite possibly one of the most revealing passages about Shakespeare as a man comes from one of the roughest of the jottings made by gossip John Aubrey from his interview with William Beeston, son of the Christopher Beeston who had acted with Shakespeares company. The partly cancelled note reads: the more to be admired, he was not a company keeper. [He] ... wouldnt be debauched, and if invited to, writ [i.e. wrote] he was in pain. [Ch.24]"

TB Markinson Quotes

"My eyes lingered on her naked body for several minutes. Was our relationship what she wanted? Was it satisfying for her? Was it what she dreamed of when she started falling in love with me? Did reality ever fulfill our dreams? Or do dreams just continually set us up for failure and disappointment?"

Jessica Bird Quotes

"Im on the benevolent side of antisocial. I dont mind people, but Id prefer not to have a lot of them around."

Zoe Heller Quotes

"But that I should have ended up in a place like this seems too custom-made a nightmare to be the work of mere ill fortune."

Allama Muhammad Iqbal Quotes

"From loves plectrum arisesthe song of the string of lifeLove is the light of lifelove is the fire of life"

Gordon MacKenzie Quotes

"You have a masterpiece inside you, you know. One unlike any that has ever been created, or ever will be. If you go to your grave without painting your masterpiece, it will not get painted. No one else can paint it. Only you."

Cathy Bramley Quotes

"you have to go out and make your future, not sit around waiting for it to find you."

Henry Anatole Grunwald Quotes

"Journalism can never be silent: that is its greatest virtue and its greatest fault. It must speak, and speak immediately, while the echoes of wonder, the claims of triumph and the signs of horror are still in the air."

Albert Szent Gyorgyi Quotes

"This oxidation of hydrogen in stages seems to be one of the basic principles of biological oxidation."

David Elias Cotos Espinoza Quotes

"Si piensas dejar huella en la vida de una persona, empieza en este instante. No pospongas. Quiz√° esa persona necesita de ti, de tus palabras, de tu aliento."

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"The agreement, the colonel announced, says thirty-seven officers, fifty vehicles, and one hundred seventy five men.What agreement?The Berlin Agreement," - Author: Andrei Cherny

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"I travel in a Ford Econoline van with a trailer. So its not quite so glamorous." - Author: Tift Merritt

Quotes About Disturbing Someone

"I find it kind of disturbing when people cheer when someone just gets stabbed brutally." - Author: Rick Baker

Quotes About Design

"We know the original relation of the theater and the cult of the Dead: the first actors separated themselves from the community by playing the role of the Dead: to make oneself up was to designate oneself as a body simultaneously living and dead: the whitened bust of the totemic theater, the man with the painted face in the Chinese theater, the rice-paste makeup of the Indian Katha-Kali, the Japanese No mask ... Now it is this same relation which I find in the Photograph; however lifelike we strive to make it (and this frenzy to be lifelike can only be our mythic denial of an apprehension of death), Photography is a kind of primitive theater, a kind of Tableau Vivant, a figuration of the motionless and made-up face beneath which we see the dead." - Author: Roland Barthes

Quotes About Forgive Me My Love

"The ReckoningThe time has come for RetributionA time for Redemption, A time for Forgiveness A time for Renewal, A time to prevailMy love will set you free my darling.Our love, forever bound.-SL Ross" - Author: S.L. Ross

Quotes About Baby Feet

"It was this little troublemaker named Ralph Waldo Duffy. Ralph Waldo is the one who really ruined the pageant. He picked up the baby Jesus by the feet, and your mother stood up in front of God and everybody and yelled, Joseph, put Jesus down before I smack you. Even then she had the makings of a good mother." - Author: Pamela Todd

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"Children also have artistic ability, and there is wisdom in there having it! The more helpless they are, the more instructive are the examples they furnish us; and they must be preserved free of corruption from an early age." - Author: Paul Klee

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"its something rebellious about picking up and leaving buying a one way ticket and not knowing when you want to return." - Author: Turcois Ominek

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"Begini rasanya jika akan segera beranjak meninggalkan Masjidil Haram dan Kabah.Kubiarkan diriku tenggelam dalam rasa rindu yang merasuk sblm lagi benar2 jauh dr yg dirindukan." - Author: Dian Nafi

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"I started buying on the Internet quite rapidly, as early as 1995." - Author: Francois Henri Pinault