[Through Our Great Good Fortune, In Our Youth Our Hearts Were Touched With Fire. It Was Given To Us To Learn At The Outset That Life Is A Profound And Passionate Thing.]

Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Quotes

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Rhonda Laurel Quotes

"Today is not yesterday. And tomorrow is nothing more than an idyllic day dream."

Nay Sharaya Quotes

"Kau hanya perlu melakukan satu hal, Ries. Cukup merindukanku sekali saja, karena dengan begitu aku akan punya alasan untuk datang dan mencintaimu sebanyak yang aku mau."

Robb Todd Quotes

"He admired bears because everyone was afraid to disturb them while they slept and fish were so in love with bears that they jumper right into their mouths. He ate meat and never felt bad about it unless he saw how the animal was slaughtered or if the meat was not cooked properly but he thought thrice about killing bus."

Bhumibol Adulyadej Quotes

"Goodness is something that makes us serene and content; it is magnificent. Those who are not good are evil."

John Moody Quotes

"The States which form the northern border of the United States westward from the Great Lakes to the Pacific coast include an area several times larger than France and could contain ten Englands and still have room to spare."

Alexander Stone Quotes

"It is has been a long time since I have written one of my statuses about life. I have been very busy trying to promote my Fan page, Friends and services, and my books. However, I can tell you all one thing for certain. I am not a Quitter. I will not stop writing books. I will not stop pushing myself to succeed. I will not stop being who I am.I am a winner. Winning is an attitude. You take the good with the bad and you keep on going. It gets hard, you get tired and sometimes burnt out but you keep on going anyway, because you can.Winners have setbacks, but winners learn tighten their belts and go on. Winner look at what has gone wrong and instead of complaining they find ways of doing it better. Winners know that Rome was not built in a day and take every day as it comes.Winners do not whine, they roar."

Sven Birkerts Quotes

"What reading does, ultimately, is keep alive the dangerous and exhilarating idea that a life is not a sequence of lived moments, but a destiny...the time of reading, the time defined by the authors language resonating in the self, is not the worlds time, but the souls. The energies that otherwise tend to stream outward through a thousand channels of distraction are marshaled by the cadences of the prose; they are brought into focus by the fact that it is an ulterior, and entirely new, world that the reader has entered. The free-floating self--the self we diffusely commune with while driving or walking or puttering in the kitchen--is enlisted in the work of bringing the narrative to life. In the process, we are able to shake off the habitual burden of insufficient meaning and flex our deeper natures."

Bernard Kelvin Clive Quotes

"Dont be too busy climbing the ladder of success and forget your most cherished relationships (friends, family, spouse, etc). EnjoyLife!"

Steven Rattner Quotes

"Eye-popping tales of growing income inequality are hardly new. By now, nearly every American must be painfully aware of the widening pay gap between top executives and shop floor laborers; between Master of the Universe financiers and pretty much everyone else."

Ben Van Berkel Quotes

"I never show the back of my tongue. That is a Dutch expression."

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Quotes About Naiset

"Kissa ja nainen esiintyvät samassa merkityskentässä. Kissalla on "emäntä" ja koiralla "isäntä". Koiran ja miehen suhde perustuu valtaan, kissan ja naisen suhde kumppanuuteen. Kun kissa yhdistetään naimattomaan naiseen, syntyy pelottava liitto, jossa yhdistyvät mykkä animaalinen kauneus ja kahlitsematon feminiininen seksuaalisuus. Saduissa nainen muuttuu tällaisessa liitossa noidaksi.Nykyajan noitia ovat "kissatantat" eli yksin elävät naiset, joilla on kissa tai mielellään monta. Kissatantta on sosiaalisista karikatyyreista halveksituimpia. Hän on ärsyttävämpi kuin esimerkiksi pultsari tai nörtti (tai sukulaishahmonsa moraalitantta), sillä kissatantta investoi tunteensa eläimiin. Kissatantta jos kuka on "eläinrakas", siis eräänlainen sodomiitti, eläimiinsekaantuja. Mitä hänen ihmisyydelleen ja seksuaalisuudelleen on tapahtunut?" - Author: Antti Nylén

Quotes About Something Important

"Shut up!" I say, holding my hands to my ears. "Shut up!"But the stupid gummy wont shut up; hes trying to tell me something important even though Im covering my ears and I dont want to hear it and I dont want to think about who I am or whats wrong with me or why Im out here at the edge of the Urb, at the edge of the known world, listening to some old mope whos so crazy, he think about the future when everyone knows that the future doesnt exist." - Author: Rodman Philbrick

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"Me up at doesout of the floorquietly Starea poisoned mousestill who aliveis asking Whathave i done thatYou wouldnt have" - Author: E.E. Cummings

Quotes About Healthcare In America

"Mr. President, the buzz saw that your healthcare bill ran into wasnt lobbyists and special interests it was tens of millions of Americans who were saying, Stop!" - Author: John Boehner

Quotes About Love Interests

"If the distinction is not held too rigidly nor pressed too far, it is interesting to think of Shakespeares chief works as either love dramas or power dramas, or a combination of the two. In his Histories, the poet handles the power problem primarily, the love interest being decidedly incidental. In the Comedies, it is the other way around, overwhelmingly in the lighter ones, distinctly in the graver ones, except in Troilus and Cressida--hardly comedy at all--where without full integration something like a balance is maintained. In the Tragedies both interests are important, but Othello is decidedly a love drama and Macbeth as clearly a power drama, while in Hamlet and King Lear the two interests often alternate rather than blend." - Author: Harold Clarke Goddard

Quotes About Living Deliberately

"But how odd that in this heathen nation of empty pews, where churches bare, ruined choirs are converted into luxury loft living, a Labour government - yes, a Labour government - is deliberately creating a huge expansion of faith schools." - Author: Polly Toynbee

Quotes About Startup Teams

"Before I started Code for America, I spent my career around startups. First it was game developers, small teams trying to make hits in a tough business. Then, when I started working on the Web 2.0 events, it was web startups during times of enormous opportunity and investment." - Author: Jennifer Pahlka

Quotes About Rat Kiley

"For Rat Kiley, I think, facts were formed by sensation, not the other way around, and when you listened to one of his stories, youd find yourself performing rapid calculations in your head, subtracting superlatives, figuring the square root of an absolute and then multiplying by maybe." - Author: Tim OBrien

Quotes About Junkies

"Excerpt from page 3 of "Wicked Washington"Shelly Williams, the main character, speaking about her life:And close and dangerous calls were almost my last name. Yet I felt as comfortable among the street hustlers, junkies, thieves, and criminals of D.C. as I did dining with mywhite-collar, college-pedigreed friends over filet mignon, Maine lobster, and strawberry cheesecake at LaMermaidSeafood Restaurant." - Author: Sonja D. Jones

Quotes About Short Perfume

"When does real love begin?At first it was a fire, eclipses, short circuits, lightning and fireworks; the incense, hammocks, drugs, wines, perfumes; then spasm and honey, fever, fatigue, warmth, currents of liquid fire, feast and orgies; then dreams, visions, candlelight, flowers, pictures; then images out of the past, fairy tales, stories, then pages out of a book, a poem; then laughter, then chastity. At what moment does the knife wound sink so deep that the flesh begins to weep with love?At first power, power, then the wound, and love, and love and fears, and the loss of the self, and the gift, and slavery. At first I ruled, loved less; then more, then slavery. Slavery to his image, his odor, the craving, the hunger, the thirst, the obsession." - Author: Anaïs Nin