[Through Our Great Good Fortune, In Our Youth Our Hearts Were Touched With Fire. It Was Given To Us To Learn At The Outset That Life Is A Profound And Passionate Thing.]

Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Quotes

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Helen Exley Quotes

"The house-cat is a four-legged quadruped, the legs as usual being at the corners. It is what is sometimes called a tame animal, though it feeds on mice and birds of prey. Its colours are striped, it does not bark, but breathes through its nose instead of its mouth. Cats also mow, which you all have heard. Cats have nine liveses, but which is seldom wanted in this country, coz of Christianity. Cats eat meat and most anythink speshuelly where you cant afford. That is all about cats."(From a schoolboys essay, 1903.)"

Oren Peli Quotes

"I do not buy CDs any more; I usually stream Internet radio. For movies, I hardly every buy any DVDS. I have a DVR, so just record things off HBO, Showtime and so on."

Tom Savini Quotes

"Film is a truly magical medium."

AK Luthienne Quotes

"Love today for...tomorrow never comes"

Loris Malaguzzi Quotes

"Stand aside for a while and leave room for learning, observe carefully what children do, and then, if you have understood well, perhaps teaching will be different from before."

Bobby Vj Quotes

"Let us light up the fire, the wind is so calm and the night is falling - i see ur lips shiver and i can feel ur breath humping up."

Doug Peacock Quotes

"I have spent too much time with my eye glued to the viewfinder and ended up missing both the image of the mind and that on film."

Carl Sagan Quotes

"We make our purpose."

Basil Wolverton Quotes

"The safe and cultural method of eating crackers in bed is to wear a divers suit instead of pajamas."

Joan Biskupic Quotes

"Women must show their public face. We must help to work out our own community problems. We must insist on having equal voices and equal responsibilities. . . In large part, success depends on changing minds at home, in the streets, and at the workplace - not just in legislatures and in the courts. Each and every one of us has and important role to play in completing that task."

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"After one of the lectures in Philadelphia, a woman asked Chesterton what made women talk so much, to which he replied, briefly, God, Madam." - Author: Ian T. Ker

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"Whereas religious prayers sing of peace and harmony, religion has divided human beings through an atrocious history of enmity and bloodshed. Yet, behind the veil of superficiality and hypocrisy, I always believed in the inherent beauty of God that lies at the essence of all true spiritual paths." - Author: Radhanath Swami

Quotes About Annals

"Werewolves are not a subject for academe," she said, "but you know what the professors would be saying if they were. ‘Monsters die out when the collective imagination no longer needs them. Species death like this is nothing more than a shift in the aggregate psychic agenda. In ages past the beast in man was hidden in the dark, disavowed. The transparency of modern history makes that impossible: Weve seen ourselves in the concentration camps, the gulags, the jungles, the killing fields, weve read ourselves in the annals of True Crime. Technology turned up the lights and now theres no getting away from the fact: The beast is redundant. Its been us all along." - Author: Glen Duncan

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"That clean but lonely feeling when there are no other cars. The traffic lights changing just for you." - Author: Don DeLillo

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"Im an activist for gay marriage equality and childrens rights. Im the face of Share Our Strength." - Author: Sandra Lee

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"He asked why and I said, Because Gwyneth has a fat suit, my wife has a fat suit - I dont get a fat suit? He looked at me and said, You mean you dont have one on?" - Author: Joe Viterelli

Quotes About Blood Thicker Than Water

"So often they made her think of the phrase "Blood is thicker than water," because at times blood was the only bond they shared and she had to remind herself they were family, because at times it was unbelievable they were even related. She loved them, but she hadnt chosen them." - Author: Victoria Kahler

Quotes About Dungeon

"Their greatest danger was in the disbelief of their teachers. Though every one had a copy of the law, few read it; all were ready, by some excuse, to avoid this duty. Some asserted they knew it, yet never thought on it: some called these the laws of past times; not of the present. Other said the Great King did not regard the actions of his subjects, that he had neither mines nor dungeons, and that all would certainly be taken to the Heavenly City." - Author: Johann David Wyss

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"Connecting the dots. Thats what Mom said stargazing is all about. Its the same up there as it is down here, Jackie. You have to look for the things that connect us all. Find the ways our paths cross, our lives intersect, and our hearts collide." - Author: Clare Vanderpool

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"Its amazing how people can sound like retards when theyre talking to their girlfriend, especially if they really love her a lot. Because when youre just fucking someone you make a point of keeping your cool, but when youre really in love - it can sound pretty repulsive." - Author: Etgar Keret