[Thus, It Is Taking More American Churches To Field One Missionary Than Churches In Other Parts Of The World. For Example, Whereas There Is One Crosscultural Missionary Supported By Every 0.7 Evangelical Churches In Singapore, By 2.1 Churches In Hong Kong, 2.4 In Albania, 2.5 In Sri Lanka, 2.6 In Mongolia, 4.2 In South Korea, 4.9 In Myanmar, And 5.3 In Senegal, In The United States The Ratio Is 7.6 Churches To One Missionary.[6] The Proper Conclusion From This Flurry Of Numbers Would Seem To Be That, While The United States Contains A Whole Lot Of Evangelical Churches, Those Churches Are Not Now As Proportionately Active In Crosscultural Missionary Activity As Many Churches In The Non-Western World. Evangelical Dynamism In These Other Churches Has Replaced, Or Is Replacing, The Evangelical Dynamism Of American Churches As The Leading Edge Of World Christian Expansion. That Expansion Seems To Be Tracking The Earlier Pattern Of American Adjustments To Christianity-after-Christendom.]

Author: Mark A. Noll Quotes

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