[To Be Able To Love And Live In Freedom Means To Be Able To Make Godly Decisions. To Make Godly Decisions We Have To Surrender Our Egos And All The Falsity And Shame That Goes With It.]

Author: James McGreevey Quotes

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Daniel Gottlieb Quotes

"The story of Pi is the story of all of us. We all have tigers under our tarpaulins - tigers that, we feel, could destroy us. We think we want to be rid of our tigers. But the truth is, we would feel a great loss if they ran away, because ultimately, each tiger is part of us."



Rachel Nichols Quotes

"I thought that Id have a briefcase-and-power-suit career."

Jeremy London Quotes

"I avoid crazy women."

Joaquin Sabina Quotes

"Pídele cuentas a la pura verdadque no se pringa, que no tiene piedad;yo sólo me colguémedallas que no gané."

Jez Morrow Quotes

"Confused and fearful as he was, this one thing Tom knew for certain. No man ever took another mans balls in his mouth to mock him."

Paul Erdos Quotes

"A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems."

Mae West Quotes

"Cultivate your curves - they may be dangerous but they wont be avoided."

Jeremy Renner Quotes

"I like to stay busy, I like to stay focused, and I like to stay creative. Without being creative Id be dead."

Susan Sontag Quotes

"...to be a poet, requires a mythology of the self. The self described is the poet self, to which the daily self (and others) are often ruthlessly sacrificed. The poet self is the real self, the other one is the carrier; and when the poet self dies, the person dies."

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Quotes About Poaching

"Its no wonder that new ventures such as The Daily look first to Gawker Media when staffing up. We should not wait for a poaching expedition to pay someone what they deserve. I apologize if that has been the case and will do better in 2012." - Author: Nick Denton

Quotes About Reflections In Water

"On the edge of a tropical ocean, in a thousand reflections of the silver light of an invisible moon, among undulations of restless waters, ceaselessly changing...Among silent breakers, the tremors of the shining surface, in the swift flux and reflux martyrizing the patches of light, in the rendings of luminous loops and arcs, and lines, in the occultations and reappearances of dancing bursts of light being decomposed, recomposed, contracted, spread out, only to be re-distributed once more before me, with me, within me, drowned, and unendurably buffeted, my calm violated a thousand times by the tongues of infinity, oscillating, sinusoidally overrun by the multitude of liquid lines. enormous with a thousand folds, I was and I was not, I was caught, I was lost, I was in a state of complete ubiquity. The thousands upon thousands of rustlings were my own thousand shatterings." - Author: Henri Michaux

Quotes About Teething Babies

"Watching teething babies is like watching over a thermonuclear reactor--it is best done in shifts, by well-rested people." - Author: Anthony Doerr

Quotes About Saving Animals

"...with a few sentences, the authors attempt to counteract the unscrupulous messages endemic to the title, content, and imagery of their book. This attempt fails, but speaks strongly to the character of our culture that even a book that earnestly wants to be about saving animals must resort to destroying women." - Author: Kim Socha

Quotes About Sentience

"Maybe thinking youre supposed to have a life is a stupid way of buying into an untenable 1950s narrative of what life *supposed* to be. How do we know that all of these people with no lives arent really on the new frontier of human sentience and preceptions?" - Author: Douglas Coupland

Quotes About Mind Body Spirit Connection

"Going beyond our ordinary concept of self is what always brings us the greatest sense of joy in life. Going beyond our own boundaries brings us an ecstatic awareness of how we are truly created in connection with all that is." - Author: Cynthia Sue Larson

Quotes About Gotham City

"Gotham City. Clean shafts of concrete and snowy rooftops. The work of men who died generations ago. From here, it looks like an achievement. From here, you cant see the enemy." - Author: Frank Miller

Quotes About Mustard Gas

"Its horrible to think that a small cadre of people would manipulate that information. I mean, for Gods sake, weve admitted that we were experimenting on our veterans with mustard gas. So there is no security question. It cant possibly be the reason." - Author: Dwight Schultz

Quotes About Issa

"La terrasse bruisse dun va-et-vient de tons montants, descendants, neutres qui font comme des exclamations et des glissades deau au milieu du chant des oiseaux." - Author: Nicole Brossard

Quotes About Helping Drug Addicts

"Girls werent drug addicted, they were love addicted, and that, Ill learn, is far harder to treat." - Author: Rachel Lloyd