[To Be Idle Is A Short Road To Death And To Be Diligent Is A Way Of Life; Foolish People Are Idle, Wise People Are Diligent.]

Author: Buddha Quotes

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Paul Fussell Quotes

"I find nothing more depressing than optimism."

Ellen S Jaffe Quotes

"Over the water of time I call to youIn a language I do not know."

Kathi Appelt Quotes

"Nosotros somos paisanos. We are fellow countrymen. We come from the same soil."

Frank Iero Quotes

"The best music happens when you have a personal connection to it. That same philosophy can extend to the instrument you hold in your hands: if a guitar means something special, youre bound to do great things with it."

Lee Camp Quotes

"Jesus of Nazareth always comes asking disciples to follow him--not merely "accept him," not merely "believe in him," not merely "worship him," but to follow him: one either follows Christ, or one does not. There is no compartmentalization of the faith, no realm, no sphere, no business, no politic in which the lordship of Christ will be excluded. We either make him Lord of all lords, or we deny him as Lord of any."

Melissa McHenry Quotes

"Never give up on horses, they are the only humans that dont speak."

George Gilder Quotes

"Yet economics purports to be strangely exempt from this fact of life. From Adam Smiths day to our own, the chief concern of the discipline has been to render economic events unsurprising...The discernment of orderly rules governing the apparent chaos of life was a remarkable achievement and continues to amaze."

Michael St George Quotes

"When did most of us stop being poets?"

Debora Geary Quotes

"A true partner does that, you know.  Helps to bring the very best parts of who you are to the surface."

Scott Sigler Quotes

"This isnt D.C., Murrary, this is Ann Arbor, Michigan. This is a long-haired, pot-smoking little college town."

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Quotes About Anon

"I walk towards the car but on second thought step back to the railing for a final look. Enormous. Anonymous. I could hurtle myself down the walls of this chasm, and never be found." - Author: Jodi Picoult

Quotes About Marlena In Water For Elephants

"You ever watch a football game and get totally into it? Why? Its not a real battle. Its just a game somebody made up. So how can you take it seriously? Or, you ever see a movie that made your heart about jump out of your chest? Or one that made you cry? Why? It wasnt real. You ever look at a photo of food that made your mouth water? Why? You cant eat the picture.. . . . .Same thing with water towers and God. I dont have to be a believer to be serious about my religion." - Author: Pete Hautman

Quotes About Scientist Life

"Like many other scientists who hold the Catholic faith, I see the Creators plan and purpose fulfilled in our universe. I see a planet bursting with evolutionary possibilities, a continuing creation in which the Divine providence is manifest in every living thing. I see a science that tells us there is indeed a design to life." - Author: Kenneth R. Miller

Quotes About Famous Government Dependency

"Jack and Ev looked at each other for a moment in the boardroom. At that moment neither realized that they were both fundamental to what Twitter had become. The perfect equilibrium of two different ways of looking at the world: the need to talk about yourself, compared with the need to let people talk about what was happening around them. One could never have existed without the other. That balance, or battle, had created Twitter. A tool that could be used by corporate titans and teens, by celebrities and nobodies, by government officials and revolutionaries. A place where people with fundamentally different views of the world, like Jack and Ev, could converse." - Author: Nick Bilton

Quotes About Freedom And Confinement

"He remembered learning in one of his social studies classesthat in the Old West, when Native Americans were thrown into jail, they sometimes dropped dead.The theory was that someone so used to the freedom of space couldnt handle the confinement, butPeter had another interpretation. When the only company you had was yourself, and when youdidnt want to socialize, there was only one way to leave the room." - Author: Jodi Picoult

Quotes About Preparation And Planning

"But as soon as we got that higher speed access to the home there?s going to be a tremendous crunch on the backbones for a much higher speed bandwidth. People really ought to be planning for that." - Author: Jon Postel

Quotes About Groom On Wedding Day

"Every bride and groom in the history of civilization has gained weight after their wedding day. It is only a matter of time until archaeologists unearth a married caveman whos wearing a pair of old tux pants that were so tight he couldnt get the zipper closed." - Author: Peter Scott

Quotes About Waving

"‎The demon cried, waving its furry arms above his head like a demented orangutan." - Author: Jana Oliver

Quotes About Inspirational Peacefulness

"Ive done a lot of albums and I kinda know when Im onto something that was inspirational for me to record and create, and this was one of those projects where I really enjoyed making the album." - Author: Lee Ritenour

Quotes About Bizarre

"A final word. Curious. Many years of reading many books has led me to a somewhat bizarre literary critical theory, namely that all significant texts are distinguished by the preponderance of a single word. In Alices adventures in Wonderland that word is ‘curious (In The Brothers Karamazov its ‘ecstasy, but that neednt concern us here.) The word ‘curious appears so frequently in Carrolls text that it becomes a kind of tocsin awakening us from our reverie. But it isnt the strangeness of Alices Wonderland that it reminds us of-its the bizarre incomprehensibility of our own." - Author: Will Self