[To Be Idle Is A Short Road To Death And To Be Diligent Is A Way Of Life; Foolish People Are Idle, Wise People Are Diligent.]

Author: Buddha Quotes

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Torrie Wilson Quotes

"Ive gotten so many compliments for having nice feet."

Kurt Masur Quotes

"And to understand this, I think this is a most important point where I would like always to be understood what we do with the New York Philharmonic. That the meaning of the music is number one."

Mark Willis Quotes

"In Gods eyes, were all the same."

Ashlyn Macnamara Quotes

"In my day, husbands and wives showed each other a suitable level of indifference."

Annette Curtis Klause Quotes

"We can take it slow," he said. "You can learn to be with me. Find out what Im all about. You never know, you might like what you find.""Dont hold your breath," she said.He stepped toward her casually, amusement flickering around his lips. She tensed, her eyes checking for a way to run."Or..." His hand lashed out, grabbed her, and whipped her into his arms, where he held her tight. "We can take it fast and rough."

Cesar Milstein Quotes

"I learned what research was all about as a research student [with] Stoppani ... Max Perutz, and ... Fred Sanger... From them, I always received an unspoken message which in my imagination I translated as Do good experiments, and dont worry about the rest."

Henry T Blackaby Quotes

"God doesnt want people to do what they think is best: he wants them to do what he knows is best, and no amount of reasoning and intellectualizing will discover that."

Behnam Rajabpoor Quotes

"Trust is a hard thing to win back."

Emily Kinney Quotes

"Acting is so much about waiting... waiting for an audition, waiting for the right part to come along. Its nice to write your own thing, write about what youre feeling and then go out and perform them. Its a nice thing to have and not get bored."

Priyanka Darji Quotes

"Books, and only books, give me a chance to escape the realms of reality."

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Quotes About Black Label

"Its pure Black Label. Its about violence and booze. Thats all it is. There is no plan." - Author: Zakk Wylde

Quotes About Doping In Sport

"In fact cycling has always been saved by judicial investigations and not by the anti-doping controls we put in place. Thats the harsh truth. We have relied on them to clean the sport up." - Author: David Millar

Quotes About Doubting

"Because of the womb being a central phenomenon in the feminine body, the whole psychology of woman differs: she is non-aggressive, non-inquiring, non-questioning, non-doubting, because all of those things are part of aggression. She will not take the initiative; she simply waits - and she can wait infinitely." - Author: Rajneesh

Quotes About Hoping For A Baby

"In one of the novels most dramatic and revealing chapters, Hattie leaves August with the older children and escapes with baby Ruthie (then called Margaret) and her lover, Lawrence. How did this make you feel? Were you hoping she would stay with Lawrence or go back to August and the children?" - Author: Ayana Mathis

Quotes About Wanting Another Life

"I couldnt even think about wanting to be something else; I wouldnt let myself visualize another life. But I wrote because I couldnt stop. It was a release, a mental exercise, a way of keeping sane." - Author: Jay Z

Quotes About Strategic Direction

"The secret of big and revolutionary actions also consists in discovering the tiny step that is simultaneously a strategic step, insofar as it entails additional steps in the direction of a better reality." - Author: Gustav Heinemann

Quotes About Adopted

"The maintenance of secrecy in the matter, the confining all knowledge of it for a time to the place where the homicide occurred, the quarter-deck cabin; in these particulars lurked some resemblance to the policy adopted in those tragedies of the palace which have occurred more than once in the capital founded by Peter the Barbarian." - Author: Herman Melville

Quotes About Peace And Equality

"Looking back, there is nothing wrong with that peace, love and equality that the hippies espoused. In many ways, we have regressed because they were into organic food, back to nature, make love not war, be good to all men, share and share alike - which is what many are talking about now." - Author: Imelda Staunton

Quotes About Smokey Robinson

"Smokey Robinson writes the heartfelt songs, whereas it was my job to write the songs about weakness and failure in love." - Author: Elvis Costello

Quotes About Belt Buckles

"During the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935, winds were past 200 miles per house and people caught outside were sandblasted to death. Rescue workers found nothing but their shoes and belt buckles… In 1938, the hurricane put downtown Providence, Rhode Island, under 10 feet of ocean. The waves generated by that storm were so huge that they literally shook the earth; seismographs in Alaska picked up their impact 5,000 miles away." - Author: Sebastian Junger