[To Be Prepared For War Is One Of The Most Effective Means Of Preserving Peace.]

Author: George Washington Quotes

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James F Clapp III Quotes

"[Recreational exercise] does not increase the incidence of either smaller than average babies or premature labor; and it actually may decrease the incidence of both."

Di Lee Quotes

"Rather than a vanity paycheck it feels better to give something of far more value than entertainment or money. Sometimes gifts can be priceless like that of love which is everything, connection, inspiration, devotion, attention, purpose…"

Pat OShea Quotes

"What is believed in one mans time, is despised in another mans day. To be sure, there will even be revulsion in some future years at things you hardly notice, that are happening in what is known to you as the present."

Chris Diamantopoulos Quotes

"Im a huge fan of the James Bond genre."

Antonio De Mendoza Quotes

"Liberty means responsibility. Thats why most men dread it."

Irene Gut Opdyke Quotes

"We did not speak of what we had seen. At the time, to speak of it seemed worse than sacrilege: We had witnessed a thing so terrible that it acquired a dreadful holiness. It was a miracle of evil. It was not possible to say with words what we had witnessed, and so we kept it safely guarded until the time we could bring it out, and show it to others, and say, Behold. This is the worst thing man can do."

Nike Campbell Fatoki Quotes

"You must run now Amelia. The kingdom is about to fall. We may fall with it but you cannot. You are all I have fought for. To see you run free is for your mother to finally run free; for me to finally be free. You must go now!"

Wolfgang Tillmans Quotes

"On the one hand I follow a vocation because I have an ability that I should exercise, but I want to use it for a reason, because I dont see that the freedoms that I enjoy are God-given realities. So I have a very healthy, activist general tension in me which feels that no, this is not gratuitous, it is important to keep this in focus."

Shamim Sarif Quotes

"It was the downfall of love, Lamia thought wistfully, that it inspired the lover to toss away any shred of caution just to obtain the pure, desperate pleasure of talking about the beloved."

Brooke Bida Quotes

"I dont drink to make others look better, I just drink to make myself feel prettier."

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Quotes About Scrittura

"La scrittura comincia là dove si ferma la parola, ed è un grande mistero il passaggio dallindicibile al dicibile." - Author: Amélie Nothomb

Quotes About Usa Freedom

"The anarch differs from the anarchist in that he has a very pronounced sense of the rules. Insofar as and to the extent that he observes them, he feels exempt from thinking.This is consistent with normal behavior: everyone who boards a train rolls over bridges and through tunnels that engineers have devised for him and on which a hundred thousand hands have labored. This does not darken the passengers mood; settling in comfortably, he buries himself in his newspaper, has breakfast, or thinks about his business. Likewise, the anarch – except that he always remains aware of that relationship, never losing sight of his main theme, freedom, that which also flies outside, past hill and dale. He can get away at any time, not just from the train, but also from any demand made on him by state, society, or church, and also from existence." - Author: Ernst Jünger

Quotes About Morrissey Hair

"Tall, over six foot, ripped, and with sandy-blond hair that was just a bit too long, tats running down both arms to his elbows, cheekbones you could file your nails on, and lips that were just perfect for biting." - Author: Jane Harvey Berrick

Quotes About Treating Her Like A Princess

"He would be here treating you like a princess.She thought about saying that he had treated her like a princess, but she was afraid her mother would ask how, and she didnt think cock jokes and orgasms were her moms idea of the princess treatment." - Author: Ruthie Knox

Quotes About Emmett Cullen

"Im really glad Edward didnt kill you. Everythings so much more fun with you around." — Emmett Cullen" - Author: Stephenie Meyer

Quotes About Two Dollar Bills

"Economics is really about two stories. One is the story of the old economist and younger economist walking down the street, and the younger economist says, ‘Look, theres a hundred-dollar bill, and the older one says, ‘Nonsense, if it was there somebody would have picked it up already. So sometimes you do find hundred-dollar bills lying on the street, but not often—generally people respond to opportunities. The other is the Yogi Berra line ‘Nobody goes to Coney Island anymore; its too crowded. Thats the idea that things tend to settle into some kind of equilibrium where what people expect is in line with what they actually encounter." - Author: Paul Krugman

Quotes About Heart Rate

"The real heart of strategy is the strategist." - Author: Max McKeown

Quotes About Freely Giving

"By making all my materials freely available through Giving 2.0 ProjectU, I am on a mission to extend philanthropy education to colleges globally and far beyond campus walls." - Author: Laura Arrillaga Andreessen

Quotes About A Party

"In fact, Russell Crowe once phoned me up to see if I wanted to go to a party but I had to bring my guitar and perform Oh Jean." - Author: Billy Boyd

Quotes About Being Told What To Do

"I didnt want the Ramones being told what to be doing, and I wanted the Ramones being presented in the right light - the remaining Ramones." - Author: Johnny Ramone