[To Be Prepared For War Is One Of The Most Effective Means Of Preserving Peace.]

Author: George Washington Quotes

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Brian Clough Quotes

"Players lose you games, not tactics. Theres so much crap talked about tactics by people who barely know how to win at dominoes."

The War Doctor Steven Moffat Quotes

"Great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame."

Louise Brooks Quotes

"For two extraordinary years I have been working on it - learning to write - but mostly learning how to tell the truth. At first it is quite impossible. You make yourself better than anybody, then worse than anybody, and when you finally come to see you are "like" everybody - that is the bitterest blow of all to the ego. But in the end it is only the truth, no matter how ugly or shameful, that is right, that fits together, that makes real people, and strangely enough - beauty..."

Harold Robbins Quotes

"Hemingway was a jerk."

Eliot Schrefer Quotes

"Prof stood apart from his family."

Beth Michele Quotes

"I lay my hand over his and give it an empathetic squeeze. "I know what its like to be damaged."Brad raises his eyes to mine. "I dont know, Gabby. Were all damaged, right? Its what we make of the wreckage that matters."

Dee J Adams Quotes

"Think it. Write it. Sell it."

Robert Aickman Quotes

"Much to be preferred to boxing are fencing and revolver-practice, judo and study of poisons."

Patricia Hill Collins Quotes

"The role model approach to social change is no substitute for challenging unjust employment practices, educational policies and housing."

Jeff Foxworthy Quotes

"Little girls love dolls. They just dont love doll clothes. Weve got four thousand dolls and aint one of them got a stitch of clothes on."

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Quotes About Pastures New

"To morrow to fresh Woods, and Pastures new." - Author: John Milton

Quotes About Lynde

"I detest that woman [Rachel Lynde] more than anybody I know. She can put a whole sermon, text, comment, and application, into six words, and throw it at you like a brick." - Author: L.M. Montgomery

Quotes About Finnegan

"James Joyce, in his novel Finnegans Wake, in 1939, punned on the word "Hindoo" (as the British used to spell it), joking that it came from the names of two Irishmen, Hin-nessy and Doo-ley: "This is the hindoo Shimar Shin between the dooley boy and the hinnessy."30 Even Joyce knew that the word was not native to India." - Author: Wendy Doniger

Quotes About Foucaulta

"W książce Foucaulta mowa jest często o "antropologicznej skończoności". Wyobrażam sobie, jak tego rodzaju formułki mogą działać na młodych. Oczywiście brzmi to uczeniej niż "nędza człowieka", "znikomość trwania" ludzkich dziejów. Z wszystkich szalbierstw najgorsze jest językowe, bo najtrudniej dostrzegalne dla ogłupionych ludzi naszej epoki. Trzeba powiedzieć, że drogę otwarł Heidegger i że jeśli jakiś filozof chce doświadczyć ostracyzmu, na własnej skórze przeżyć wymienioną wyżej "skończoność", to wystarczy mu odrzucić żargon i użyć potocznego, sensownego języka. Automatycznie wytworzy się wokół niego pustka.W sensie literackim rzadki błąd warto jest więcej od znanej, wypróbowanej i banalnej prawdy; w sensie duchowym jest wprost przeciwnie.Niezwykłość nie ma żadnej wartości na płaszczyźnie duchowej. Liczy się tylko głębia, stopień pogłębienia danego przeżycia." - Author: Emil Cioran

Quotes About Insiders And Outsiders

"The wall that separates insiders from outsiders is not born of human nature but methodically built, brick by brick, by tribal convention. The "wall" about which I will often speak in this book is not an organism or a membranous extension of some inborn aspect of "human nature". It is a mechanistic process-a barrier meticulously constructed by erratic community decrees as a means of identifying those who are part of the group and marking those who are not. It is not difficult to imagine the chauvinism that require a community to mark its territories and distinguish its members from its enemies. It is far more difficult to understand the kind of "outsiders" who are the subjects of this book-those who are part of the group and yet are rejected by their peers and cast into a terrible internal exile. It is an exile called "alienation"." - Author: Jamake Highwater

Quotes About Untrusting Friends

"You may right now be nursing a broken heart. Friends will say, "Arent you glad you had the experience anyway?" And you may say "No." Eventually, unbelievably, you may not remember the boy that triggered it all. Youll recall all the places you visited, but not how you got there. Youll remember the songs that you listened to." - Author: Emma Forrest

Quotes About Monsoon

"I will insist you be man enough to take it. I wont have you making light of my feelings, or making light of yourself—as if youre not worthy of them. Because you are worthy, Colin. Youre a generous, good-hearted person, and you deserve to be loved. Deeply, truly, well, and often."He looked utterly bewildered. Well, what did he expect, after the power hed given her? He couldnt compare a woman to a torrentially beautiful monsoon, and then look surprised that hed gotten wet. "You reckless man." She laid a touch to his cheek. "You really should be more careful with those compliments." - Author: Tessa Dare

Quotes About Exoesqueleto

"De olhos fechados me jogo no mundo esfregando minha pele nua no que existe, o que se incrusta através de meu toque magnético passa a compor meu exoesqueleto cosmogeopsicológico." - Author: Filipe Russo

Quotes About College Expenses

"I didnt know you involved yourself in political issues."She glanced at him wryly. "Of course you didnt. You dont know a lot about me."He scowled as he turned his attention to the circle and watched his mother dance, resplendent in her beautiful buckskins. No, he didnt know a lot about Cecily, but he did know how devastated shed been to discover hed paid her way through college, absorbed all her expenses out of pity for her situation. He was sorry for how much that had hurt her. But over the past two years, hed deliberately distanced himself from her. He wondered why…"I had dinner with Senator Holden last week," she said conversationally, deliberately trying to irritate him. "He wanted to point me toward some special collections for the museum."He stared at his mother in the circle, but he was frowning, deep in thought. "I dont like Holden," he said curtly."Yes, I know. Youll be delighted to hear that he returned your sentiment," she said with a chuckle at his scowl." - Author: Diana Palmer

Quotes About Wagging Tongues

"Wagging tongues from prejudiced, sophisticated facade of show-off people can never blemish any honest, genuine, golden heart." - Author: Angelica Hopes