[To Enjoy Good Health, To Bring True Happiness To One's Family, To Bring Peace To All, One Must First Discipline And Control One's Own Mind. If A Man Can Control His Mind He Can Find The Way To Enlightenment, And All Wisdom And Virtue Will Naturally Come To Him.]

Author: Buddha Quotes

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Henry Reed Quotes

"It was Jung who first said to explain the symbol as if talking to a man from mars who knew nothing about our life on earth."

Alisa Mullen Quotes

"Her voice is raw. She sings from the deepest cracks of her heart and her soul. When she closes her eyes, I know she has lost herself in the music. - Unrequited"

Brad Barkley Quotes

"I pu my finger to her lips. "You have to hush a minute so that I can tell you something.""What?" she says, bites my finger.I look at her. "I love you."She gets quiet, the kind of quiet that sinks into her, softens her. "Well that works out," she finally says, her voice deeper and breathless, her eyes moist, "because I love you too." She turns, leans against my arm, and settles into me."

Carla Speed McNeil Quotes

"The force of your gaze has a weight. Even sunlight resting on the ground weighs something. Your attention presses against its object, your eye projects it like a headlight.Theres a flip side to it. Learn to go down inside yourself, dim the force of your presence. Peoples eyes will skate right over you.Theyll see you; they just wontnotice you. This works even if theyre looking for you."

Avakruth Quotes

"If the if isnt an if, what if is an if that if has to be replaced by an if that if shall never if that the place of if."

Layne Beachley Quotes

"Put your hand on your heart and ask yourself, what do I want? The first thing that comes to mind is always the right one."

Phil Harris Quotes

"I cant die until the government finds a safe place to bury my liver"

Doug Collins Quotes

"Any time Detroit scores more than 100 points and holds the other team below 100 points they almost always win."

Andy Sawford Quotes

"Help for first time buyers and other housing market measures will be welcome."

Ben Wheatley Quotes

"The reality of any location in Britain being used in a TV program of a film is that something bad is going to happen! Thats the nature of drama. Most of the things that get made or basically grisly detective shows about murders, accidents or medical dramas."

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Quotes About Postmortal

"Things you create with your mind are always part of your postmortal life, whether they seem real or not." - Author: Hans Bender

Quotes About Growing Older Together

"Its like that Simpsons joke - theyre filming a cow in a movie and they go, OK, well tape a bunch of cats together to make a cow, and its like, Why dont you just use a cow?. For some reason that is novel - like, Oh, my guitar sounds like a piano and now if I can just get my piano to sound like my guitar." - Author: Ian Williams

Quotes About Window View

"In itself a wall on which a panoramic view of a non-existent world is drawn does not change. But for a great deal of money you can buy a view from the window with a painted sun, a sky-blue bay and a calm evening. Unfortunately the author of this fragment will again be Ed—but even this is not important, because the very window the view is bought for is also only drawn in. Then perhaps the wall on which it is drawn is a drawing too? But drawn by whom and on what?He raised his eyes to the wall of the toilet as though in hopes of an answer there. Traced on the tiles in red felt-tip pen were the jolly, rounded letters of a brief slogan: "Trapped? Masturbate!" - Author: Victor Pelevin

Quotes About Universal Suffering

"Happy the creators of pessimistic systems! Besides taking refuge in the fact of having made something, they can exult in their explanation of universal suffering, and include themselves in it.I dont complain about the world. I dont protest in the name of the universe. Im not a pessimist. I suffer and complain, but I dont know if suffering is the norm, nor do I know if its human to suffer. Why should I care to know?I suffer, without knowing if I deserve to. (A hunted doe.)Im not a pessimist. Im sad." - Author: Fernando Pessoa

Quotes About African Wildlife

"One researcher just determined that African and Indian elephants make each other sick. When a new animal or plant is introduced to a habitat bad things happen. The biggest danger to native wildlife is foreign wildlife." - Author: Robert T. Bakker

Quotes About Gambler

"Im not a gambler, lets just say that, nor have I ever been a dealer at a casino." - Author: Anna Gunn

Quotes About Blowing

"The duende....Where is the duende? Through the empty archway a wind of the spirit enters, blowing insistently over the heads of the dead, in search of new landscapes and unknown accents: a wind with the odour of a childs saliva, crushed grass, and medusas veil, announcing the endless baptism of freshly created things." - Author: Federico García Lorca

Quotes About Universe And Love

"Successful long term relationships are all about power levels. A high power level male will attract and succeed with a high level power female.How do we define those power levels? We cant, they are inherently in us, and invisible to scientists, accountants, psychologists and spiritualists alike. None can explain the Universe in its entirety, and it is more than chemistry, biology, physics, genetics, horoscopes, religion, in-laws, fame, psychology and spirituality.We may be infatuated by a person, but as soon as we hold their hands, kiss their lips, and especially, make love or have sex with them, their power levels will be instantly exposed." - Author: Robert Black

Quotes About Allan Pinkerton

"I wish you allan ego freedriven day!" - Author: Allan Rufus

Quotes About Loving Someone

"Its hard loving someone more than they love you, and its something I have to deal with." - Author: Nora Roberts