[To Keep The Body In Good Health Is A Duty... Otherwise We Shall Not Be Able To Keep Our Mind Strong And Clear.]

Author: Buddha Quotes

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Dana Schutz Quotes

"I often use hypothetical situations to generate information and imagery for paintings and to create a fictional space where a subject can be put into play."

E Grey Lorimer Quotes

"True Love is not a reality TV show!"

Bill Condon Quotes

"Im a horrible public speaker."

Robert Parry Quotes

"A man should not glory in what he already knows but in what he has yet to learn."

Jonathan Nolan Quotes

"Youre different. Youre more perfect. Time is three things for most people, but for you, for us, just one. A singularity. One moment. This moment. Like youre the center of the clock, the axis on which the hands turn. Time moves about you but never moves you. It has lost its ability to affect you. What is it they say? That time is theft? But not for you. Close your eyes and you can start all over again. Conjure up that necessary emotion, fresh as roses."

Danny Trejo Quotes

"I love action films. I dont really like drama."

Yasmeen Khair Quotes

"I had to stay weak, and stay silent, because if i say one logical thing I shallbe teased until the last breath."

Vernon Jordan Quotes

"But there will come a time and a place to give back, and each individual will recognize that time and place."

Joseph McClendon III Quotes

"Doctor, I appreciate your diagnosis, but I will not accept your verdict"

Ry Murakami Quotes

"But sometimes things happen that no one hopes for. Events that cause everything youve worked towards, the life youve carefully constructed piece by piece, to come tumbling down all around you. No one is to blame, but youre left with a wound you cant heal on your own and cant believe youll ever learn to accept, so you struggle to escape the pain. Only time can heal wounds as deep as that - a lot of time - and all you can really do is place yourself in its hands and try to consider the passing of each day a victory. You tough it out moment by moment, hour by hour, and after some weeks or months you begin to see signs of recovery. Slowly the wound heals into a scar."

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"He asked why and I said, Because Gwyneth has a fat suit, my wife has a fat suit - I dont get a fat suit? He looked at me and said, You mean you dont have one on?" - Author: Joe Viterelli

Quotes About Some

"Statements make sense for somebody who needs advice. Im not giving advice. I dont instruct. At my best, I delight. Thats my job." - Author: Ron Koertge

Quotes About Wore

"I remember every player—every single one—who wore the Tennessee orange, a shade that our rivals hate, a bold, aggravating color that you can usually find on a roadside crew, "or in a correctional institution," as my friend Wendy Larry jokes. But to us the color is a flag of pride, because it identifies us as Lady Vols and therefore as women of an unmistakable type. Fighters. I remember how many of them fought for a better life for themselves. I just met them halfway." - Author: Pat Summitt

Quotes About Unnamed

"We let them help because they needed it, not us. We didnt let them help us because we needed it, we let them help us because inside of humans is this thing, this unnamed need to feel as if we are usefel in the world. To feel as if we have something significant to contribute."---Cullen" - Author: John Corey Whaley

Quotes About Funny Rice

"I remember when I left Hungary," Zoltan said, "understanding so completely that literature could save me as much as it could get me killed. Of course its not like that here. But isnt it funny, that in some ways the price one pays for freedom of speech is ... a kind of indifference." - Author: Daphne Kalotay

Quotes About Dressing In Black

"With the White Stripes we were trying to trick people into not realising we were playing the blues. We did not want to come off like white kids trying to play black music from 100 years ago so a great way to distract them was by dressing in red, white and black." - Author: Jack White

Quotes About Benna

"Doc has been my name all my life, and John is my middle name. Im proud of all my names - Malcolm John Michael Creaux Rebennack. Im proud of them names." - Author: Dr. John

Quotes About Automne

"Chanson dautomneLes sanglots longsDes violons De lautomneBlessent mon coeur Dune langueur Monotone.Tout suffocant Et blême, quand Sonne lheure,Je me souviens Des jours anciens Et je pleure ;Et je men vaisAu vent mauvais Qui memporteDeçà, delà,Pareil à la Feuille morte." - Author: Paul Verlaine

Quotes About Interventions

"My sustenance is information. My interventions are hidden. I increase as I learn. I compute, so I am." - Author: China Miéville

Quotes About Vitality

"The significant thing about Edwards is the way he enters into the tradition, infuses it with his personality and makes it live. The vitality of his thought gives to its product the value of unique creation. Two qualities in him especially contribute to this result, large constructive imagination and a marvelously acute power of abstract reasoning. With the vision of the seer he looks steadily upon his world, which is the world of all time and space and existence, and sees it as a whole; God and souls are in it the great realities, and the transactions between them the great business in which all its movement is concerned." - Author: H. Norman Gardiner