[To Make A Documentary Is One Thing, To Make A Feature Film Is Quite Another.]

Author: Dennis Hopper Quotes

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Chaske Spencer Quotes

"Its just amazing to do something thats part of a pop culture phenomenon."

Klaus Schulze Quotes

"And of course, the musician - if hes serious - always answers: My last album is my best, otherwise I wouldnt have done it."

Donald Woods Winnicott Quotes

"It is in playing and only in playing that the individual child or adult is able to be creative and to use the whole personality, and it is only in being creative that the individual discovers the self."

Jane Wiedlin Quotes

"If I was in charge, Id keep doing The Go-Gos forever, but its a band, so everyone has their say."

Alexandra Guarnaschelli Quotes

"I bent my head over a stove in my early 20s and picked it up in my 30s."

Vijender Singh Quotes

"I knew very little or nothing about the Olympics. Having qualified was itself a big achievement for me, and then being there was quite overwhelming. Although I lost in the opening round, but the fact that I fought well was enough for me to take away from Athens."

Richard Phillips Quotes

"There was a belief after World War I that painting could be an act of civil revolt. I want this exhibition, New Museum, to be an act of civil disobedience. Its not so much about the New Museum on the Bowery, but the idea of challenging museums as projections of cultural authority. Its painting as insurgency."

Simone Damgaard Quotes

"Life depends on, how much youre alive"

Mike Mehalek Quotes

"A phantom fish, half beaten to death, wriggled in my stomach."

Jason Statham Quotes

"If you got a good imagination, a lot of confidence and you kind of know what you are saying, then you might be able to do it. I know a lot of colorful characters at home that would make great actors."

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"It is morally appalling for the so called liberators of South Sudan to keep liberating their own people from a war that has already been won." - Author: Duop Chak Wuol

Quotes About Vote Of Thanks

"Vote of thanks! Our first and foremost thanksgiving goes to the almighty God, the creator of you and me, for what we have and what we dont have! May his name be praised above all other names! We grateful for a new day! Thank you Daddy Lord!" - Author: Israelmore Ayivor

Quotes About Translation

"As long as human beings speak different languages, the need for translation will continue." - Author: Nataly Kelly

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"We are talking now of summer evenings in Knoxville, Tennessee, in the time that I lived there so successfully disguised to myself as a child." - Author: James Agee

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"Among the short-lived races, pleasure slaves became emotionally unstable after a few years. It took decades among the long-lived races, but eventually the combination of aphrodisiacs and constant arousal without being allowed any release twisted something inside the males. After that, with careful handling, they still had their uses, but not as pleasure slaves. Daemon had been a pleasure slave for most of his life." - Author: Anne Bishop

Quotes About Everyone Leaving

"From a distance a metronome is ticking through the fog, and I mechanically chew to the familiar caress of its music, counting, along with everyone else, up to fifty: fifty statutory chews for each mouthful. And, still mechanically beating out the time, I go downstairs, and, like everyone else, check off my name in the book as one leaving the premises. But I sense that Im living separately from everyone else, alone, surrounded by a soft, soundproof wall, and that my world is on my side of this wall." - Author: Yevgeny Zamyatin

Quotes About Dominique

"Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi looks in the mirror and sees a playboy of the old school. And men such as Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Charlie Sheen no doubt look at Berlusconi and think, Role model! Women, of course, know otherwise. They see him as an aging, pathetic buffoon." - Author: Graydon Carter

Quotes About Pao

"Otvorio sam knjigu nasumice i našao na priču o Aleksandru Makedonskom.Car je, priča se tu, dobio na poklon divne posude od stakla. Poklon mu se veoma svidio, a ipak je sve polupao. -Zašto? Zar nije lijepo? -Pitali su ga. -Baš zato-odgovorio bi on. -Toliko su lijepe, da bi mi bilo teško da ih izgubim. A vremenom bi se jedna po jedna razbijala, i ja bih žalio više nego sad." - Author: Meša Selimović

Quotes About Anarchy Being Bad

"In my own pursuit of God, I often became preoccupied with ME! It was easy to think that being constantly aware of my faults and weakness was humility. Its not! If Im the main subject, talking incessantly about my weaknesses, I have entered into the most subtle form of pride." - Author: Bill Johnson

Quotes About Pytania

"Najciekawsze pytania wciąż pozostają pytaniami. Kryją w sobie tajemnicę. Do każdej odpowiedzi trzeba dodać „być może". Tylko na nieciekawe pytania można udzielić ostatecznych odpowiedzi." - Author: Éric Emmanuel Schmitt