[To Make The Moral Achievement Implicit In Science A Source Of Strength To Civilization, The Scientist Will Have To Have The Cooperation Also Of The Philosopher And The Religious Teacher.]

Author: Arthur Holly Compton Quotes

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"Im a whore!"Miki hit the brakes...her hands.. gripping the steering wheel, glanced at Sara. "Youre not wearing any underwear, are you?"Sara let out a strangled squeal..."

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"I like the immaterial world. I like to live among thoughts and images of the past and the possible, and even of the impossible, now and then."

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"I like plays, movies, everything. It doesnt matter."

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"But it is a law of life and development in history where two national civilizations meet they fight for ascendancy."

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"We were told this war would be over in a matter of weeks, and that the Iraqis would be able to finance it with oil sales. We were promised it was not a mission of nation building."

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"Prayer makes coffee shops of our souls, places that celebrate and savor the presence and lordship of God in our lives. It must be unceasing and constant. It must become who we are."

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"Thats how I approach just about everything. I spend my life getting ready to play "Rocket Man." I picture the most demanding challenge; I visualize what I would need to know how to do to meet it; then I practice until I reach a level of competence where Im comfortable that Ill be able to perform. Its what Ive always done, ever since I decided I wanted to be an astronaut in 1969, and that conscious, methodical approach to preparation is the main reason I got to Houston. I never stopped getting ready. Just in case."

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"The proper thing to do is to admit that hell is real and to allow our feelings of discomfort to motivate us to action."

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"Im appalled that when I talk about the neo-conservatives its somehow twisted, some sort of a racist comment."

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"I love football, Ive never really taken an interest in anything else."

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"It is sort of weird being honored for the worst day of your life." - Author: Ben Fountain

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"A waltz begins, that floating, sweet rhythm. The fiddle is plaintive. A few minutes ago she was at least pleasantly contented. Now certain of the notes dip into her like ladles and come up full of loneliness. The people in the room recede. They are strangers, every one." - Author: Anna Keesey

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"Franny stepped on a piece of glass," Alex explains.James makes a little clucking noise of sympathy.Julia says, "What are you guys doing here?""I decided a day at the beach sounded like fun, so James drove us here to meet up with you guys." Marie turns to Harry. "I dont see [i] you [/i] helping out with this operation.""Im providing moral support," he says airily. "Its a very challenging job.""You trying to be moral? Im sure it is," she counters archly." - Author: Claire LaZebnik

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