[To Me, Punk Is About Being An Individual And Going Against The Grain And Standing Up And Saying 'This Is Who I Am'.]

Author: Joey Ramone Quotes

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Kalle Lasn Quotes

"In the global marketplace of the future the price of every product will tell the ecological truth."

Pamelar Hickinson Quotes

"A microphone is to a comic, what a pen is to a writer. Theres power in it."

Joseph Barbera Quotes

"High-level, big-deal publicity has a way of getting old for me, but what never fails to thrill me is when I make personal appearances."

Daniel Kraft Quotes

"As a cancer doctor, Im looking forward to being out of a job."

Abdolkarim Soroush Quotes

"In order for answers to become clear, the questions have to be clear."

David Bayles Quotes

"To the artist, all problems of art appear uniquely personal. Well, thats understandable enough, given that not many other activities routinely call ones basic self-worth into question."

Allyson Felix Quotes

"I was a disruptive child."

Franz Kafka Quotes

"Even the merest gesture is holy if it is filled with faith."

Tom Walsh Quotes

"We lose our ability to live fully if we neglect or ignore our responsibility to the other people who share this planet with us. We simply cannot reach our full potential without the insights and observations that other people--our teachers--have to give us. We cannot feel whole until we are helping other people to reach for their potential and to grow as strong as they can grow. We do need down time, and we do need time to ourselves, but we very much need to acknowledge our ties to our fellow human beings and act as if those people meant more to us than our jobs or pets or cars do. They are much more important than anything material that we ever can get our hands on or strive for."

Isabel Belmonte Quotes

"Quien quiera hacer de Rembrandt un pensador, un rebelde enfrentado a su época, al encontrarse ante estas obras maestras deberá admitir que la verdad más convincente para definirlo es la furia creadora, una necesidad constante e irreprimible de representar con toda libertad y de consumir la vida en esta obsesión liberadora."

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"I think I have some very meaningful relationships with people; we all do. At the same time, I recognize that everyone is following their own heart; theres been people who have left my life, and I dont have a problem with that. This is a transitory world; were all spirits just looking for love and finding it and holding on." - Author: Cass McCombs

Quotes About Condanna

"Chi oserebbe condannarti alla perdita del tu, catastrofe non meno terribile della perdita dellio?" - Author: Italo Calvino

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"When two people in a marriage are more concerned about getting the golden eggs, the benefits, than they are in preserving the relationship that makes them possible, they often become insensitive and inconsiderate, neglecting the little kindnesses and courtesies so important to a deep relationship. They begin to use control levers to manipulate each other, to focus on their own needs, to justify their own position and look for evidence to show the wrongness of the other person. The love, the richness, the softness and spontaneity begin to deteriorate." - Author: Stephen R. Covey

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"The Success,Higher-Living,Influence and Prosperity in Leadership is what makes it a Lifestyle." - Author: Anyaele Sam Chiyson

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"Then, as now, archaelogists and writers ventured where others feared to tread." - Author: Janet Wallach

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"The womans face was grimly drawn, an ugly expression on an indescribably beautiful face. "This is the Shadowdun. You know who I am, but I wish to know you more. What is your name?" Her voice was rich; it sounded sweet and smooth in Athenas ears, like soft honey. She hated every last word." - Author: Kendra Sunderson

Quotes About The Hunger Games With Page Numbers

"The crematorium could not burn the bodies fast enough - so after we dug long trenches, we pulled and dragged the bodies to the edges and threw them in. Youll not believe it, but the SS forced the prisoners band to play music as we lugged the corpses - and for that, I hope they burn in hell with polkas blaring." - Author: Mary Ann Shaffer

Quotes About Slow Business

"Its been me all along," said September slowly. "Me who gave up my shadow, me who went down into Fairyland-Below and Fairyland-Lower-Than-That to wake up the Prince. Me who shot the poor Minotaur. You oughtnt just hand the whole business over the moment a Prince comes on the scene. Ive got to see it through, dont you see? The Hollow Queen is hollow because shes missing the part of her thats me. Weve got to come together again. And he cant do a thing about that." - Author: Catherynne M. Valente

Quotes About Hard Knocks

"There are no tough times, hard knocks, or challenges that arent laden with emeralds, rubies, and diamonds for those who see them through." - Author: Mike Dooley

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"I usually make it a point not to cry in front of people, especially hot boys that Id been totally crushing on before theyd tried to choke me.But for some reason, hearing that there was yet another thing I didnt know just sent me right on over the edge.Archer,to his credit, didnt look exactly horrified by my sobbing, and he even reached out like he might grab hold of my shoulders.Or possibly smack me.But before he could either comfort me or commit further acts of violence upon my person,I spun away from him and made my drama queen moment complete by running away.It wasnt pretty." - Author: Rachel Hawkins